Registrations Due February 17, 2010- register today by using the Submit Poster link on the left tool bar.

Students involved in research can present their work at the Research in the Capitol event (RIC), held March 25, 2010 at the Statehouse in Des Moines, Iowa. This conference is co-hosted by the Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates, the University of Iowa, University of Northern Iowa and Iowa State University. Twenty students from each University present their research to state legistlators and statehouse visitors. The event is open to all students from all disciplines.

Research in the Capitol allows students to highlight what they have accomplished, share their work with others, and gain presentation experience. Students present their work in a poster format, which is a common format used at professional meetings and provides an open forum for discussion. Please see the ICRU website under presentation resources section for "How to make a poster." In addition, the Research Ambassadors are hosting a "How to make a Professional Poster" session on later in the spring semester. See the ICRU website for details.

Decisions about applications will be made after February 17, 2010 and applicants will be notified of the decisions via email. After submissions have been accepted, presenters will be listed in the following categories listed below. Please check back to see the updated schedule and list of presenters.

Before submitting a poster for Research in the Capitol (RIC), please visit the RIC page to obtain necessary information about the event. Then click the Submit Poster link in the sidebar, create an account, and follow the instructions. In addition, the ICRU website is a great first step toward answering any questions you may have. Thanks for submitting!


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Thursday, March 25th

A Mixture of Identities: A Look at Zulu Nationalism in the Nazareth Baptist Church

Brian M. Buh, University of Iowa

Antioxidants, Heart Disease, and Nox4 in Between

Samuel Carrell, University of Iowa


Alan Fritzler, University of Iowa

Co-crystallization of Thiophene-based Semiconductors with Carboxylic Acids and Effects on Crystal Packing

Kristin M. Kester, University of Iowa

Comparative Advantage in the Bullpen

Lisa Gillette, University of Iowa

Development of a High Resolution Flood Inundation Model of Charles City, Iowa

Matthew r. Moore, University of Iowa

Evaluation of University of Iowa-Owned Land for Wind Turbine Placement

Scott J. Ruebush, University of Iowa

Examining the Effects of VAP on Vinculin

Melissa Palma, University of Iowa

Guidelines for Developing an Academic Acceleration Policy

Emily Ladendorf, University of Iowa

Involvement in International Adjudication and the Use of Torture

Blake R. Rupe, University of Iowa

Is Personality in the Eye of the Beholder? Discrepancies Between Self-reported and Objective Ratings of Adaptive and Maladaptive Personality Traits

Jonathan J. Lewis, University of Iowa
Lee Anna Clark, University of Iowa
Theresa A. Morgan, University of Iowa

Mapping the lesioned brain (methodological poster)

Annie E. Tye, University of Iowa

Multi-level Translation of Research Application in Nursing Homes (M-TRAIN): A case study example of pain and urinary incontinence interventions for residents with dementia in nursing homes

Jennifer Schwarzkopf, University of Iowa College of Nursing
Jamie Puppilo, University of Iowa College of Nursing

Polychronic Technology Usage: Understanding Intra/Intergenerational Variation of Multitasking in Diverse Groups

Brandon L. Kramer, University of Iowa

Reconstructing Roman Fountains

Hannah Scates, University of Iowa

Reducing excess imaging dose to cancer patients receiving radiotherapy

Adam Schwertner, University of Iowa

Ryerson’s Woods Park: A Relict Woodland?

Sophia A. Krajewski, University of Iowa

Susceptibility to Deceptive Advertising Among Older Adults

Bryan Paul Koestner, University of Iowa

Women in Exile: Self-Perception and Arts Education in Correctional Facilities

Rebecca McCray, University of Iowa

Zooarchaeological Analysis of Animal Remains from the Scott County Pueblo, Kansas

Sandra Walker, University of Iowa