Number 18 (1990) Surrealism and Women

Front Matter


Surrealism and Misogyny p. 17-26
Rudolf E. Kuenzli

Finding What You are Not Looking For p. 32-36
Gisèle Prassinos

Joyce Mansour and Egyptian Mythology p. 114-122
Maryann De Julio

Eileen Agar p. 213-227
Judith Young Mallin


Statement p. 228-228
Dorothea Tanning


Chronologies of Women Surrealists p. 229-238
Judith Young Mallin

Notes on Contributors

Back Matter

Cover Image


Kay Sage, Interim, 1949. Oil on canvas. Private collection.

Responsible for no.18


  • Rudolph E. Kuenzli
  • Mary Ann Caws

Editorial Board

  • Anna Balakian
  • Luigi Ballerini
  • Michel Beaujour
  • Manuel Grossman
  • Renée Riese Hubert
  • Edith Kern
  • Rosalind Krauss
  • Jeanine Plottel
  • Gregory Rabassa
  • Michael Riffaterre
  • Eric Sellin
  • Richard Sheppard

Editorial Consultants

  • Henri Béhar
  • Robert Motherwell
  • William Rubin
  • Michel Sanouillet

Special consultant for no.18

Gwen Raaberg

Assistant for no.18

Gail P. Zlatnik