Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa College of Nursing.


Publications from 2010

Meta-analytic evaluation of gender differences and symptom measurement strategies in acute coronary syndromes, J. Y. Shin, Rene' Martin, and J. Suls

Early- and Late-Onset Group B Streptococcal Infections: Overview and Case Studies, Rebecca Siewert and D. Holida

Huntington disease: families' experiences of healthcare services, H. Skirton, Janet K. Williams, J. Jackson Barnette, and J. S. Paulsen

Using NANDA, NIC, and NOC in an undergraduate nursing practicum, K. J. Smith and Martha J. Craft-Rosenberg

Collaborative care models for late-life depression and anxiety: roles for nurses, Marianne Smith

Depression Training for Nurses in Long-Term Care, Marianne Smith

Guest editorial. Collaborative care models for late-life depression and anxiety, Marianne Smith

Depression training for nurses: evaluation of an innovative program, Marianne Smith, K. M. Johnson, L. L. Seydel, and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Factorial structure of the perception of risk factors for type 2 diabetes scale: exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses, V. D. Sousa, NA Ryan-Wenger, Martha Driessnack, and A. F. Jaber

A new scale to measure family members' perception of community health care services for persons with Huntington disease, V. D. Sousa, Janet K. Williams, J. J. Barnette, and D. A. Reed

Improving continence and pain: The M-TRAIN intervention, Janet K. Specht, Paula R. Mobily, and J. Russell

Double gloving to minimize sharps injuries in the operating room., Victoria M. Steelman and L. L. Stebral

Sports/Exercise In Relation To Depressive Symptoms In Black US Adults: Gender & Ethnic Differences, Elisa R. Torres, Kimberlee A. Gretebeck, Carolyn M. Sampselle, David L. Ronis, and Harold W. Neighbors

Influencing leadership perceptions of patient safety through just culture training, A. Vogelsmeier, Jill Scott-Cawiezell, B. Miller, and S. Griffith

Low health literacy: overview, assessment, and steps toward providing high-quality diabetes care, Andrea S. Wallace

The Influence of Literacy on Patient-Reported Experiences of Diabetes Self-Management Support, Andrea S. Wallace, J. R. Carlson, R. M. Malone, J. Joyner, and D. A. DeWalt

Achieving "meaningful use" of electronic health records through the integration of the Nursing Management Minimum Data Set, B. L. Westra, A. Subramanian, C. M. Hart, S. A. Matney, P. S. Wilson, S. M. Huff, Diane L. Huber, and C. W. Delaney


Reflective blogs in clinical education to promote critical thinking in dental hygiene students, A. O. Wetmore, L. D. Boyd, D. M. Bowen, and Robin E. Pattillo

Development of the Huntington Disease Family Concerns and Strategies Survey from focus group data, Janet K. Williams, J. J. Barnette, D. Reed, V. D. Sousa, D. L. Schutte, M. McGonigal-Kenney, L. Jarmon, E. Phillips, Toni Tripp-Reimer, and J. S. Paulsen

Personal factors associated with reported benefits of Huntington disease family history or genetic testing, Janet K. Williams, C. Erwin, A. Juhl, J. Mills, B. Brossman, and J. S. Paulsen

In their own words: reports of stigma and genetic discrimination by people at risk for Huntington disease in the International RESPOND-HD study, Janet K. Williams, C. Erwin, A. R. Juhl, M. Mengeling, Y. Bombard, M. R. Hayden, K. Quaid, I. Shoulson, S. Taylor, and J. S. Paulsen

Exploring interventions to reduce cognitive decline in aging, Kristine N. Williams


Speed of processing training protects self-rated health in older adults: enduring effects observed in the multi-site ACTIVE randomized controlled trial, F. D. Wolinsky, H. Mahncke, M. W. Vander Weg, Rene' Martin, F. W. Unverzagt, K. K. Ball, R. N. Jones, and S. L. Tennstedt

Does cognitive training improve internal locus of control among older adults?, F. D. Wolinsky, M. W. Vander Weg, Rene' Martin, F. W. Unverzagt, S. L. Willis, M. Marsiske, G. W. Rebok, J. N. Morris, K. K. Ball, and S. L. Tennstedt

The Learning Needs of Family Caregiverswith Stroke Survivors during the First Year in Taiwan, C. Wu and Lisa Skemp

Association of depressive symptoms and social support on blood pressure among urban African American women and girls, C. Y. Wu, R. A. Prosser, and Janette Y. Taylor

Publications from 2009

A policy change strategy for head lice management, K. Andresen and Ann Marie McCarthy

An evaluation process for an electronic bar code medication administration information system in an acute care unit, M. Bargren and Der-Fa Lu

National Institutes of Health State-of-the-Science Conference Statement: Family History and Improving Health, A. O. Berg, M. A. Baird, J. R. Botkin, D. A. Driscoll, P. A. Fishman, P. D. Guarino, R. A. Hiatt, G. P. Jarvik, S. Millon-Underwood, T. M. Morgan, J. J. Mulvihill, T. I. Pollin, S. R. Schimmel, M. E. Stefanek, W. M. Vollmer, and Janet K. Williams

National Institutes of Health State-of-the-Science Conference Statement: Family History and Improving Health: August 24-26, 2009, A. O. Berg, M. A. Baird, J. R. Botkin, D. A. Driscoll, P. A. Fishman, P. D. Guarino, R. A. Hiatt, G. P. Jarvik, S. Millon-Underwood, T. M. Morgan, J. J. Mulvihill, T. I. Pollin, S. R. Schimmel, M. E. Stefanek, W. M. Vollmer, and Janet K. Williams

Determining community provider practices in hospices: the challenges of documentation, KM Bergen-Jackson, S. Sanders, Keela A. Herr, P. G. Fine, M. Titler, C. Forcucci, J. Reyes, and P. McNichol

Shared governance as vertical alignment of nursing group power and nurse practice council effectiveness, Richard J. Bogue, Maria L. Joseph, and C. L. Sieloff

Needs of people with early-stage Alzheimer's disease: reviewing the evidence, A. L. Bossen, Janet K. Pringle Specht, and S. E. McKenzie

Improving practice: establishing processes to query clinical data warehouses, Jane M. Brokel

Infusing clinical decision support interventions into electronic health records, Jane M. Brokel

Iowa e-health project: planning for health information exchange with nursing standardized language with health information technology tools, Jane M. Brokel

Redesigning care processes using an electronic health record: a system's experience, Jane M. Brokel and M. I. Harrison

Effect of evidence-based acute pain management practices on inpatient costs, J. M. Brooks, M. G. Titler, G. Ardery, and Keela A. Herr

Recruitment of older adults: an ongoing challenge, Kathleen Buckwalter

Response to the National Alzheimer's Strategic Plan from the Perspective of Nursing, Kathleen Buckwalter

The 10 O'Clock News Implications for Gerontological Nurses!, Kathleen Buckwalter

Intervention research in highly unstable environments, Kathleen Buckwalter, M. Grey, B. Bowers, Ann Marie McCarthy, D. Gross, M. Funk, and C. Beck

Reconceptualizing the core of nurse practitioner education and practice, M. E. Burman, A. M. Hart, Virginia M. Conley, J. Brown, P. Sherard, and P. N. Clarke

Living with Alzheimer's Disease: Caregivers' Deepest Feelings, Heide C. Bursch and Howard K. Butcher

The DNP and unintended consequences: an opportunity for dialogue, Patricia Clinton and A. M. Sperhac

Evaluation of Musculoskeletal Pain Management Practices in Rural Nursing Homes Compared with Evidence-Based Criteria, S. A. Decker, Kennith R. Culp, and P. Z. Cacchione

Prevalence and nonrandom distribution of exonic mutations in interferon regulatory factor 6 in 307 families with Van der Woude syndrome and 37 families with popliteal pterygium syndrome, R. L. de Lima, S. A. Hoper, M. Ghassibe, M. E. Cooper, N. K. Rorick, S. Kondo, L. Katz, M. L. Marazita, J. Compton, S. Bale, U. Hehr, M. J. Dixon, Sandra Daack-Hirsch, O. Boute, B. Bayet, N. Revencu, C. Verellen-Dumoulin, M. Vikkula, A. Richieri-Costa, D. Moretti-Ferreira, J. C. Murray, and B. C. Schutte

Goal setting in diabetes self-management: Taking the baby steps to success, D. A. DeWalt, T. C. Davis, Andrea S. Wallace, H. K. Seligman, B. Bryant-Shilliday, C. L. Arnold, J. Freburger, and D. Schillinger

Assessment of transient urinary incontinence in older adults (vol 109, pg 62, 2009), A. Dowling-Castronovo and Janet K. Specht

How to try this: Assessment of transient urinary incontinence in older adults, A. Dowling-Castronovo and Janet K. Specht

Children and Nature-Deficit Disorder, Martha Driessnack

Growing up at the intersection of the genomic era and the information age, Martha Driessnack

Using the Colored Eco-Genetic Relationship Map with children, Martha Driessnack

X Men, Harry Potter, & Spiderman: children talk about disease causation and inheritance, Martha Driessnack

Colon cancer screening practices and disclosure after receipt of positive or inconclusive genetic test results for hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer, Anne L. Ersig, D. W. Hadley, and L. M. Koehly

Communication, encouragement, and cancer screening in families with and without mutations for hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer: a pilot study, Anne L. Ersig, Janet Williams, D. W. Hadley, and L. M. Koehly

Geropsychiatric Nursing Collaborative: Progress and Promise, L. K. Evans, C. Beck, and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Nurses' perception of their manager's leadership style and unit climate: are there generational differences?, Amany A. Farag, S. Tullai-McGuinness, and M. K. Anthony

The mechanism of pentabromopseudilin inhibition of myosin motor activity, R. Fedorov, M. Bohl, G. Tsiavaliaris, F. K. Hartmann, M. H. Taft, P. Baruch, B. Brenner, Rene' Martin, H. J. Knolker, H. O. Gutzeit, and D. J. Manstein

Pharmacological Management of Persistent Pain in Older Persons, B. Ferrell, C. E. Argoff, J. Epplin, P. Fine, F. M. Gloth, Keela Herr, J. D. Katz, D. R. Mehr, M. C. Reid, L. Reisner, S. Radcliff, K. Addleman, C. Fierstein, E. Ickowicz, and N. Lundebjerg

Pharmacologic management of persistent pain in older persons, P. Fine and Keela A. Herr

News from around the globe, J. Flanagan, G. Meyer, and Sue Moorhead

Recommendations for Mental Health Care of Older Adults Part 1-An Overview of Depression and Anxiety, M. Flood and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Recommendations for mental health care of older adults: Part 2--an overview of dementia, delirium, and substance abuse, M. Flood and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Exercise Prescription for Chronic Back or Neck Pain: Who Prescribes It? Who Gets It? What Is Prescribed?, J. K. Freburger, T. S. Carey, G. M. Holmes, Andrea S. Wallace, L. D. Castel, J. D. Darter, and A. M. Jackman

The Rising Prevalence of Chronic Low Back Pain, J. K. Freburger, G. M. Holmes, R. P. Agans, A. M. Jackman, J. D. Darter, Andrea S. Wallace, L. D. Castel, W. D. Kalsbeek, and T. S. Carey

Clinical Signs of Infection in Diabetic Foot Ulcers With High Microbial Load, Sue E. Gardner, S. L. Hillis, and Rita A. Frantz

A trial of a comprehensive nursing rehabilitation program for nursing home residents post-hospitalization, V. T. Grando, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, Meridean Maas, M. Brown, M. J. Rantz, and V. S. Conn

Piloting a Comprehensive Nursing Rehabilitation Program for Nursing Home Elders: Lessons Learned, V. T. Grando, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, Meridean Maas, M. J. Rantz, V. S. Conn, and M. Brown

Transforming long-term care pain management in North America: the policy-clinical interface, T. Hadjistavropoulos, G. P. Marchildon, P. G. Fine, Keela A. Herr, H. A. Palley, S. Kaasalainen, and F. BĂ©land

The relationship between super users' attitudes and employee experiences with clinical information systems, J. R. Halbesleben, D. S. Wakefield, M. M. Ward, Jane M. Brokel, and D. Crandall

Nurses exchanging information: understanding electronic health record standards and interoperability, E. C. Halley, J. Sensmeier, and Jane M. Brokel

Iowa Case Management for rural drug abuse, J. A. Hall, MSV Sarrazin, Diane L. Huber, T. Vaughn, R. I. Block, A. R. Reedy, and M. J. Jang

Life trajectories, genetic testing, and risk reduction decisions in 18-39 year old women at risk for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, R. Hamilton, Janet K. Williams, B. J. Bowers, and K. Calzone

Living with genetic test results for hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, R. Hamilton, Janet K. Williams, H. Skirton, and B. J. Bowers

Methylation of the sterol nucleus by STRM-1 regulates dauer larva formation in Caenorhabditis elegans, J. T. Hannich, E. V. Entchev, F. Mende, H. Boytchev, Rene' Martin, V. Zagoriy, G. Theumer, I. Riezman, H. Riezman, H. J. Knolker, and T. V. Kurzchalia

Structured terminologies in clinical information systems: implementation through collaboration, R. E. Haskell, N. R. Hardiker, T. J. Watkins, C. B. Lundberg, Jane M. Brokel, and M. L. Wilson

Acute pain assessment and pharmacological management practices for the older adult with a hip fracture: review of ED trends, Keela Herr and M. Titler

Depressive symptomatology, rather than neuroticism, predicts inflated physical symptom reports in community-residing women, M. B. Howren, J. Suls, and Rene' Martin

Pharmacological Management of Persistent Pain in Older Persons, E. Ickowicz, B. Ferrell, C. E. Argoff, J. Epplin, P. Fine, F. M. Gloth, Keela A. Herr, J. D. Katz, D. R. Mehr, M. C. Reid, L. Reisner, C. Fierstein, and N. Lundebjerg


Genetic determinants of facial clefting: analysis of 357 candidate genes using two national cleft studies from Scandinavia, A. Jugessur, M. Shi, H. K. Gjessing, R. T. Lie, A. J. Wilcox, C. R. Weinberg, K. Christensen, A. L. Boyles, Sandra Daack-Hirsch, T. N. Trung, C. Bille, A. C. Lidral, and J. C. Murray

Influence of assessment methods on reports of gender differences in AMI symptoms, Shin Ju Young, Rene' Martin, and M. Bryant Howren

Family caregiver provided massage for rural-dwelling chronically ill persons, D. Kempson and Virginia M. Conley

PDGF-Ralpha gene expression predicts proliferation, but PDGF-A suppresses transdifferentiation of neonatal mouse lung myofibroblasts, P. W. Kimani, A. J. Holmes, Ruth E. Grossmann, and S. E. McGowan

Characteristics of health information gatherers, disseminators, and blockers within families at risk of hereditary cancer: implications for family health communication interventions, L. M. Koehly, J. A. Peters, R. Kenen, L. M. Hoskins, Anne L. Ersig, N. R. Kuhn, J. T. Loud, and M. H. Greene

Developing an electronic nursing record system for clinical care and nursing effectiveness research in a korean home healthcare setting, E. J. Lee, M. Lee, and Sue Moorhead

Research participation by older adults at end of life: barriers and solutions, Melissa Lehan Mackin, Keela A. Herr, K. Bergen-Jackson, P. Fine, C. Forcucci, and S. Sanders

Postoperative pain assessment with three intensity scales in Chinese elders, L. Li, Keela A. Herr, and P. Chen

Psychotic Events in Alzheimer's Disease Application of the PLST Model, P. L. Lindsey and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Effects of a Web-based course on nursing skills and knowledge learning, Der-Fa Lu, Z. C. Lin, and Y. J. Li

A data modeling process for decomposing healthcare patient data sets, Der-Fa Lu, W. N. Street, F. Currim, R. Hylock, and C. Delaney

Increasing nursing faculty research: the Iowa gerontological nursing research and regional research consortium strategies, Meridean Maas, V. Conn, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, Keela A. Herr, and Toni Tripp-Reimer


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Normative salivary cortisol values and responsivity in children, Ann Marie McCarthy, KIrsten M. Hanrahan, Charmaine Kleiber, M. B. Zimmerman, S. Lutgendorf, and E. Tsalikian

News from around the globe, Sue Moorhead


FOXE1 association with both isolated cleft lip with or without cleft palate, and isolated cleft palate, L. M. Moreno, M. A. Mansilla, S. A. Bullard, M. E. Cooper, T. D. Busch, J. Machida, M. K. Johnson, D. Brauer, K. Krahn, Sandra Daack-Hirsch, J. L'heureux, C. Valencia-Ramirez, D. Rivera, A. M. Lopez, M. A. Moreno, A. Hing, E. J. Lammer, M. Jones, K. Christensen, R. T. Lie, A. Jugessur, A. J. Wilcox, P. Chines, E. Pugh, K. Doheny, M. Arcos-Burgos, M. L. Marazita, J. C. Murray, and A. C. Lidral

Psychometric properties of the Beginning Breastfeeding Survey, Pamela J. Mulder

Case management workforce in the United States, E. J. Park and Diane L. Huber

The evidence base for case management practice, E. J. Park, Diane L. Huber, and H. A. Tahan