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Master's thesis

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MS (Master of Science)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Reinhard Beichel


The quantitative assessment of lymph node size plays an important role in treatment of diseases like cancer. In current clinical practice, lymph nodes are analyzed manually based on very rough measures of long and/or short axis length, which is error prone. In this paper we present a graph-based lymph node segmentation method to enable the computer-aided three-dimensional (3D) assessment of lymph node size. Our method has been validated on 111 cases of enlarged lymph nodes imaged with X-ray computed tomography (CT). For unsigned surface positioning error, Hausdorff distance and Dice coefficient, the mean was around 0.5 mm, under 3.26 mm and above 0.77 respectively. On average, 5.3 seconds were required by our algorithm for the segmentation of a lymph node.


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