Welcome to ICRU's Online Registration and Poster Forum!

We are glad that you are taking steps to complete your submission for our upcoming event.

ICRU, in collaboration with Iowa Research Online, is please to offer this NEW online registration which is a wonderful resource for our community. Essentially, the program will archive all submissions into a searchable database through the library, making every presenter and their poster a star! After registering, students are able to upload additional information to their searchable record. Students can upload a final paper or media of a project including a digital version of their actual poster. In addition, students can edit their profile and craft abstracts that will be searchable by others. Please note that students can register for the event without attaching their poster.

ICRU is very excited about this new online resource and encourages students to revisit their submission with supplemental resources either before or after the event. However, after the submission deadline, data will be pulled for respective programs, publicity, etc, so students should make sure their basic information is correctly entered by the deadline.

Before submitting a registration, visit the the ICRU website to obtain necessary information about the event. Then click the Submit Poster link in the sidebar, create an account, and follow the instructions. In addition, the ICRU website is a great first step toward answering any questions you may have. Thanks for submitting!

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