Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.


Publications from 2016


Interpreting comprehensive two‑dimensional gas chromatography using peak topography maps with application to petroleum forensics, Hamidreza Ghasemi Damavandi, Ananya Sen Gupta, Robert K. Nelson, and Christopher M. Reddy

Publications from 2013


A combined machine-learning and graph-based framework for the segmentation of retinal surfaces in SD-OCT volumes, Bhavna J. Antony, Michael D. Abràmoff, Matthew M. Harper, Woojin Jeong, Elliott H. Sohn, Young H. Kwon, Randy Kardon, and Mona K. Garvin


Molecular memory with atomically smooth graphene contacts, Ahmad Umair, Tehseen Z. Raza, and Hassan Raza