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Theses/Dissertations from 1923

Perisho, Floyd Warder (1923), Solubilities in liquid sulphur dioxide ; salts of the metals of the fourth series of the periodic system

Peterson, Ray McKinley (1923), Study & comparison of osculatory & non-osculatory interpolation

Peterson, Rudolph (1923), The relation of achievement to ability in the Cresson high school

Phares, Mary Louisa (1923), A study of the class room spoken vocabulary of seventh and eighth grade pupils: its possible bearing upon the problem of spelling

Phillips, David Pollock (1923), What does the Iowa farmer pay for a consolidated school?

Pickering, Elizabeth (1923), The action of nitrogen trichloride on unsaturated hydrocarbons

Pierce, Bessie Louise (1923), Influences affecting the teaching of the social studies in the public schools

Potter, George Edwin (1923), Ecological studies of the Gar-pikes (Lepisosteus platostomus and L. osseus) in Lake Okoboji, Iowa

Prentice, Eldon N. (1923), A preliminary validation of certain measures of silent reading comprehension

Prewitt, Dorothy Eldora (1923), The North American Indian in English poetry; a collection of titles and a consideration of the change in attitude toward the North American Indian in our poetry

Proestler, Mary Clementine (1923), The formal element in Elizabethan acting as reflected in dramatic verse

Redman, Aletha Burnett (1923), Some aspects of English society during the reign of George III, 1760-1820

Reusser, Fred (1923), On the choice of fundamental planes in orbit calculation

Reusser, Walter C. (1923), The status of general biology in high schools of the North Central States

Reuter, Bertha Ann (1923), Anglo-American relations during the Spanish-American war

Roberts, Forest Amazon (1923), Origin and development of the idea of a cooperative community based upon the Christian idea of stewardship in the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints

Roberts, Hilda (1923), Louisiana superstitions

Robson, Elinor Douglass (1923), D'Aubigne and the Pleiade

Robson, Harry Shafer (1923), A study of the finances of the city of Cedar Rapids

Rockwood, Alan C. (1923), Audibility amplification of the Armstrong super-regenerative radio receiver

Rogers, Don C. (1923), Effect of certain administrative factors on improvement in silent reading comprehension

Rogers, Robert Alonzo (1923), An investigation of the resistance of certain metals when exposed to an intense beam of X-rays

Rohlf, Ida Catherine (1923), Possible influence of Foxe on Bunyan

Russell, Ralph Douglas (1923), The relative effectiveness of presenting verbal material visually and orally as measured by the amount of recall

Samonte, Vedasto J. (1923), The legal and political status of women in the Philippine Islands

Scheidemann, Norma Valentine (1923), Diagnostic standards for the measurement of skill in the computation of fractions, accompanied by remedial drills

Schoenfelder, Jacob John (1923), A comparison of the subject-matter in the letters of Cicero and Pliny

Schwind, Ida Ruth (1923), An analysis of certain objective aspects of the church and their relation to attendance

Setzepfandt, Alvin O. H (1923), The amount of facilitation of learning in a narrow mental function

Shuttleworth, Frank K. (1923), An experiment in the measurement of economic attitudes and interests

Smith, Clarence Raymond (1923), Effect of the material composing the sides of deep slits on the intrinsic intensity of light transmitted through the slits.

Smith, Frederick Franklin (1923), The Pedicellariae of Tripneustes esculentus and certain other echinoids

Stutzman, Guy O. (1923), The relation of visual impression in general reading to spelling performance

Szumlanska, Celine F. (1923), Comparaison de l'attitude de Chateaubriand et Vigny envers la vie, d'apres leurs oeuvres intitulees Les Natchez et Rene (Chateaubriand) [et] Les Destinees, poemes philosophiques (Vigny)

Tallman, Russell Warrick (1923), The effect of proximity of home and school upon high school attendance in Iowa

Taylor, Norris Onslow (1923), A preliminary study of the alloys of aluminum, zinc and tin

Tjaden, John Christian (1923), The causes of delinquency in boys of superior intelligence ; a study in clinical psychology

Toynbee, Charles Merthaugh (1923), A study of the principles of the transmission of heat in open evaporators

Travis, Lee Edward (1923), An objective measurement of suggestibility & negativism by means of subliminal sensory stimuli ; a study in clinical psychology

Tu, Horace Tsou Chow (1923), A comparison of rate and comprehension of silent reading between two languages

Van Dyke, Louisa Amelia (1923), A rural educational survey of Wapello county, Iowa

Verry, Ethel (1923), A study of mental and social attitudes in the free play of pre-school children

Weber, Eva (1923), The literary code of William Dean Howells


Wentworth, Chester Keeler (1923), Petrology and origin of the Post Miocene terrace gravels of the Middle Atlantic slope ; a study of clastic sediments

Wentworth, Mildred P. (1923), Plant succession along stream courses

Westbrook, R. B. (1923), The Herrin Riot : a study in collective behavior

Williams, Arthur James (1923), Physiographic history of the "Driftless area" of Iowa

Williams, Ronald Boal (1923), Spanish stagecraft prior to Lope de Rueda

Wilsey, Edward Franklin (1923), The history and mathematics of the hydraulic jump

Winstrom, John Harry (1923), Helping the inexperienced teacher

Winters, Catherine Zimmerman (1923), Defection of the Calhounites 1832-1840

Workman, Clarence Montieth (1923), Study versus recitation in the learning of factual and logical material

Theses/Dissertations from 1922


Alterton, Margaret (1922), Poe's critical principles : their sources and development

Alvarado, Alfonso Miguel (1922), Studies on the composition and utilization of Steffen's waste

Anderson, Annette (1922), The brief epic based on Ovid current in Shakespeare’s time

Armstrong, Kenneth Clark (1922), The migration of acetyl in multi-nuclear aminophenols


Auld, Ina Bell (1922), George Eliot's early reading

Aurner, Robert Ray (1922), A history of the structure of the English sentence from Caxton to Macaulay

Baker, Gerald Clifford (1922), Water softening by base exchange : removal of bacteria by zeolitic water softeners

Ballenger, Harvey Leigh (1922), A comparative study of the vocabulary content of fourteen standard reading tests

Barta, Edward Joseph (1922), A study of the softening of water by means of a refinite domestic installation

Bishop, Omen (1922), The effect of learning similar material upon the scores in intellingence tests

Blackford, Chaminade Stutsman (1922), Attitude towards nature as reflected in the early poetry of Hugo and Lamartine: a comparison

Blackstone, Earl Glen (1922), Formulation and standardization of a copying test in typewriting for the public schools of Detroit

Blattner, Helene (1922), A picture test for lisp diagnosis

Bliss, A. Ione (1922), Iowa child welfare legislation measured by federal standards

Booher, Lela Evangeline (1922), Creatine studies

Botteron, George W. (1922), The adsorption of barium chloride by certain pleistocene clays

Brown, Orley E. (1922), Study in the connectivity of cubic squares


Brueckner, Marguerite Helen (1922), Variant pronunciations in modern American English


Burns, Catherine A. (1922), A study of the poetry of John Henry Newman

Burton, Allden James (1922), Significance of first semester marks in high school

Chambers, Forrest Lynn (1922), The determination of tin by the electrometric method

Chandler, Harley W. (1922), Multiplication of infinite series

Chipman, John (1922), The absorption of methyl alxohol vapor by charcoal

Clarke, C. Ernest (1922), The product of the normal training high school courses ; a comparative study of the rural teachers of twenty-seven Iowa counties

Cline, Earl Dodge (1922), Silent reading comprehension as a factor in the solution of verbal problems in arithmetic

Collins, Newell L. (1922), Solidified electrolytes for the storage cell and their effects on the performance of the cell

Crone, Edwin Bertram (1922), The use of crude water-gas tar in timber preservation

Crouch, Roy Asa (1922), A drill in English grammar and usage


Deal, Don T. (1922), The present day awakening to the importance of the human element as a management factor in industry

Del Manzo, Milton Charles (1922), The status of bonded indebtedness of Iowa school districts

Dowell, Malcolm Haskins (1922), A study of the coefficient of heat transmission in steam heated evaporating kettles

Eastman, Herbert Clinton (1922), Evidences from tuning fork examination of involvement of the cochlea accompanying acute and chronic suppuration of the middle ear


Ellis, Amanda Mae (1922), Horace and Dryden

Erickson, E. E. and Mercer, P. L. (1922), Determination of the coefficients of discharge over an ogee dam, with and without pier contractions

Eriksson, Erik McKinley (1922), Official newspaper organs and their activities, 1825-1837 : a study in Jacksonian politics

Eversole, William George (1922), A study of the equilibrium between iodine and barium iodide in aqueous solution by the distribution method


Fisher, Florence (1922), The county treasurer in Iowa

Fortsch, Arthur Roy (1922), The free energy of dilution and the activities of the ions of hydrogen iodide in aqueous solutions

Foster, Warren Henry (1922), The development of the frontal sinus as studies with the x-ray

Glavincheff, Peter (1922), Two of the possible isomeric chloraminocresols and some of their acyl derivatives

Goodykoontz, Bess (1922), A tentative standardization of a certain type of reading material for elementary school use

Grieder, Paul Alfred (1922), Henry Crabb Robinson : a study in Anglo-German literary relations

Harper, Eda Kelley (1922), Methods employed in solving the cubic equation

Harper, Floyd S. (1922), Functional equations analogous to certain trigonometric identities

Hausheer, Herman (1922), St. Augustine : diversity of historical streams due to the cross-currents in the thought and life off St. Augustine

Hilliard, George Horatio (1922), Probable types of difficulties underlying low scores in comprehension tests

Hilman, George Carroll (1922), A study in orientation

Himmel, Walter Joseph (1922), A morphological study of Ambrosia

Hines, Harry Matlock (1922), Creatine metabolism

Hoersch, Victor August (1922), The action of conical horns

Ho, Liang Yi (1922), Replacement of hydrogen and halogen in the nitration of certain halogenated phenols

Holy, T. C. (1922), Certain factors affecting the cost of operation and relative efficiency of consolidated schools in Iowa

Howells, Henry Price (1922), The reaction of nitrogen trichloride with organo-magnesium halides and with ethylenic hydrocarbons

Hsü, Leonard Shih-lien (1922), The sphere of the national government in judicial administration in China

Huffaker, Carl Leo (1922), Standards in high school agriculture

Johnson, Mildred Edith (1922), A study of the religious element in the Cantar de mio Cid and in the Cld ballads

Jones, Cecil Cain (1922), The determination of high and low tone limits in otological cases

Jones, John Paul (1922), A history of the Federal Reserve System, 1917-1921

Klein, Edna May (1922), Tabulation and classification of biblical references found in Hugo's La légende des siècles, La fin de Satan, and Dieu

Koerth, Wilhelmine (1922), Some aspects of the intelligence rating of college students

Kohl, Ernest Evans (1922), The status of physical and health education in the high schools of Iowa

Laird, Thomas Kees (1922), The care and training of children among Australian and Eskimo tribes

Lauré, Martin John (1922), The property concepts of the early Hebrews

Leeper, William Nelson (1922), Mutual relation between the certification of teachers in rural schools and the success with which they prepare eighth grade pupils to pass the uniform state examination

Lessenger, Waldo Emerson (1922), A study of various prognostic criteria relative to first year high school mathematics

Levine, Max (1922), Studies on Bacterium coli and closely related forms

Lewis, Sara I. (1922), Morphology of the vein-islet in leaves of certain dicotyledons

Lindeman, Marcella (1922), An investigation into the behavior of dielectrics when used in condensers carrying alternate currents

Lindsay, E. E. (1922), Financial measures of communities' ability, effort, and accomplishment in the support of public schools

Long, Esther Lillian (1922), A lexigraphical study of Chateaubriand's American flora and fauna, based on Le voyage en Amerique, Les Natchez Atala and Rene. With classified registration of all such terms

Mackintosh, Esther Annette (1922), The character of the acyl radical as a factor in the Schotten-Baumann reaction

Marner, Grace Lillian (1922), The range and ranch cattle business in Wyoming, 1870-1890

Maynard, Harold Howard (1922), The marketing of Northwestern boxed apples

Mendenhall, George Newton (1922), An experiment in character rating

Menzer, Carl (1922), The design of transformers for use with pulsating currents

Miller, Lucy Evelyn (1922), Jacinto Benavente y Martinez : the women characters of his dramas and their psychological aspects

Moen, R. O. (1922), Aspects of the Federal Reserve System

Morgan, Lewis Davies (1922), The preparation, experience, tenure, duties and prerogatives of high school principals of Illinois

Morlan, Grover Cleveland (1922), Teacher preparation in the junior college

Nelson, Amalie Kraushaar (1922), The predictive value of comprehension test BI…

Noyer, Ralph Waldo (1922), The financial management and control of Nebraska state normal schools

O'Leary, James Vaughn (1922), A study of the equilibrium between bromine and strontium bromide in aqueous solution by the distribution method

Orr, Bert Kenton (1922), The status of the city superintendent in Iowa

Parks, George A. (1922), Theory of rolling curves

Partington, John Everette (1922), A study of daylight illumination in the classrooms of certain elementary school buildings in Iowa

Patrick, Lloyd Edgar (1922), Frontal sinus disease in children

Peacock, Henry Bates (1922), Attenuation factor in acoustic wave filters

Peralta, Rufino B. (1922), Personal equation in the precision of pressure in movement

Peterson, Ben Harrison (1922), Effect of impurities on the physical properties of oxychloride cement

Pickard, Fannie Pauline (1922), The development of Hamlin Garland's literary purpose and its effect on his technique

Preston, Howard H. (1922), History of banking in Iowa

Regier, C. C. (1922), The era of muck-rakers

Remmers, H. H. (1922), Evidential material for elementary courses in educational psychology

Reuling, Frank Harold (1922), Paranasal sinus diseases in patients with pulmonary tuberculosis

Robeson, George F. (1922), The government of special charter cities in Iowa

Rohrbaugh, Lewis Guy (1922), The energy concept : a spiritual concept of reality

Russell, James Earl (1922), The occurrence of diphtheria and diphtheroid infections in infants and children

Saxe, Nathaniel Edgar (1922), A lexicographical study of Ferdinand Fabre : Les Courbezon, Julien Savignac, Mademoiselle de Malavieille

Sharp, Mildred (1922), The county auditor in Iowa

Sherman, Jay Julius (1922), The office of county superintendent of schools in Iowa

Skinner, Carl Wellington (1922), A literary estimate of the life and writings of Harriet Martineau

Smith, Harold Thaddeus (1922), The farm income in Iowa and its distribution among the factors of production

Snedaker, Mabel (1922), A tentative standardization of a silent reading lesson for use in the sixth grade

Sorensen, Andrew Jensen (1922), Magnetic rotatory dispersion in colloidal solutions and magnetic rotation in metal films

Souers, Philip Webster (1922), A study of Waller's relations to French literature

Spencer, Lloyd Harve (1922), The holding power of Iowa high schools

Spikes, Lillian (1922), The relationship between intelligence and participation in class (in high school)

Stainbrook, Merrill A. (1922), Geology and paleontology of the Cedar Valley coral zones at Brandon, Iowa

Stanton, Harmon L. (1922), Frequency of tone gaps and islands in otologic practice

Steinberg, John C. (1922), Hall effect and specific resistance in evaporated films of silver, copper and iron

Towner, Milton Carsley (1922), A project curriculum for the church school

Troeltzsch, Julius Robert (1922), A study of the distribution of sulphur and iron in certain Iowa coals

Trumpp, Gretchen (1922), Bismark and England

Turner, Robert Graham (1922), A study of certain alleged remedies for rheumatism

Vander Veer, Helen D. (1922), A study of vocabulary and information among high school students

Van Dyke, George Dewey (1922), The optical constants of an isolated hexagonal crystal of tellurium

Van Ek, Jacob (1922), The organization and powers of the county board of supervisors in Iowa, 1870-1922

Von Lackum, John Kenneth (1922), Asthma in infants and young children with paranasal sinus disease

Waddell, Myron Clifford (1922), A prelimary survey of the solubility of inorganic salts in liquid sulphur dioxide

Warren, Ryland Morton (1922), I. Taste and odor of chlorinated water ; II. Starch-iodide method of determining chlorine colorimetrically

Weis, Howard Archibald (1922), A contribution to the study of the effects of radium upon rabbit ovaries

Weld, Le Roy D. (1922), The crystelliptometer; an instrument for the polariscopic analysis of the very slender beams of light

White, Wendell (1922), The influence of certain exercises in silent reading on scores in the Otis group intelligence scale

Wilkerson, LeRoy (1922), Reassessment of the real property as a solution of the financial problem of the public schools of the city of Lima, Ohio

Woolfolk, Charles M. (1922), The effect of steric hindrance in the migration of acetyl from nitrogen to oxygen

Wyland, Guido Bruce (1922), A study of the efficiency of a domestic permutit water softener with variation of rate of softening and amount of sodium chloride used in regeneration

Yoakam, Gerald Alan (1922), The effect of a single reading on the retention of various types of material in the content subjects of the elementary school curriculum as measured by immediate and delayed recall

Yost, Jesse J. (1922), Plerophoria in the spiritual experiences of John Wesley

Theses/Dissertations from 1921


Beam, Elizabeth Beatrice (1921), The chevilles in "La chanson de Roland"

Bristol, Myrl Lewark (1921), Colley Cibbar and his critics

Brown, Irvin Cecil (1921), The distribution of a solute between water and a second phase consisting of a binary mixture of two completely miscible solvents, each insoluble in water

Camp, Harold Laverne (1921), Scales for measuring results of physics teaching


Cone, Martin (1921), Labor in national politics since 1871

Couture, John Russum (1921), The migration of acyl from nitrogen to oxygen


Donovan, Mary Ellen (1921), Developments in the organization and functions of American banks since the establishment of the Federal Reserve System

Erickson, Carl Immanuel (1921), The basic factors in the human voice


Eriksson, Erik McKinley (1921), The establishment and rise of the Washington Globe : a phase of Jacksonian Politics

Fillman, Louise Anna (1921), Limestone conglomerates of the Deadwood formation of the northern Black Hills

Fitzpatrick, Frederick Linder (1921), The ducks of Iowa

Flentje, Martin Ernest and Gallaher, William Uren (1921), A study of the effect of temperature on the rate of reactions in water softening by the lime-soda ash method, The effect of dissolved salts on the latent heat of vaporization of water


Fogdall, Soren Jacob Marius Petersen (1921), History of Danish-American diplomacy 1776-1920


Francois, George James (1921), Aspects of the chain and independent store systems


French, Irene Batcher (1921), The treatment of women in the Spanish ballad as exemplified in the Duran classification

Gelbach, Ralph Warren (1921), The potential of the barium amalgam electrode

Gitchell, Mary Louella (1921), Chaucer's franklin, epicurean or royal official

Greider, Clarence Edwin (1921), Acylation with alpha-naphthoyl chloride and the migration of acyl


Harrison, William Don (1921), Nathaniel Hawthorne as a critic of literature

Hart, Harry Bryant (1921), The free energy of dilution and the activities of the ions of potassium bromide in aqueous solutions, and the free energy of dilution of lithium chloride in alcoholic solutions


Hartman, Amos William (1921), The California and Oregon trail, 1849-1860

Hartman, Theodore A. (1921), Design of an engineering building for the State University of Iowa


Hausheer, Herman (1921), Duplicities and integrations of the personality of St. Augustine

Horsfall, John Louis (1921), Effects of the feeding punctures of aphids on certain plant tissues


Hunter, Grace Eva (1921), The development of Milton's prosody

Iddles, Harold Augustus (1921), The migration of acyl ; effect of the relative positions of the hydroxide and amino groups

Johnson, Charles Dee (1921), The Negro problem in relation to education in the South

Johnson, Marie M. (1921), The generalized mean value function


Jordan, Rudolph Henry (1921), Some phases of the loess of Iowa with special reference to the relation of loess-like clay to the loess

Laird, Donald Anderson (1921), The genesis, nature, and significance of perceptual integration in childhood. l

Lane, Clarence E. (1921), A measurement of the amplitude of vibration of the diaphragm of the Hewlett tone generator

Lankelma, Herman Peter (1921), Steric relations involved in the acylation of amino phenols

Larson, Edward (1921), The hippuric acid synthesis in rabbits

Laughlin, Sceva Bright (1921), Missouri politics during the Civil War

Lawler, Lillian B. (1921), A classification of the cognomina appearing in the Corpus inscriptionum latinarum vol. IX

Lemon, Allan Clark (1921), Recruiting the liberal arts faculties in universities and colleges


Liu, Chiang (1921), The position of woman in China


Lonsdale, John Tipton (1921), Geology and ore deposits of Bedrock Gulch, La Plata county, Colorado

McKee, Paul Gordon (1921), Spelling difficulty in context form; a study of the difficulty of certain words in a business letter, and the loss in transfer from column to context form

Mendenhall, George Newton (1921), An experiment in character rating

Merry, Glenn Newton (1921), Voice inflection in speech

Miller, Marie Catherine (1921), A study of general science ; an analysis of eight general science text-books, a course of study for general science based on this analysis and a compiliation of supplementary material

Morrow, M. Clarissa (1921), The diction of Nepos

Ordonez, David Espirtu (1921), A proposed plan of junior high school for the province of Pangasinan, Philippines

Parrott, Sharon Frances (1921), Liturgical sources of Old English and Middle English epic poems on Genesis and Exodus

Paul, Vera Alice (1921), A characterization of the comic element in fifty widely used high school plays

Peterson, William Lloyd (1921), High school records ; an examination of current forms and a recommendation for certain standard forms

Reilly, John Franklin (1921), Certain generalizations of osculatory interpolation

Robinson, Benjamin W. (1921), Measurement of natural capacity and aptitude for stenography and typewriting

Rogers, Don C. (1921), The relationship between Iowa teachers' salaries, laborers' wages and the cost of living, 1913-1921

Schoen, Max (1921), An experimental study of the pitch factor in artistic singing

Schriever, William (1921), The simple rigidity of a drawn tungsten wire at incandescent temperatures

Searles, Herbert L. (1921), An empirical inquiry into the God experience of one hundred and forty college students

Shannon, Ethel Almira (1921), Training for proper use of leisure in the high schools of Iowa

Shumaker, Lebbeus Smith (1921), The god-concept and democracy

Sly, Blanche Campbell (1921), The bonny boy in the English and Scottish ballads

Smelser, Clara Lucile (1921), Speech training for children

Smokey, George W. (1921), The organization of state Administration in Missouri


Spaulding, Ethel June (1921), Manners and customs of Washington's administration

Stanton, Hazel Martha (1921), The inheritance of specific musical capacities

Thomsen, Anna (1921), Certain functional equations yielding solutions with predetermined constants

Trumbo, Harry Pearl (1921), The adjectives in young children's vocabularies

Warren, Worcester (1921), A project in educational guidance


Wentworth, Chester K. (1921), Quantitative studies of the shapes of pebbles

Wickham, Dorothea E. (1921), Voluntary control of intensity of sound

Wilkin, Robert Edward (1921), The effect of bomb corrosion on the accuracy of calorimetric determinations

Winslow, Earle Micajah (1921), Recent developments regarding competition as opposed to the tendency toward centralization in the public utility field, with special reference to conditions in Iowa

Zuehl, Benjamin Franklin (1921), Measurement of auditory acuity with the pitch range audiometer

Theses/Dissertations from 1920

Alderman, Grover Henry (1920), The lecture versus the question and answer method

Aurner, Robert Ray (1920), Henry Fielding: Lucianist

Berry, Eugene Manasseh (1920), Diffuse reflection of light from a matt surface

Briley, Beulah Belle (1920), A survey of rural credit, preliminary to a study of the Federal Farm Loan Act

Bunch, Cordia C. (1920), The measurement of acuity of hearing throughout the tonal range

Cram, Fred Danforth (1920), [Case civics, a guide to citizenship for schools] a project


Crane, William G. (1920), The significance of Mathew Arnold's critical theory

Cresswell, Eva (1920), A photometric study of light and its effects in various plant habitats

Crofutt, Charles Burton (1920), The a [alpha] lines in the "K" series tungsten spectrum

Davis, George Emerson (1920), Education in American expeditionary forces with Ninetieth division program in detail

Davis, Helen Caldwell (1920), The effect of a specific exercise upon the rate of reading and comprehension of certain selections read silently


Derbyshire, George M. (1920), Buddhist contemplation as a religious discipline

Diamonon, Victoriano D. (1920), The Development of Self-Government in the Philippine Islands

Fant, Adolph Emil Theodore (1920), The intensity of light transmitted through a slit as a function of the width and depth of the slit, and of the wave-length of the light

French, Raymond Albert (1920), Apogamous reproduction of Lactuca Ludoviciana (Nutt) Riddell

Fritz, Ralph A. (1920), The county agent and farm bureau movement

Germane, Charles E. (1920), The value of summarizing in silent reading as compared with re-reading of the same article

Germane, Edith (1920), The relationship between speed and comprehension in silent reading as measured by immediate recall

Goetch, Edward William (1920), Status of the normal training high schools of Iowa


Goodenough, Aubrey Ward (1920), Henry Arthur Jones ; a study in dramatic compromise

Gregory, Chester Arthur (1920), A critical survey of the data bearing on the grading of the elementary curriculum

Hart, Hornell Norris (1920), Selective migration as a factor in child welfare in the United States ; with special reference to Iowa


Hecker, Lena Bedenbender (1920), The history of the rural free mail delivery in the United States

Helmick, Paul Streeper (1920), The blackening of a photographic plate as a function of intensity of light and time of exposure


Hilgert, Joseph Robert (1920), The effect of the income and excess profits tax on the corporation surplus accounts

Hines, Harlan Cameron (1920), Public school publicity in the United States

Holt, Andrew Hall (1920), Tests on calcined gypsum as a structural material

Howard, Lloyd G. (1920), The importance of early mastoid operation in infancy


Hsu, Henry (1920), War services of American banks

Khorozian, Krikor Girgi (1920), Pentosuria and utilization of Xylose in animal body

Kiang, Wallace (1920), Present school system in China

Kies, Harry De Witt (1920), A survey of the Albia schools

Kim, Ryea Sik (1920), The political problem of Korea

Kittrell, Charles Anan (1920), A high school survey, Devils Lake, N. Dak

Koerth, Wilhelmine (1920), A measure of capacity for acquiring skill in coordination of eye and hand

Lindsay, Ernest Earl (1920), State public school finance ; a study of permanent school funds, direct appropriation, and state tax

Mahan, Bruce E. (1920), Old Fort Crawford, 1816-1856

McConkie, Willis Leslie (1920), The post-operative treatment following mastoid operations

McGlade, John Calhoun (1920), Tendencies of state normal schools to equalize opportunities of students


Moffett, Harold Young (1920), Elizabethan tragedies based on contemporary murders


Oliver, Lola M. (1920), Vergil's use of the deus ex machina in the Aeneid

Olson, Herbert Rudolph (1920), Hemorrhage as a factor in operations of the nose and throat

Ostergaard, Hjalmar (1920), Vocational guidance methods for the public schools

Prosser, Mame Rose (1920), The limits of measures of general mental ability in the prognosis of progress in certain elementary school subjects

Ritter, E. L. (1920), A building program for the schools of Des Moines, Iowa

Robinson, Benjamin W. (1920), Measurement of natural capacity and aptitude for stenography and typewriting


Roth, Hazel M. (1920), Johnson's theory of poetry as expressed in his Lives of the English poets

Ruble, Chloris Shade (1920), The British occupation of Egypt (1876-1883) : the principal steps leading toward the occupation

Schoewe, Walter Henry (1920), Origin and history of extinct Lake Calvin

Smith, J. Frank (1920), A list of 201 spelling demons

Taylor, Beryl Bernice (1920), The development of the foliage leaves of Vitis vulpina L. and Catalpa bignonoides Walt

Taylor, Margaret Lincoln (1920), The resistance of streptococci to germicidal agents

Tow, Lillian (1920), Norms and technique of basic motor tests as applied to children on entering school

Van Wagenen, Gertrude (1920), The coral Mussa fragilis and its development

Wait, G. R. (1920), The Hall effect and the specific resistance in silver films

Walker, Ernest Timothy (1920), Unionization of teachers


Walsh, Floyd E. (1920), Interest charged to cost in accounting

Wehman, H. J. (1920), Some West Indian foraminifera

Theses/Dissertations from 1919

Alderman, Grover Henry (1919), What an Iowa layman should know about courts and law

Ashbaugh, Ernest James (1919), The Iowa spelling scales; their derivation, use and limitations

Avery, Elroy James (1919), A report of a series of cases of acute otitis media, with their complications as observed at S.U.I. hospital during the recent influenza epidemic

Boyd, Julian Deigh (1919), Concerning urobilin and urobilinogen

Boyer, Albert Lynn (1919), Survey of the schools of Atlantic

Burns, Catherine A. (1919), The child in the pre-Victorian novel

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Williams, Helen Jackson (1919), Determination of premiums and reserves for insurance against total and permanent disability with tabular values of certain auxiliary functions

Theses/Dissertations from 1918

Barton, Mabel V. (1918), Woman labor in Iowa

Bassett, Basil Blaine (1918), The civic instruction of the American electorate ; being a study of political problems in the United States through an analysis of party platforms

Boyce, Myrna M. (1918), The diplomatic relations of England with the Quadruple Alliance

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Meyer, Jacob W. (1918), Agriculture and related nature study


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Theses/Dissertations from 1917

Agnew, Marie Margaret (1917), Tonal imagery in musical talent

Andersen, William Niclaus (1917), The determination of a spelling vocabulary based upon written correspondence

Arent, Leonora (1917), A study of municipal corruption in public utilities

Atkinson, George A. (1917), Reconstruction of the Rio Grande Railway

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Greene, Harry Andrew (1917), The status of the sciences in North Central high schools

Hansen, Marcus L. (1917), Fort Snelling and the development of the Northwest

Helming, Harry and Owen, William (1917), The water rate of a bleeder turbine

Hines, Harlan Cameron (1917), Duties, powers, and preparation of the town and city high-school principals of Iowa, together with salaries and tenure and other items of interest


Hines, Harry Matlock (1917), Concerning the origin of creatine

Hoffman, Himena V. (1917), The early development of the American theory of neutrality (from the Proclamation of April 22, 1793 to the Foreign Enlistment Act of June 5, 1794)

Homan, Thomas Benjamin (1917), The correlations of abilities in immediate and deferred memory for prose passages with other measures of intelligence

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Knock, Carl John (1917), A study of some of the elements involved in the acquisition of accuracy of pitch in singing

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Kuhlmann, Hans H. (1917), The design of a three phase revolving field type alternator

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McClenahan, Bessie Averne (1917), The administration of poor relief in Iowa

McCrory, James Leonard (1917), Mental tests of university freshmen with certain correlations


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Minard, Ralph Day (1917), Administrative problems connected with consolided schools of Iowa

Mortimer, Franklin Spencer (1917), The electromotive force and free energy of dilution of lithium chloride in aqueous and alcoholic solutions

Moses, John V. (1917), The rating of electric motors for intermittent operation

Pfiffner, John M. (1917), The government of the Argentine Republic

Richards, C. C. (1917), Preliminary design of a proposed drainage district in Osceola County, Iowa

Ritter, E. L. (1917), Rating of teachers in Indiana

Saxton, Harold P. (1917), Comparison of individual house lighting plants


Schriever, William (1917), The variation of the rigidity of drawn tungsten with the temperature

Sergel, Roger (1917), Nature in the writings of George Meredith

Skarstedt, Marcus (1917), Classification & nomenclature of geometric magnitudes

Smid, M. V. (1917), A comparison of the illumination of school rooms

Smith, Francis Wager (1917), The establishment and early history of Fort Laramie, Wyoming

Stahl, Gail (1917), Lord Durham and his work for Canada

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Thornton, Norbert R. (1917), Deck plate girder with concrete slab floor


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Turner, Ralph E. (1917), Political phases of English nationality during the Tudor period


Wait, G. R. (1917), The Hall effect in silver films

Walter, Otto (1917), Modifications of respiratory structures involved in the transition from aquatic to terrestrial Crustacea

Wilcox, Myron Jefferson (1917), The use of a rule in teaching spelling

Wolin, Bertha J. (1917), Description in the writings of Dorothy Wordsworth

Yoakam, Gerald Alan (1917), A course of study in English literature for the elementary schools. A study in printed syllabi, school reading books, and recommendations of writers of text books with a composite course made by the writer

Theses/Dissertations from 1916


Andersen, William Niclaus (1916), The selection of public school teachers and their improvement in service


Arrington, Olen Ray (1916), The attitude of boys toward their high school work

Bashe, Edwin Joseph (1916), The morphology of the noun and verb in the poem, "Der hürnen Seyfrid"

Biller, Christine (1916), The one act play in English

Bose, Sudhindra (1916), Some aspects of British rule in India

Brainerd, Eloise Kinzer (1916), Stevenson's literary method


Brinegar, George Henry (1916), A study of teachers' examination questions

Burns, Margaret Mary (1916), Wordsworth's sonnets


Chase, Sumner Bereman (1916), Tuberculosis of the larynx

Damerow, Harry W. (1916), A design for the improvement of the north end of Clinton Street, Iowa City


Dieterich, Ernest Otto (1916), The pressure effect in selenium crystals and its relation to the light effect


Earle, Robert E. (1916), Effect of shape of radiotelegraph antenna upon its capacity

Earley, John (1916), An investigation of sewage purification

Egenberger, Anton Henry (1916), The illumination of a rifle range


Fortsch, Arthur Roy (1916), The thermal conductivity of tellurium

Franks, C. D. (1916), The design of a school house

Fries, George and Puckett, Ernest (1916), Design for a sewage system and disposal plant for the City of Marengo, Iowa


Fritschel, Walter M. (1916), The social psychology of volition

Gittins, Thomas Roy (1916), The etiology of chorio-retinitis

Greer, Clinton M. (1916), A railroad reservoir

Gregg, John B. (1916), Ocular tuberculosis


Gregg, John B.; Chase, Sumner B.; and Gittins, Thomas R. (1916), The variations of the accesory sinuses of the nose

Hanapel, Herbert A. (1916), A study of the flow of the Iowa River

Hands, Harold Edward (1916), Some relations of the effect of overheating to certain physical and chemical properties of asphalts

Hands, Stanley M. and Cheesebro, Harry G. (1916), An investigation to determine the effect on the dimensions of a concrete slab (A) due to immersion, (B) due to setting

Hansen, Clarence F. (1916), A psychological study of indian conversations

Hartmann, H. W. (1916), Design of a drainage system for an Iowa district of about 1700 acres

Heil, Fred G. and Willey, Marney B. (1916), An investigation of the practicability of the chemical method of measuring quantities of water

Heil, Fred G. and Willey, Marney B. (1916), An investigation of the practicability of the chemical method of measuring quantities of water


Helmick, Paul Streeper (1916), The variation in the blackening of a photographic plate with time of exposure, total energy remaining constant


Hoersch, Victor August (1916), Sound waves of finite amplitude


Horsfall, John Louis (1916), The Jassoidea of eastern Iowa

Housh, Early Taylor (1916), A critical analysis of ten second year readers

Huong, Dieu Ung (1916), Detail design of double deck railway & highway bridge : 12--200 ft. Pratt trusses : double track railway on upper deck, highway and sidewalk on lower deck : over Minn River at Foochow, China


Ingvaldsen, Thorsten (1916), Determination and origin of creatine