Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa College of Nursing.


Publications from 2012

Development of a Hospital-Based Care Coordination Program for Children With Special Health Care Needs, J. M. Petitgout, D. E. Pelzer, S. A. McConkey, and Kirsten M. Hanrahan

Household income and spiritual well-being but not body mass index as determinants of poor self-rated health among african American adolescents, Yolanda M. Powell-Young

Pilot Evaluation of the Biopsychosocial Screening Inventory for Fragile X Syndrome (BIPSSI-FX) with an Extended African American Family, Yolanda Powell-Young, Stephanie Sherman, Bradley Brossman, and Vanessa Johnson

Predictors of postoperative movement and resting pain following total knee replacement, Barbara A. Rakel, N. P. Blodgett, M. Bridget Zimmerman, N. Logsden-Sackett, C. Clark, N. Noiseux, J. Callaghan, Keela Herr, K. Geasland, X. Yang, and K. A. Sluka

The effect of work shift and sleep duration on various aspects of police officers' health, Sandra L. Ramey, Elena Perkhounkova, M. Moon, L. Budde, H. C. Tseng, and M. Kathleen Clark

Randomized multilevel intervention to improve outcomes of residents in nursing homes in need of improvement, M. J. Rantz, M. Zwygart-Stauffacher, L. Hicks, D. Mehr, M. Flesner, G. F. Petroski, R. W. Madsen, and Jill R. Scott-Cawiezell

Expanding the role of long-term care social workers: assessment and intervention related to urinary incontinence, S. Sanders, M. Bern-Klug, Janet K. Specht, Paula R. Mobily, and A. Bossen

An Examination of Adherence to Pain Medication Plans in Older Cancer Patients in Hospice Care, S. Sanders, Keela Herr, P. G. Fine, C. Fiala, X. Tang, and C. Forcucci

Increasing Intensity of TENS Prevents Analgesic Tolerance in Rats, K. L. Sato, L. S. Sanada, Barbara A. Rakel, and K. A. Sluka

Depression screening of perinatal women by the Des Moines Healthy Start Project: program description and evaluation, Lisa S. Segre, M. W. O'Hara, R. L. Brock, and D. Taylor

Perinatal Depression Screening in Healthy Start: An Evaluation of the Acceptability of Technical Assistance Consultation, Lisa S. Segre, M. W. O'Hara, and S. D. Fisher

Individual genetic and genomic research results and the tradition of informed consent: exploring US review board guidance, C. Simon, L. A. Shinkunas, D. Brandt, and Janet K. Williams

The 2010 Doris Schwartz Gerontological Nursing Research Award: Kathleen Coen Buckwalter, Phd, RN, FAAN, L. Skemp and Howard K. Butcher

Author response, Victoria M. Steelman

From the board. Making a difference, Victoria M. Steelman

Effects of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation on Pain, Pain Sensitivity, and Function in Patients With Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Controlled Trial, C. G. Vance, Barbara A. Rakel, N. P. Blodgett, J. M. de Santana, A. Amendola, M. B. Zimmerman, D. M. Walsh, and K. A. Sluka

Heart Failure Care Management Programs: A Review of Study Interventions and Meta-Analysis of Outcomes, B. J. Wakefield, S. A. Boren, Patricia S. Groves, and V. S. Conn


Researcher and Institutional Review Board Chair Perspectives on Incidental Findings in Genomic Research, Janet K. Williams, Sandra Daack-Hirsch, Martha Driessnack, Nancy R. Downing, L. Shinkunas, D. Brandt, and C. Simon

Publications from 2011

Body mass index misclassification of obesity among community police officers, M. H. Alasagheirin, M. Kathleen Clark, Sandra L. Ramey, and E. F. Grueskin

Medical tourism services available to residents of the United States, B. W. Alleman, T. Luger, H. S. Reisinger, Rene' Martin, M. D. Horowitz, and P. Cram

Filling the void in geriatric mental health: The Geropsychiatric Nursing Collaborative as a model for change, C. Beck, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, P. M. Dudzik, and L. K. Evans

Emerging issues regarding pediatric nurse practitioner education in acute and primary care, Mary Berg, E. Hawkins-Walsh, N. Gaylord, L. Lindeke, and S. L. Docherty

The Relationships among Pain, Nonpain Symptoms, and Quality of Life Measures in Older Adults with Cancer Receiving Hospice Care, B. Black, Keela Herr, P. Fine, S. Sanders, X. Tang, K. Bergen-Jackson, M. Titler, and C. Forcucci

Longitudinal study of symptom control and quality of life indicators with patients receiving community-based case management services, Jane M. Brokel, M. Cole, and L. Upmeyer

Evaluating clinical decision support rules as an intervention in clinical workflows with technology, Jane M. Brokel, Tamara J. Schwichtenberg, Douglas S. Wakefield, Marcia M. Ward, Michael G. Shaw, and J. M. Kramer

Hitech education in community college for workforce training, J. M. Brokel and M. McLaughlin

Focus on elder mistreatment and abuse, Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Disaster Strikes!, P. Z. Cacchione, L. M. Willoughby, J. C. Langan, and Kennith Culp

Clinical significance of positive cranial bone flap cultures and associated risk of surgical site infection after craniotomies or craniectomies, H. Y. Chiang, Victoria M. Steelman, J. M. Pottinger, A. J. Schlueter, D. J. Diekema, J. D. Greenlee, M. A. Howard 3rd, and L. A. Herwaldt

Differences in cervical cytologic and histologic findings between women using depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate and oral contraceptives, Mary K. Clark, C. K. Stockdale, L. Railsback, and S. Nichols

Never did I know: Iowa Nurses Association resolution 2010 #2, Virginia M. Conley

Protecting the power of interventions through proper reporting, V. S. Conn and Patricia S. Groves

New Book Announcement: Encyclopedia of Family Health (SAGE), Martha J. Craft-Rosenberg and Shelley-Rae Pehler

Preventing heat-related illness among Hispanic farmworkers, Kennith Culp, S. Tonelli, Sandra L. Ramey, K. Donham, and L. Fuortes

Working-Class Filipino Women's Perspectives on Factors That Facilitate or Hinder Prenatal Micronutrients Supplementation to Prevent Congenital Anomalies, Sandra Daack-Hirsch and H. Gamboa

Elder Abuse Prevention, Jeanette M. Daly and Deborah Perry Schoenfelder

Evidence-Based Practice Guideline Family Preparedness and End-of-Life Support Before the Death of a Nursing Home Resident, Kathleen M. Davidson and Deborah P. Schoenfelder

Evidence-based practice guideline family preparedness and end-of-life support before the death of a nursing home resident, K. M. Davidson

Twelve-Month Fall Outcomes Among Delirium Subtypes, S. K. Decrane, Kennith R. Culp, and B. Wakefield

Twelve-month mortality among delirium subtypes, S. K. DeCrane, Kennith R. Culp, and B. Wakefield

We are different: learning needs of accelerated second-degree nursing students, Martha Driessnack, Paula Mobily, Anita Stineman, L. A. Montgomery, T. Clow, and S. Eisbach

Field Testing of the Hd Teen Survey: Initial Findings, Martha Driessnack, Janet K. Williams, J. Jackson Barnette, and Jane Paulsen

Development of the HD-Teen Inventory (HD-TI), Martha Driessnack, Janet K. Williams, J. J. Barnette, K. J. Sparbel, and J. S. Paulsen

The RBANS Effort Index: base rates in geriatric samples, K. Duff, C. C. Spering, S. E. O'Bryant, L. J. Beglinger, D. J. Moser, J. D. Bayless, Kennith R. Culp, J. W. Mold, R. L. Adams, and J. G. Scott

The genetics of colorectal cancer, Anne L. Ersig

Understanding Patterns of Health Communication in Families at Risk for Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer: Examining the Effect of Conclusive Versus Indeterminate Genetic Test Results, Anne L. Ersig, D. W. Hadley, and L. M. Koehly

Vitamin D and chronic lung disease: a review of molecular mechanisms and clinical studies, J. D. Finklea, Ruth E. Grossmann, and V. Tangpricha

Development of an evidence-based clinical practice guideline on linear growth measurement of children, Jan M. Foote, L. H. Brady, A. L. Burke, J. S. Cook, M. E. Dutcher, K. M. Gradoville, J. A. Groos, K. M. Kinkade, R. A. Meeks, P. J. Mohr, D. S. Schultheis, B. S. Walker, and K. T. Phillips

A prospective study of the PUSH tool in diabetic foot ulcers, Sue E. Gardner, S. L. Hillis, and Rita A. Frantz

Multiple Dimensions of the Symptom Experience in Patients with Advanced Cancer and their Impact on Quality of Life, Stephanie Gilbertson-White

A review of the literature on multiple symptoms, their predictors, and associated outcomes in patients with advanced cancer, Stephanie Gilbertson-White, B. E. Aouizerat, T. Jahan, and C. Miaskowski

Methodologic issues in the measurement of cytokines to elucidate the biological basis for cancer symptoms, Stephanie Gilbertson-White, B. E. Aouizerat, and C. Miaskowski

Nursing work: understanding a scarce resource, Patricia S. Groves

Keeping patients safe in healthcare organizations: a structuration theory of safety culture, Patricia S. Groves, R. J. Meisenbach, and Jill Scott-Cawiezell

Secrets of Successful Short Grant Applications, Patricia S. Groves, S. M. Rawl, M. E. Wurzbach, N. Fahrenwald, M. Z. Cohen, D. O. McCarthy Beckett, J. Zerwic, B. Given, D. L. Algase, G. L. Alexander, and V. Conn

Hyaluronidase for the treatment of extravasation in neonates, Kirsten M. Hanrahan

Guidelines for dual certification in acute-care and primary-care pediatric nurse practitioner programs., E. Hawkins-Walsh, Mary Berg, M. Beauchesne, N. Gaylord, K. Osborn, and J. Veger

A national survey of the primary and acute care pediatric nurse practitioner educational preparation, E. Hawkins-Walsh, Mary Berg, S. Docherty, L. Lindeke, N. Gaylord, and K. Osborn

Nursing clinical documentation data retrieval for hospitalized older adults with heart failure: part 2, B. J. Head, C. A. Scherb, Meridean Maas, Elizabeth A. Swanson, Sue Moorhead, D. Reed, D. M. Conley, and M. Kozel

Nursing diagnoses, interventions, and patient outcomes for hospitalized older adults with pneumonia, B. J. Head, C. A. Scherb, D. Reed, D. M. Conley, B. Weinberg, M. Kozel, S. Gillette, M. Clarke, and Sue Moorhead

Nanda international news, T. H. Herdman, D. Weir-Hughes, Jane M. Brokel, G. von Krogh, M. M. Staub, Sue Moorhead, J. M. Adams, G. Meyer, and A. T. Farren

Nanda international news, T. H. Herdman, D. Weir-Hughes, Jane M. Brokel, G. von Krogh, M. M. Staub, Sue Moorhead, J. M. Adams, G. Meyer, and A. T. Farren

Pain assessment strategies in older patients, Keela A. Herr

Pain assessment in the patient unable to self-report: position statement with clinical practice recommendations, Keela Herr, P. J. Coyne, M. McCaffery, R. Manworren, and S. Merkel

Bone flap cultures Response, Loreen A. Herwaldt, Hsiu-Yin Chiang, Victoria M. Steelman, Jean M. Pottinger, Annette J. Schlueter, Daniel J. Diekema, Jeremy D.W. Greenlee, and Maymew A. Howard III

Safe prescribing for the elderly, Brenda L. Hoskins

A Systematic Review of Strategies that Increase the Recruitment and Retention of African American Adults in Genetic and Genomic Studies, Vanessa A. Johnson, Yolanda M. Powell-Young, Elisa R. Torres, and Ida J. Spruill

Expanded adult day program as a transition option from hospital to home, K. R. Jones, S. Tullai-McGuinness, M. Dolansky, Amany A. Farag, M. J. Krivanek, and L. Matthews

An examination of the sustainable adoption of whole-person care (WPC), Maria L. Joseph, D. Laughon, and Richard J. Bogue

Fetal genetic risk of isolated cleft lip only versus isolated cleft lip and palate: a subphenotype analysis using two population-based studies of orofacial clefts in scandinavia, A. Jugessur, M. Shi, H. K. Gjessing, R. T. Lie, A. J. Wilcox, C. R. Weinberg, K. Christensen, A. L. Boyles, Sandra Daack-Hirsch, T. T. Nguyen, L. Christiansen, A. C. Lidral, and J. C. Murray

Evidence-Based Pediatric Pain Management in Emergency Departments of a Rural State, Charmaine Kleiber, C. Jennissen, Ann Marie McCarthy, and T. Ansley

Responding to poor-quality care during research in nursing homes, M. R. Krause, J. L. Palmer, B. J. Bowers, and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Measuring the person-centeredness of caregivers working with nursing home residents with dementia, Hannah Lann-Wolcott, Louis J. Medvene, and Kristine N. Williams

Implications for educating the next generation of nurses on genetics and genomics in the 21st century, D. H. Lea, H. Skirton, C. Y. Read, and Janet K. Williams

Emergency Contraception in Iowa Pharmacies Before and After Over-the-Counter Approval, Melissa Lehan Mackin and M. Kathleen Clark

An investigation of the development of analgesic tolerance to TENS in humans, R. E. Liebano, B. A. Rakel, C. G. Vance, D. M. Walsh, and K. A. Sluka


The Impact of Household Investments on Early Child Neurodevelopment and on Racial and Socioeconomic Developmental Gaps: Evidence from South America, Ann Marie McCarthy

Salivary Cortisol Responsivity to an Intravenous Catheter Insertion in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Ann Marie McCarthy, KIrsten M. Hanrahan, L. M. Scott, N. Zemblidge, Charmaine Kleiber, and M. B. Zimmerman

The Institute of Pediatric Nursing: a unified voice, Ann Marie McCarthy and Ann Marie Sperhac

Hypoalgesia in Response to Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Depends on Stimulation Intensity, F. Moran, T. Leonard, S. Hawthorne, C. M. Hughes, E. McCrum-Gardner, M. I. Johnson, Barbara A. Rakel, K. A. Sluka, and D. M. Walsh

The self-stigma of depression for women, L. D. Oakley, J. W. Kanter, Janette Y. Taylor, and M. Duguid

Adjusting pulse amplitude during transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) application produces greater hypoalgesia, M. A. Pantaleao, M. F. Laurino, N. L. Gallego, C. M. Cabral, Barbara A. Rakel, C. Vance, K. A. Sluka, D. M. Walsh, and R. E. Liebano

AACN resources to facilitate integration of the essentials of master's education in nursing, Robin E. Pattillo

Adjusting Our View, Robin E. Pattillo

AHRQ recommends patients use health advocates, Robin E. Pattillo

Antiretroviral HIV Treatment Decreases Heterosexual Transmission, Robin E. Pattillo

Discrepancies Reported in Treatment of Chest Pain, Robin E. Pattillo

Do Your Students Ask Patients About Herbal Supplements?, Robin E. Pattillo

Experience and Education Is Paying Off for Nurses, Robin E. Pattillo

Experience and education is paying off for nurses, Robin E. Pattillo

FDA Proposes "Regulatory Science" Initiatives, Robin E. Pattillo

Gender equity in combating HIV, Robin E. Pattillo

Have Another Cup of Green Tea, Robin E. Pattillo

How Private Is Your Facebook?, Robin E. Pattillo

Kid's Inpatient Database Scheduled for Release in Summer of 2011, Robin E. Pattillo

Medicare and Medicaid's "Most Wanted", Robin E. Pattillo

NIH Working to Put Obesity Research Into Practice, Robin E. Pattillo

NIH working to put obesity research into practice, Robin E. Pattillo

Nursing Is Not Alone in Undergoing a Time of Change, Robin E. Pattillo

Refresh your radiation knowledge, Robin E. Pattillo