Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa School of Journalism and Mass Communication.


Submissions from 2014

Slum discourse, media representations and Maisha Mtaani in Kibera, Kenya, Brian Ekdale

The Team Online: Entertainment-education, social media, and cocreated narratives, Melissa Tully and Brian Ekdale

Submissions from 2013

"I wish they knew that we are doing this for them": Participation and resistance in African community journalism, Brian Ekdale

Negotiating the researcher: Interstitial, appropriated, and digital identitites in media production ethnography, Brian Ekdale

Telling whose stories? Reexamining author agency in participatory media in the slums of Nairobi, Brian Ekdale

Makmende Amerudi: Kenya's collective reimagining as a meme of aspiration, Brian Ekdale and Melissa Tully

YouTube, Twitter and the Occupy movement: Connecting content and circulation practices, Kjerstin Thorson, Kevin Driscoll, Brian Ekdale, Stephanie Edgerly, Liana Gamber Thompson, Andrew Schrock, Lana Swartz, Emily K. Vraga, and Chris Wells

Submissions from 2011

Translating the hyperreal (or how The Office came to America, made us laugh, and tricked us into accepting hegemonic beaurocracy), P. Booth and Brian Ekdale


Blood, Lust and Love: Interrogating gender violence in the Twilight, Meenakshi Gigi Durham

Media activism, youth culture and human rights campaigns for the MTV generation, Brian Ekdale

Submissions from 2010

Why blog? (then and now): Exploring the motivations for blogging by popular American political bloggers, Brian Ekdale, Kang Namkoong, Timothy K.F. Fung, and David Perlmutter

YouTube and Proposition 8: A case study in video activism , Kjerstin Thorson, Brian Ekdale, Porismita Borah, Kang Namkoong, and Chirag Shah

Credibility in Context: How uncivil online commentary affects news credibility, Kjerstin Thorson, Emily Vraga, and Brian Ekdale

Submissions from 2009

Crafting lifestyles in urban Africa: Young Ghanaians in the world of online friendship, Jo Ellen Fair, Melissa Tully, Brian Ekdale, and Rabiu K. B. Asante

Submissions from 2007


Sex and Spectacle in Seventeen Magazine: A Feminist Myth Analysis, Meenakshi Gigi Durham