Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa College of Nursing.


Publications from 1991

Relaxing to the beat: music therapy in perioperative nursing, Victoria M. Steelman

Iatrogenesis in the elderly. Nosocomial infections, J. M. Stolley and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Iatrogenesis in the elderly. Drug-related problems, J. M. Stolley, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, B. Fjordbak, and S. Bush

Caring for patients with Alzheimer's disease. Recommendations for nursing education, J. M. Stolley, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, and M. D. Shannon

Classification of nursing interventions for care of the integument, M. G. Titler, D. Pettit, G. M. Bulechek, J. C. McCloskey, M. J. Craft, M. Z. Cohen, J. D. Crossley, J. A. Denehy, O. J. Glick, T. W. Kruckeberg, Meridean Maas, C. M. Prophet, and Toni Tripp-Reimer

A comparison of memory and attention in Turner syndrome and learning disability, Janet K. Williams, L. Richman, and D. Yarbrough

Publications from 1990

Transforming data into information, Richard J. Bogue

How to unmask depression, Kathleen Buckwalter

Psychologic and physiologic aspects of depression, Kathleen Buckwalter and K.S. Babich

Response to "Discussion of a study of pleasant guided imagery", Howard K. Butcher and N. I. Parker

Fetal alcohol syndrome and the neonate, M. J. Eliason and Janet K. Williams

Tax exemption and community benefit activities of non-profit hospitals, B Friedman, P Hattis, and Richard J. Bogue

From almshouse to dedicated unit: care of institutionalized elderly with behavioral problems, G. R. Hall and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Children and memory loss: A program designed to help children cope when an adult they love has a dementing illness., G. R. Hall, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, and J. Crowe

A review of literature on mentor-protege relationships., L. T. Jowers and Keela A. Herr

Adjunct executive appointment for faculty. An innovation in nursing collaboration, K. Kelly, Diane L. Gardner, M. Johnson, Meridean Maas, J. C. McCloskey, M. Bowers, J. Maske, S. Mathis, Janet K. Specht, and Carol A. Watson

Pet therapy for Alzheimer's patients: a survey, L. G. Kongable, J. M. Stolley, and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Clinical outcome of emergency repeat coronary artery bypass surgery, J. H. Lemmer Jr., D. W. Ferguson, Barbara A. Rakel, and N. P. Rossi

Speciation of echinostomes: evidence for the existence of two sympatric sibling species in the complex Echinoparyphium recurvatum (von Linstow 1873) (Digenea: Echinostomatidae), Ann Marie McCarthy

The influence of second intermediate host dispersion pattern upon the transmission of cercariae of Echinoparyphium recurvatum (Digenea: Echinostomatidae), Ann Marie McCarthy

Classification of nursing interventions, J. C. McCloskey, G. M. Bulechek, M. Z. Cohen, M. J. Craft, J. D. Crossley, J. A. Denehy, O. J. Glick, T. Kruckeberg, Meridean Maas, C. M. Prophet, and Toni Tripp-Reimer

Refinement of the Iowa Self-Assessment Inventory, W. W. Morris, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, T. A. Cleary, J. S. Gilmer, D. L. Hatz, and M. Studer

Development of alterations in learning: situational learning disabilities, Barbara A. Rakel and G. M. Bulechek

Decreasing relocation stress for the elderly., D. Remer and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Geropsychiatric education programs. Providing skills and understanding, Marianne Smith, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, and M. Albanese

Psychiatric nursing consultation: a different choice for nursing homes, Marianne Smith, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, and M. Albanese

Symptom self-care, B. Sorofman, Toni Tripp-Reimer, G. M. Lauer, and M. E. Martin

Intraoperative music therapy. Effects on anxiety, blood pressure, Victoria M. Steelman

Publications from 1989

Implications of utility and deontology for the clinical nurse specialist, Lioness Ayres

Dependent adult abuse: The first year; 1989 UIHC reports oc child and dependent adult abuse; Denial of critical care by the dependent adult him/herself; Financial exploitation of dependent adults; Questions from UIHC mandatory reporters; UIHC training in child and dependent adult abuse recognition and reporting., J. Bernardini and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Risk-Adjusted 30-Day Mortality of Fresh Acute Myocardial Infarctions: The User's Guide, Richard J. Bogue

Depression in the heartland: Iowa's elderly outreach project., Kathleen Buckwalter

The depressed resident: what staff can do, Kathleen Buckwalter

Increasing communication ability in aphasic/dysarthric patients, Kathleen Buckwalter, D. Cusack, E. Sidles, K. Wadle, and M. Beaver

Research in cultural diversity. Qualitative methods in cultural research. II, M. Z. Cohen and Toni Tripp-Reimer

Diagnostic clues in the past, G. R. Hall and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Faculty practice as a requirement for promotion and tenure: receptivity, risk, and threats perceived., Keela Herr

Spontaneous endotracheal tube extubation in infants and children, P. A. Hummel and Charmaine Kleiber

How beneficial is mist tent treatment?, Charmaine Kleiber

Solving documentation problems with a pediatric flow sheet, Charmaine Kleiber and L. Chase

Factors related to spontaneous endotracheal extubation in the neonate, Charmaine Kleiber and P. A. Hummel

The effects of pet therapy on the social behavior of institutionalized Alzheimer's clients, L. G. Kongable, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, and J. M. Stolley

Issues Related to the Validation of the Iowa Self-Assessment Inventory, W. W. Morris, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, T. A. Cleary, J. S. Gilmer, D. L. Hatz, and M. Studer

Risk factors associated with pressure ulcers in the pediatric patient following open--heart surgery, J. R. Neidig, Charmaine Kleiber, and R. A. Oppliger

The effects of mental dysfunction on nursing home care, J. E. Rohrer, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, and D. Russell

Evaluation of a special Alzheimer's unit: analysis of patient's baseline data, D. J. Rose, Meridean Maas, and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Depression: When you're more than down in the dumps., Marianne Smith and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

The school nurse's role in managing athletic injuries, N. Spalj, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, R. A. Oppliger, J. Albright, and J. Stolley

Cross-cultural perspectives on patient teaching, Toni Tripp-Reimer and L. A. Afifi

Does contamination affect the reliability and validity of bisected chemstrip bGs?, B. Wakefield, J. Z. Wilberding, D. S. Wakefield, B. M. Booth, and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Screening for genetic disorders, Janet K. Williams

Hypothesis - Vasoconstriction Contributes to Amaurosis Fugax, Janet K. Williams, G. L. Baumbach, M. L. Armstrong, and D. D. Heistad

Vasa Vasorum in the Carotid-Sinus of Atherosclerotic Monkeys - Implications for Baroreceptor Function, Janet K. Williams, K. I. Orgren, M. L. Armstrong, and D. D. Heistad

Publications from 1988

Alzheimers-Disease - Urinary-Incontinence in the Elderly - Preface, I. L. Abraham, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, and M. M. Neundorfer

Alzheimer's disease. Involving nursing in the development and implementation of health care for patients and families, Kathleen Buckwalter, I. L. Abraham, and M. M. Neundorfer

The behavioral consequences of a communication intervention on institutionalized residents with aphasia and dysarthria, Kathleen Buckwalter, D. Cusack, M. Beaver, E. Sidles, and K. Wadle

Children of affectively ill parents, Kathleen Buckwalter, K. M. Kerfoot, and J. M. Stolley

Responding to mental health needs of the elderly in rural areas: a collaborative Geriatric Education Center model, Kathleen Buckwalter, H. McLeran, S. Mitchell, and P. H. Andrews

Patho-Physiology and Etiology of Alzheimers-Disease, E. M. Burns and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Guided imagery within Rogers' science of unitary human beings: an experimental study., Howard K. Butcher and N. I. Parker

Research in cultural diversity: qualitative methods in cultural research, M. Z. Cohen and Toni Tripp-Reimer

Does suturing have to hurt so much?, J. Eland and Keela A. Herr

Excellence in nursing: an adolescent parenting program, Diane L. Gardner

Nursing's impact on life satisfaction, M. J. Huss, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, and J. Stolley

Role supplementation as a nursing intervention for Alzheimer's disease: a case study, Lisa Kelley and J. A. Lakin

Acute histologic changes in the tracheobronchial tree associated with different suction catheter insertion techniques, Charmaine Kleiber, N. Krutzfield, and E. F. Rose

A special Alzheimer's unit: Phase I baseline data, Meridean Maas and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

What is the study of nursing service administration?, J. C. McCloskey, Diane L. Gardner, M. Johnson, and Meridean Maas

Coping with psoriasis and its psychosocial consequences, D. E. Taylor and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

To be different from the world: Patterns of elder care among Iowa Old Order Amish, Toni Tripp-Reimer, B. Sorofman, M. Martin, and L. A. Afifi

Care of the demented client, K. Weiler and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Publications from 1987

Alleviating the discharge crisis: the effects of a cognitive-behavioral nursing intervention for depressed patients and their families, Kathleen Buckwalter and I. L. Abraham

Nursing management of the infant with an intraoral appliance, G. Budreau and Charmaine Kleiber

Progressively lowered stress threshold: a conceptual model for care of adults with Alzheimer's disease, G. R. Hall and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Costing out nursing services: an annotated bibliography, J. C. McCloskey, Diane L. Gardner, and M. R. Johnson

The implementation of nursing diagnoses: the Iowa Veterans Home experience, Janet K. Specht and K. Drey

Iowa ethnic aging research, Toni Tripp-Reimer

Exploring the concept of manipulation in psychiatric settings, C. H. Vogel, M. A. Nihart, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, and J. Stolley

QAMUR: a quality assurance model using research, Carol A. Watson, G. M. Bulechek, and J. C. McCloskey

Publications from 1985

Pronominal reference: child language and the theory of grammar, Richard J. Bogue and L Solan

CAI integration: It's time for a new approach, K. Day and Keela A. Herr

The interface of nursing and anthropology, M. Dougherty and Toni Tripp-Reimer

Innovations in family and community health., M. M. Dunn, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, L. B. Weinstein, and H. Palti

Infant and preschool well-child care: master's- and nonmaster's-prepared pediatric nurse practitioners, J. Glascock, C. Webster-Stratton, and Ann Marie McCarthy

On the road again... the life of a commuter, K. M. Kerfoot and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Development of a research group. A group dynamics view, J. M. King, M. A. White, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, A. Whall, R. Lederman, J. Speer, P. Lasky, and A. McLane

Developing an instrument for the assessment of family dynamics, P. Lasky, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, A. Whall, R. Lederman, J. Speer, A. McLane, J. M. King, and M. A. White

Patient contracting, Deborah P. Schoenfelder

Collaboration and the research process, J. Speer, A. McLane, M. A. White, A. Whall, J. M. King, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, P. Lasky, and R. Lederman