The Iowa Narratives Project (INP) combines the principles of composition with public engagement skills and digital technology.


Submissions from 2016

Iowa's First, Zoe Bileddo, Gia Dougherty, and Jordan Perlinger


The Mystery of the Charles Ficke Collection, Kathleen May

Submissions from 2015

Building Community By Building Soil, Maile Davis and Meryl Hebets

Food Memoir, Amber Ahlf

Food Memories and Traditions, Kate Clesle

How college changed my thoughts on food, Nicholas Adams

I Don't Really Need Food, Tiffanie Duong

Java House: Dealer in Disguise?, Makenzie Putz, Sandra Kromminga, and Elaine Stewart

Transition to a Healthy Lifestyle, Nicholas Dodgen

Submissions from 2014

Advocacy for those Experiencing Homelessness in Iowa City, Anyssa Trejo, Ashley Wood, Jorge Ramos, and Marisa Henze

A Restaurant for Change, Lindsay Ward, Hannah Kopach, Veronica Whitnell, and Reanne Casteel

Benjamin Coelho – “Iowa City’s Brazilian Bassoonist”, Keegan Hockett, Joe VanBladel, and Ryan Christian

Brother's Bar, Anna Mohrhauser, Aimee Tarun, Corey Burns, and Rocio Zavala

Building Bridges to a Better Community – Leadership Muscatine, Elizabeth Baer, Amanda Sivak, and Patrick Taffe

Carol Severino – “Iowa City’s travel-writing enthusiast”, Madison Waite and Penny Constantinou

Chloe Waryen - "Experiences of Working at the Tobacco Bowl", Alex Cooper, Scott Gaul, and Tamar Kavlashvili

Commons, Michelle Grantman, Abigail Kramer, and Jacqueline Wedell

Cooking up something new with David Burt, Abby Brennemann, Kaley Kantor, and Abby Hull

Curiosity, Michaela Carter, Alex Waeghe, and Xinyue Zhang

Curiosity — The Man Behind The Mission, Michaela Carter, Alex Waeghe, and Xinyue Zhang

Diversity at the University of Iowa, Shyanna Dickens, Cristina Lopez, and Collin Urquhart

Exploring the Mysteries Behind Slater Hall, Danielle Vrankin, Patrick Markmann, and Michael Reiser

Gardens, Zachary Stark, Noelle Alkhawaja, Dane Hanson, and Grace Hach

Guillermo Villegas – In life, it's not about answering the question. It's about explaining the question, living the question, Kayla Berkowitz, Katie Hughes, and Maureen O'Connor

Historical Secrets of the Iowa River Power Restaurant, Mitch Kellen, Corey Osborn, and Chelsea Ryan

I like my cheese like I like my wine, old, Rachael Carrero, Keith Reed, and Jessica Yaeger

Iowa City's Riverside Theater, Penghong Lu, Dan Kienzle, and Mario Quinones

Iowa City Winter Farmers Market, Eric Castro, Megan Dietz, Jenna Kock, and Mason Lundberg

Live Like Line – The Story of Caroline Found, Zimu Zhang, Jessica Wilson, and Jake Weis

Mall Rats, Greg Ludwig, Peter Marshal, and Joseph Conroy

Museum of Natural History: Hageboeck Hall of Birds, Matt Eltze, Colleen Reynolds, Laura Schneider, and Kristofer-Noel Yambao

Out in the Boonie's, Madison England, Sulata Acharya, and Chris Higgins

Robert Todd – 51 Minutes With a Genius, Bobbi Lawton, Erinn Rogowski, and Liz Smith

Rusty the Sloth, Lauren Johnson, Joe Herrmann, and Austin Guzzo

Taken Far Too Soon as the Result of Suicide – Bill Mirabella’s Story, Laura Marek, Megan Sanchez, and Molly Callahan

The Great Muscatine Industry Boom, Carter Davis, Alec Osland, and Alison Schwebach

The Hydraulics Model Annex: Relevant Research on a Global Scale, Alex Rier, Valerie Drake, Maggie Blackledge, and Gabby Kolker

The importance of Theater in Iowa City, Penghong Lu, Dan Kienzle, and Mario Quinones

The Lives Beyond a Deadly Grave, Grace Chabel, Krista Nelson, Dylan Cutler, and Bobby Fischer

The Plight of the Poor – Iowa City and the Homeless Community, Casee Griffin, Emily Wiitanen, and Bill Donovan

The Story of Bill Sackter – Inspirational, Moving and Impactful, Samantha Kistler, Stephanie Coupland, Jose Diaz, and Christian Marquez

Time Capsule of Taste, Lindsey Degnan, Nicolette Abruzino, and Hayley Brandser

Todd Thelen – A Man who hasn't "Worked" a Day in his Life, Keenan Portz, Liz Detrick, Megan Wynn, and Parker Reineke

Trees Need Hugs Too, Xinrui Deng, Anna Gaertig, and Ryan Knoff

Washington Street and the Concrete Glass Building, Komuri Lejukole, Max Riley, and Nick Runnfeldt

Wild Bills Coffee Shop – Iowa City’s best hidden gem, Tyler Schraeder, Ethan Henke, and Danny Wiley

Submissions from 2013

A Closer Look at Entrepreneurship at the University of Iowa, Charlie Broderick, Eric Harper, Hilary Rost, and Connor Simmons

A Ravishing Riverfront Damaged by Discrimination and Hampered by Hatred – A Muscatine Tale, Cesar Estrada, Kirbee Van De Berg, and Rachel Zuckerman

Behind the Scenes of Melrose, Katie Hudson, Qianping Liu, and Bailey Mikkelsen

Ben Rollins – “My life is a chick flick and I couldn’t be happier about it”, Randi Proescholdt, Will Roberts, and Matt Strand

Byron Preston – The Man behind the Exhibits, Samantha Masella, Sydney Sek, and Lexi Smolyar

David Rich – "Iowa City's Hidden Tattoo Parlor", Nicholas Block, Cassidy Freedman, and Brandon Svac

Dumb Luck, Hard Work, and Blind Faith – The Englert Theatre in Iowa City, Connor Castonguay, Sammy McLaughlin, and Elizabeth Slaughter

Fired Up About Pottery, Matthew Hollander, Joshua Guertler, and Justin Sinay

Iowa Children’s Museum – "Working with a different kind of demographic", Madeline Brekke, Melia Dunbar, and Brittney Mikus

Iowa City’s Homeless – A Judged Book Cover, Maggie Dzurisin, Sunny He, and Abby Hougham

Iowa City’s Iconic Property Developer Bobby Jett, Theja Chitneni, Joe Henderson, and Kevin Schuler

John's Grocery – The "Dirty" Truth, Clint Donaldson, Harrison Hixson, Trent Stastny-Perez, and Raelyn Webster

Karen Gordon – Book Babies, Emilie Camp, Maddie Luse, and Sydney Keith

Karen Kubby – "Activism in the business world", Natasha Siddiki, Kellie Sciurba, and Corinne Gajcak

Life lessons through gardening – Children’s Discovery Garden, Mirza Besic, Luke Hills, and Xaxun Liao

Making a difference in the Iowa City community one child at a time, Thomas Fagg, Samuel Jennings, and Noah Sund

Muscatine – A City with Two Histories History, Connor Castonguay, Sammy McLaughlin, and Elizabeth Slaughter

Nialle Sylvan – “The Haunted Bookshop Changes for Brighter Future”, Tommy Lau, Kevin Docherty, and Savannah Manning

Noticing the Artwork on Iowa Avenue – Iowa Literary Walk, Alex Pecora, Cecilia Garcia, and Nina Thompson

Patty McCarthy and the Book End, Tyler Book, Maria Padron, and JP Robinson

Prairie Lights, Haven of the Written Word, Katie Boyle, Kelley Garrow, Nate Gudvangen, and Jon Pyne

Prairie Lights Paul Ingram and Jan Weissmiller – “A landmark inside of a landmark”, Hannah Adamson, Hayley Driscoll, Scott Quinby, and Blake Robinson

Public Space One – Unique Entity of Sustained Madness, Ana Hertz, Annika Bergstrom, Cutler Simpson, and Paul Dravet

Read One a Day, One a Week, or Even Just One – the Iowa Avenue Literary Walk, Stefanie Cook, Sophie Katz, and Izaskun Lejarcegui

Richard Buckles – “Iowa City’s very own Street Harmonicist”, Sarah Hunter, Matt Johnson, and Ryan Kunkle

Sandra Navalesi, Local Business Woman, Emily Merdinger, Marissa Turner, and Sydney Garcia

Stella and Manager Roc Kimmerer, Joshua Park, Nick Lodding, and Merrill Mosiman

Table to Table – "The right thing to do", Megan Mercer, Tyler Gilmore, Ashley Galvin, and Bruno Ponce

Tales of the River – Muscatine, Holly Long, Matthew Majarucon, and Jackson Ochs

The Haunted Bookshop, Jackson Ochs, Holly Long, and Matt Majarucon

The Integration of the Two Communities of Muscatine – The Anglos and the Hispanics, Stefanie Cook, Sophie Katz, and Izaskun Lejarcegui

The Iowa River flood of 2008, Dana Dray, Andrew Fiszer, and Sida Liu

The Life of Lon Moeller, Noah Burger, Alexander DeLong, and Walker Steward

The Muscatine Connectivity Project – Connecting the Mississippi River Trail in Muscatine and Its Benefits, Ellen Cranberg, Margaret Dressel, and Claire Rosen

The Narrative of Kirk Walther and the Record Collector, Charles Holmgren, Edward Bellay, Austin O'Day, and Marcy Kreda

The Newman Singers, Ryan Conlon, Mackenzie Menke, and Alison Ullestad

The Northside Marketplace Literary Walk – Iowa City's Tribute to Literature, Nate Ahsmann, Chloe Cable, and Samantha Kaplan

The Pentacrest Lawn – The Grass is NOT Always Greener on the Other Side, Cesar Estrada, Kirbee Van De Berg, and Rachel Zuckerman

The P. Sue Beckwith Boathouse, Ellen Cranberg, Margaret Dressel, and Claire Rosen

The "Save Englert" Campaign – A Community Wide Effort to Preserve Iowa City's History, Emily Ford, Connor Karlsson, and Lingyun Pi

The Walking School Bus in Muscatine, Nate Ahsmann, Chloe Cable, and Samantha Kaplan

Waiwing Chan – “The Business Owner against the Grain”, Mindy Chuong, Stephanie Cuddalore, and Lauren Gareb

Yotopia – Iowa City’s own frozen yogurt shop, Diana Alfaro, Jared Chandler, and CJ Kwak

Zac Voss – Iowa City's Entrepreneur, Alyssa Esquivel, Allison Lindley, and Wesley Rose