Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa College of Nursing.


Submissions from 2011

An examination of the sustainable adoption of whole-person care (WPC), Maria L. Joseph, D. Laughon, and Richard J. Bogue

Fetal genetic risk of isolated cleft lip only versus isolated cleft lip and palate: a subphenotype analysis using two population-based studies of orofacial clefts in scandinavia, A. Jugessur, M. Shi, H. K. Gjessing, R. T. Lie, A. J. Wilcox, C. R. Weinberg, K. Christensen, A. L. Boyles, Sandra Daack-Hirsch, T. T. Nguyen, L. Christiansen, A. C. Lidral, and J. C. Murray

Evidence-Based Pediatric Pain Management in Emergency Departments of a Rural State, Charmaine Kleiber, C. Jennissen, Ann Marie McCarthy, and T. Ansley

Responding to poor-quality care during research in nursing homes, M. R. Krause, J. L. Palmer, B. J. Bowers, and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Implications for educating the next generation of nurses on genetics and genomics in the 21st century, D. H. Lea, H. Skirton, C. Y. Read, and Janet K. Williams

Emergency Contraception in Iowa Pharmacies Before and After Over-the-Counter Approval, Melissa Lehan Mackin and M. Kathleen Clark

An investigation of the development of analgesic tolerance to TENS in humans, R. E. Liebano, B. A. Rakel, C. G. Vance, D. M. Walsh, and K. A. Sluka


The Impact of Household Investments on Early Child Neurodevelopment and on Racial and Socioeconomic Developmental Gaps: Evidence from South America, Ann Marie McCarthy

Salivary Cortisol Responsivity to an Intravenous Catheter Insertion in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Ann Marie McCarthy, KIrsten M. Hanrahan, L. M. Scott, N. Zemblidge, Charmaine Kleiber, and M. B. Zimmerman

The Institute of Pediatric Nursing: a unified voice, Ann Marie McCarthy and Ann Marie Sperhac

Hypoalgesia in Response to Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Depends on Stimulation Intensity, F. Moran, T. Leonard, S. Hawthorne, C. M. Hughes, E. McCrum-Gardner, M. I. Johnson, Barbara A. Rakel, K. A. Sluka, and D. M. Walsh

The self-stigma of depression for women, L. D. Oakley, J. W. Kanter, Janette Y. Taylor, and M. Duguid

Adjusting pulse amplitude during transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) application produces greater hypoalgesia, M. A. Pantaleao, M. F. Laurino, N. L. Gallego, C. M. Cabral, Barbara A. Rakel, C. Vance, K. A. Sluka, D. M. Walsh, and R. E. Liebano

AACN resources to facilitate integration of the essentials of master's education in nursing, Robin E. Pattillo

Adjusting Our View, Robin E. Pattillo

AHRQ recommends patients use health advocates, Robin E. Pattillo

Antiretroviral HIV Treatment Decreases Heterosexual Transmission, Robin E. Pattillo

Discrepancies Reported in Treatment of Chest Pain, Robin E. Pattillo

Do Your Students Ask Patients About Herbal Supplements?, Robin E. Pattillo

Experience and education is paying off for nurses, Robin E. Pattillo

Experience and Education Is Paying Off for Nurses, Robin E. Pattillo

FDA Proposes "Regulatory Science" Initiatives, Robin E. Pattillo

Gender equity in combating HIV, Robin E. Pattillo

Have Another Cup of Green Tea, Robin E. Pattillo

How Private Is Your Facebook?, Robin E. Pattillo

Kid's Inpatient Database Scheduled for Release in Summer of 2011, Robin E. Pattillo

Medicare and Medicaid's "Most Wanted", Robin E. Pattillo

NIH working to put obesity research into practice, Robin E. Pattillo

NIH Working to Put Obesity Research Into Practice, Robin E. Pattillo

Nursing Is Not Alone in Undergoing a Time of Change, Robin E. Pattillo

Refresh your radiation knowledge, Robin E. Pattillo

Smoke and Your Lungs, Robin E. Pattillo

So now there are enough nurses?, Robin E. Pattillo

Stress and Alzheimer Disease, Robin E. Pattillo

The State of Our Civility, Robin E. Pattillo

Useful resource for teaching infection control provided by HHS, Robin E. Pattillo

What's in Clorox?, Robin E. Pattillo

Capacity building for simulation sustainability, Robin E. Pattillo, Beverly Hewett, Michael D. McCarthy, and Deana Molinari

Understanding the Educational Needs for Parents of Children With Clubfoot, M. Paulsen-Miller, L. A. Dolan, Anita Stineman, and J. A. Morcuende

Risk for decreased cardiac output: validation of a proposal for nursing diagnosis, R. Pereira de Melo, M. Venicios de Oliveira Lopes, T. Leite de Araujo, L. de Fatima da Silva, F. Aline Arrais Sampaio Santos, and Sue Ann Moorhead

A case of 3q29 microdeletion syndrome involving oral cleft inherited from a nonaffected mosaic parent: molecular analysis and ethical implications, A. L. Petrin, Sandra Daack-Hirsch, J. L'heureux, and J. C. Murray

Postpartum depression: the distribution of severity in a community sample, Lauren O. Pollack, Lisa S. Segre, Michael W. O'Hara, and Scott Stuart

Inhibition of Myosin ATPase Activity by Halogenated Pseudilins: A Structure-Activity Study, M. Preller, K. Chinthalapudi, Rene' Martin, H. J. Knolker, and D. J. Manstein

Relationships Among Stress Measures, Risk Factors and Inflammatory Biomarkers in Law Enforcement Officers, Sandra L. Ramey, Nancy R. Downing, W. D. Franke, Elena Perkhounkova, and M. H. Alasagheirin

Relationship of cardiovascular disease to stress and vital exhaustion in an urban, midwestern police department, Sandra L. Ramey, Elena Perkhounkova, Nancy R. Downing, and Kennith Culp

The use of bedside electronic medical record to improve quality of care in nursing facilities: a qualitative analysis, M. J. Rantz, G. Alexander, C. Galambos, M. K. Flesner, A. Vogelsmeier, L. Hicks, Jill Scott-Cawiezell, M. Zwygart-Stauffacher, and L. Greenwald

Stroke caregiving networks in Bangkok: patterns of social exchange behavior, Somnuk Sakunhongsophon, Yupapin Sirapo-ngam, Toni Tripp-Reimer, and Tiraporn Junda

Evaluation of Outcome Change Scores for Patients With Pneumonia or Heart Failure, C. A. Scherb, B. J. Head, M. Hertzog, Elizabeth A. Swanson, D. Reed, Meridean Maas, Sue Moorhead, D. M. Conley, M. Kozel, M. Clarke, S. Gillette, and B. Weinberg

Most frequent nursing diagnoses, nursing interventions, and nursing-sensitive patient outcomes of hospitalized older adults with heart failure: part 1, C. A. Scherb, B. J. Head, Meridean L. Maas, Elizabeth A. Swanson, Sue Moorhead, D. Reed, D. M. Conley, and M. Kozel

Decisional involvement: staff nurse and nurse manager perceptions, C. A. Scherb, Janet K. Specht, J. L. Loes, and D. Reed

Saitohin and APOE polymorphisms influence cognition and function in persons with advanced Alzheimer Disease, D. L. Schutte, D. Reed, S. Decrane, and Anne L. Ersig

Saitohin and APOE polymorphisms influence cognition and function in persons with advanced Alzheimer Disease, D. L. Schutte, D. Reed, S. Decrane, and Anne L. Ersig

Incorporating mental healthcare into routine postpartum nursing is a promising approach for reducing depression in new mothers, Lisa S. Segre

Disseminating Perinatal Depression Screening as a Public Health Initiative: A Train-the-Trainer Approach, Lisa S. Segre, R. L. Brock, M. W. O'Hara, L. L. Gorman, and J. Engeldinger

Implementation of an Evidence-Based Depression Treatment Into Social Service Settings: The Relative Importance of Acceptability and Contextual Factors, Lisa S. Segre, J. E. McCabe, S. M. Stasik, M. W. O'Hara, and S. Arndt

Fall prevention practices in adult medical-surgical nursing units described by nurse managers, L. L. Shever, M. G. Titler, Melissa Lehan Mackin, and A. Kueny

Innovative university partnership meets neonatal nurse practitioner program need amid faculty shortage, Rebecca Siewert, L. B. Rasmussen, Maria A. Lofgren, and Patricia K. Clinton

Informed consent and genomic incidental findings: IRB chair perspectives, C. M. Simon, Janet K. Williams, L. Shinkunas, D. Brandt, Sandra Daack-Hirsch, and Martha Driessnack

Global access to aging information and the gerontology healthy ageing portal, Lisa Skemp, J. W. Ko, C. Missen, and D. Peterson

Promoting continence in individuals with dementia, Janet K. Specht

Effective communication saves lives, Victoria M. Steelman

Sensitivity of detection of radiofrequency surgical sponges: a prospective, cross-over study, Victoria M. Steelman

Designing a safer process to prevent retained surgical sponges: a healthcare failure mode and effect analysis, Victoria M. Steelman and J. J. Cullen

Selection of a method to rate the strength of scientific evidence for AORN recommendations, Victoria M. Steelman, T. Pape, C. A. King, P. Graling, and K. B. Gaberson

Heart disease occurs in a biological, psychological, and social matrix: cardiac risk factors, symptom presentation, and recovery as illustrative examples, J. Suls and Rene' Martin

Comparison of Selected Teaching Strategies Incorporating Simulation and Student Outcomes, Elizabeth A. Swanson, Anita C. Nicholson, Teresa A. Boese, Ellen Cram, Anita M. Stineman, and Kimberly Tew


Women with knee osteoarthritis have more pain and poorer function than men, but similar physical activity prior to total knee replacement, S. M. Tonelli, Barbara A. Rakel, N. A. Cooper, W. L. Angstom, and K. A. Sluka

Work environment characteristics of high-quality home health agencies, S. Tullai-McGuinness, J. S. Riggs, and Amany A. Farag

Evaluation of long- and short-handled hand hoes for land preparation, developed in a participatory manner among women vegetable farmers in The Gambia, L. Vanderwal, R. Rautiainen, R. Kuye, C. Peek-Asa, T. Cook, M. Ramirez, Kennith Culp, and K. Donham

Participatory approach to identify interventions to improve the health, safety, and work productivity of smallholder women vegetable farmers in the Gambia, L. Vanderwal, R. Rautiainen, M. Ramirez, R. Kuye, C. Peek-Asa, T. Cook, Kennith Culp, and K. Donham

Achieving quality improvement in the nursing home: influence of nursing leadership on communication and teamwork, A. Vogelsmeier and Jill Scott-Cawiezell

Evaluating Healthcare Facility Design Understanding the Assets of the Built Environment, Carol A. Watson

Racial Gaps in Child Health Insurance Coverage in Four South American Countries: The Role of Wealth, Human Capital, and Other Household Characteristics, G. L. Wehby, J. C. Murray, Ann Marie McCarthy, and E. E. Castilla


The Impact of Maternal Smoking during Pregnancy on Early Child Neurodevelopment, G. L. Wehby, K. Prater, Anne Marie McCarthy, E. E. Castilla, and J. C. Murray

Thyroid Storm Precipitated by Stress in an Undiagnosed Hyperthyroid Patient: A Simulated Medical Crisis, Ann Willemsen-Dunlap, P. A. Leonard, and J. L. Cutkomp

Thyroid Storm Precipitated by Stress in an Undiagnosed Hyperthyroid Patient: A Simulated Medical Crisis, Ann Willemsen-Dunlap, P. A. Leonard, and J. L. Cutkomp

Self Reports of Day-to-Day Function in a Small Cohort of People with Prodromal and Early HD, Janet K. Williams, Nancy R. Downing, A. L. Vaccarino, M. Guttman, and J. S. Paulsen

Family carer personal concerns in Huntington disease, Janet K. Williams, H. Skirton, J. J. Barnette, and J. S. Paulsen

Elderspeak in institutional care of older adults, Kristine N. Williams

Measuring the person-centeredness of caregivers working with nursing home residents with dementia, Kristine N. Williams

Submissions from 2010

Remission from substance dependence in U.S. Whites, African Americans, and Latinos, S. Arndt, M. B. Velez, Lisa S. Segre, and R. Clayton

Aging issues: nursing imperatives for healthcare reform, C. Beverly, S. G. Burger, Meridean L. Maas, and Janet K. Specht

Becoming, being and excelling as a physician: Physician motivation, satisfaction, wellness and effectiveness, Richard J. Bogue, B Fisak, and R Lukman

Family Adaptability among Urban African-American Women with Hypertension, K. Brittain, Janette Y. Taylor, and C. Y. Wu

Moving Forward With NANDA-I Nursing Diagnoses With Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act Legislation: News Updates NANDA International News, Jane M. Brokel

The Effect of Written Emotional Expression on Reducing Stress in Cancer Family Caregivers, Howard K. Butcher, Heide C. Bursch, and Elena Perkhounkova

Living in the doldrums: The lived experience of dispiritedness in later life, Howard K. Butcher and M. L. McGonigal-Kenney

Nurses transforming health care using genetics and genomics, K. A. Calzone, A. Cashion, S. Feetham, J. Jenkins, C. A. Prows, Janet K. Williams, and S. F. Wung

Race, care seeking, and utilization for chronic back and neck pain: population perspectives, T. S. Carey, J. K. Freburger, G. M. Holmes, A. Jackman, S. Knauer, Andrea S. Wallace, and J. Darter

Workplace Hazards in Iowa Nursing Homes: Perceptions of Certified Nursing Assistants, Kennith Culp, Sandra L. Ramey, and D. P. Burdsall

Filipino explanatory models of cleft lip with or without cleft palate, Sandra Daack-Hirsch and H. Gamboa

Detection of patient risk by nurses: a theoretical framework, L. A. Despins, Jill Scott-Cawiezell, and J. N. Rouder

Couples' attributions for work function changes in prodromal Huntington disease, Nancy R. Downing, Janet K. Williams, and J. S. Paulsen

Assessing genetic literacy of nursing faculty, students, and practitioners, Martha Driessnack and S. Daack-Hirsch

Am I sure I want to go down this road? Hesitations in the reporting of child maltreatment by nurses, S. S. Eisbach and Martha Driessnack

Comparing the psychometric properties of the Checklist of Nonverbal Pain Behaviors (CNPI) and the Pain Assessment in Advanced Dementia (PAIN-AD) instruments, M. Ersek, Keela A. Herr, M. B. Neradilek, H. G. Buck, and B. Black

Assessing Pain in Persons with Advanced Dementia: Clinical and Research Issues (423), M. Ersek, Keela A. Herr, and J. Shega

Explanations of risk in families without identified mutations for hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer, Anne L. Ersig, Lioness Ayres, D. W. Hadley, and L. M. Koehly

Perception, experience, and response to genetic discrimination in Huntington disease: the international RESPOND-HD study, C. Erwin, Janet K. Williams, A. R. Juhl, M. Mengeling, J. A. Mills, Y. Bombard, M. R. Hayden, K. Quaid, I. Shoulson, S. Taylor, and J. S. Paulsen

The cancer pain practice index: a measure of evidence-based practice adherence for cancer pain management in older adults in hospice care, P. Fine, Keela A. Herr, M. Titler, S. Sanders, J. Cavanaugh, J. Swegle, C. Forcucci, X. Tang, K. Lane, and J. Reyes