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The Annals of Iowa (ISSN: 0003-4827 (Print) ISSN: 2473‐9006 (Online), ISSN-L 0003-4827) is published quarterly by the State Historical Society of Iowa, the Historical Division of the Department of Cultural Affairs of the State of Iowa. A print copy of The Annals of Iowa is available by subscription. Most back issues are still available for sale. The current year is available in print only.

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The Annals of Iowa is hosted by the University of Iowa Libraries' Institutional Repository (Iowa Research Online).

Journal History

v. [1] (1863)-12 (1874) were published by the State Historical Society, Iowa City, and edited by S.S. Howe (1863-1864), T.S. Parvin (1865), Frederick Lloyd (1866, 1870-1874) and S.W. Huff (1867-1869).

New ser. v. 1 (1882)-3 (1884) were published and edited by Samuel Storrs Howe. The issues were also called “Howe's annals of Iowa”

3rd series, v.1 (1893), was published by: Historical Department of Iowa, 1893-1925; Historical, Memorial and Art Department of Iowa, 1925-1939; Iowa State Department of History and Archives, 1939-1974; Iowa State Historical Department, Historical Museum and Archives Division, 1974-1985; State Historical Society of Iowa, a division of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs,1985-present. The editors have been: Charles Aldrich, 1893-1908; Edgar Harlan, 1909-1937; O.E. Klingaman, 1937-1939; Ora Williams, 1939-1947; Emory H. English, 1947-1958; Fleming Fraker, Jr., 1958-1961; Suzanne Beisel, 1961-1965; Sandra Knapron, 1965-1966; Jane Risdon, 1966; Joan Muyskens, 1967-1969; Dorothy Carlson, 1969-1971; Linda K. Thomson, 1971-1972; Judith Gildner, 1972-1980; Christie Dailey, 1980-1988; Marvin Bergman, 1988-present.

The State Historical Society of Iowa

The society operates from two centers, Des Moines and Iowa City. A museum, research library, state archives, special collections, community programming, historic preservation, and membership programs are located at 600 East Locust Street, Des Moines, IA 50319, phone 515-281-5111. Publications, a research library, and special collections are located at 402 Iowa Avenue, Iowa City, IA 52240, phone 319-335-3916. The society also operates several historic sites across the state.