Information resources and knowledge needs of rural nurses regarding Alzheimer's disease

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Peer Reviewed


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J Contin Educ Nurs

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Journal of continuing education in nursing

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BACKGROUND: The need for current information on Alzheimer's disease (AD) is apparent as medical research, diagnostic, and treatment guidelines are advancing at a rapid rate. METHOD: A needs assessment survey determined what educational topics related to dementia nurses perceived they most need, would be most likely to attend, and what information they likely would solicit in a telephone consultation. RESULTS: Nurses in Iowa were interested in continuing education programming and teleconferences on major topics regarding AD provided through the state's fiberoptic system such as: (a) challenging behaviors over the course of illness; (b) family needs such as education, support, respite, referral, and safety; (c) case management services for patients and families; (d) long-term care services from adult care to hospice; and (e) new developments in AD. CONCLUSION: Rural nurses experiencing professional isolation and lack of resources can access up-to-date information via continuing education programs transmitted by telecommunication strategies.


Aged, Alzheimer Disease/nursing, Geriatric Nursing/education, Health Knowledge, Attitudes, Practice, Humans, Iowa, Needs Assessment, Rural Health Services

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Journal of continuing education in nursing, 30:3 (1999) pp.114-119.

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