Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa Department of Biology.


Submissions from 2009

Reproduction of Amorpha canescens (Fabaceae) and Diversity of Its Bee Community in a Fragmented Landscape, Malinda W. Slagle and Stephen D. Hendrix

Submissions from 2008

Butterfly, bee and forb community composition and cross-taxon incongruence in tallgrass prairie fragments, Jessica Davis, Stephen D. Hendrix, Diane Debinski, and Chiara Hemsley

Diversity and abundance of bees (Hymenoptera: Apiformes) in native and ruderal grasslands of agriculturally dominated landscapes, Kyle Skyle S. Kwaiser and Stephen D. Hendrix

Submissions from 2005

Bumble Bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) Diversity and Abundance in Tallgrass Prairie Patches: Effects of Local and Landscape Floral Resources, Heather M. Hines and Stephen D. Hendrix

Dispersal ability and host-plant characteristics influence spatial population structure of monophagous beetles, Matthew J. St Pierre, Stephen D. Hendrix, and Cassandra K. Lewis

Submissions from 2004


Patch Use by a Monophagous Herbivore in Fragmented Prairie Landscapes, Stephen D. Hendrix and M St. Pierre

Submissions from 2003

Measuring Edge Effects on Nest Predation in Forest Fragments: Do Finch and Quail Eggs Tell Different Stories?, Amanda C. Niehaus, Stephen B. Heard, Stephen D. Hendrix, and Stephen L. Hillis

Movement patterns of Rhyssomatus lineaticollis Say (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) within and among Asclepias syriaca (Asclepiadaceae) patches in a fragmented landscape, Matthew J. St Pierre and Stephen D. Hendrix

Submissions from 2000

Population Size and Reproduction in Phlox pilosa, Stephen D. Hendrix and John F. Kyhl

Submissions from 1999

Developmental Instability in Fragmented Populations of Prairie Phlox: A Cautionary Tale, Stephen B. Heard, Michael A. Campbell, Mary L. Bonine, and Stephen D. Hendrix


The Reproductive Biology of Candle Anenome, Stephen D. Hendrix and B Molano-Flores


The Effects of Population Density and Population Size on the Reproductive Output of Anenome Canadensis L.(Ranunculaceae), Stephen D. Hendrix and Brenda Molano-Flores


The Effect of Population Size on Stigma Pollen Load, Fruit Set, and Seed Set in Allium Stellatum Ker. (Liliaceae), Stephen D. Hendrix, Brenda Molano-Flores, and S B. Heard

Are Seedlings from Small Seeds Always Inferior to Seedlings from Large Seeds? Effects of Seed Biomass on Seedling Growth in Pastinaca sativa L., Stephen D. Hendrix, Eric Nielsen, Todd Nielsen, and Mark Schutt

Submissions from 1992


Population Demography of Pastinaca Sativa (Apiaceae): Effects of Seed Size on Emergence, Survivorship and Recruitment., Stephen D. Hendrix and E J. Trapp

Population Demography of Pastinaca sativa (Apiaceae): Effects of Seed Mass on Emergence, Survival, and Recruitment, Stephen D. Hendrix and E. Joseph Trapp

Submissions from 1989

Inter- and Intraspecific Variation in Seed Mass in Seven Species of Umbellifer, Stephen D. Hendrix and I-Fang Sun

Floral Herbivory in Pastinaca sativa: Do Compensatory Responses Offset Reductions in Fitness?, Stephen D. Hendrix and E. Joseph Trapp

Submissions from 1988

Herbivory and its Impact on Plant Reporduction, Stephen D. Hendrix

Effects of insect herbivory on early plant succession: comparison of an English site and an American site, Stephen D. Hendrix, Valerie K. Brown, and Alan C. Gange

Consequences of a Mixed Reproductive System in the Hog Peanut, Amphicarpaea bracteata (Fabaceae), E. Joseph Trapp and Stephen D. Hendrix

Submissions from 1987

Plants and insects in early old-field succession: comparison of an English site and an American site, Valerie K. Brown, Stephen D. Hendrix, and Hugh Dingle

Submissions from 1984

Reactions of Heracleum Lanatum to Floral Herbivory by Depressaria Pastinacella, Stephen D. Hendrix


Variation in Seed Weight and its Effects on Germination in Pastinaca Sativa L. (Umbelliferae), Stephen D. Hendrix

Submissions from 1983

Herbivore Damage to Three Tropical Ferns, Stephen D. Hendrix and Robert J. Marquis

Submissions from 1981


Species as Islands: Comments on a Paper by Kuris et al., Stephen D. Hendrix, John H. Lawton, Howard Cornell, and William Dritschilo

Plant-Herbivore Interactions: Insect Induced Changes in Host Plant Sex Expression and Fecundity, Stephen D. Hendrix and E. Joseph Trapp

Submissions from 1980

Insect–fern interactions: macrolepidopteran utilization and species–area association, Michael J. Auerbach and Stephen D. Hendrix


An Evolutionary and Ecological Perspective of the Insect Fauna of Ferns, Stephen D. Hendrix

Submissions from 1979

Compensatory Reproduction in a Biennial Herb following Insect Defloration, Stephen D. Hendrix

Submissions from 1972

The Activity of β-Ecdysone in Four Gibberellin Bioassays, Stephen D. Hendrix and Russell L. Jones