Final Manuscript Preparation Guidelines for Medieval Feminist Forum: A Journal of Gender and Sexuality

This document provides details on typesetting and layout requirements pertaining to final manuscript submission to Medieval Feminist Forum: A Journal of Gender and Sexuality.

Formatting Requirements

  • Do not include a title page or abstract.
  • Do not include page numbers, headers, or footers.
  • Submit your manuscript, including footnotes, figures, appendices, etc., as a single Word file. Do not include bibliographies or reference lists.
  • Page size should be 8.5 x 11-inches.
  • All margins (left, right, top and bottom) should be 1 inch, including your tables and figures.
  • Double space your text.
  • Font: 12 pt. Times Roman or the closest comparable font available for text and footnotes.
  • If figures are included, use high-resolution figures, preferably encoded as encapsulated PostScript (eps).
  • Copyedit your manuscript.

Additional Recommendations

Indenting, Line Spacing, and Justification

Indent all paragraphs. An indent should be at least 2 em-spaces.

Do not insert extra space between paragraphs of text with the exception of long quotations, propositions, special remarks, etc. These should be set off from the surrounding text by additional space above and below.

Don't "widow" or "orphan" text (i.e., ending a page with the first line of a paragraph or beginning a page with the last line of a paragraph).

All text should be left-justified (i.e., flush with the left margin—except where indented).

The final version of the manuscript should be in accordance with The Chicago Manual of Style. This includes text elements such as names, dates, numbers, titles, etc. as well as the formatting of citations.

Colored text

Set the font color to black for the majority of the text. We encourage authors to take advantage of the ability to use color in the production of figures, maps, etc., however, you need to appreciate that this will cause some of your readers problems when they print the document on a black & white printer. For this reason, you are advised to avoid the use of colors in situations where their translation to black and white would render the material illegible or incomprehensible.

Please ensure that there are no colored mark-ups or comments in the final version, unless they are meant to be part of the final text. (You may need to "accept all changes" in track changes or set your document to "normal" in final markup.)