Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa College of Nursing.


Publications from 2009

Effect of Individualized Music on Agitation in Individuals with Dementia Who Live at Home, Heeok Park and Janet K. Pringle Specht

AACN provides marketing toolkit for UHC/AACN Nurse Residency Program, Robin E. Pattillo

Nursing profession still in need of advocates, Robin E. Pattillo

Sarah Palin, feminism, and nursing?, Robin E. Pattillo

Trends in Connecticut point to possible decline in health care jobs, Robin E. Pattillo

Longing: the lived experience of spirituality in adolescents with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, S. R. Pehler and Martha J. Craft-Rosenberg

The mediating effect of global self-worth on physical activity in African-American adolescent females, Yolanda M. Powell-Young

Milwaukee police department retirees: cardiovascular disease risk and morbidity among aging law enforcement officers, Sandra L. Ramey, Nancy R. Downing, and W. D. Franke

Portraits of caregivers of end-stage dementia patients receiving hospice care, S. Sanders, Howard K. Butcher, P. Swails, and J. Power

Barriers and Facilitators of Implementing Evidenced-Based Pain Practices among Hospice Nurses, S. Sanders, J. A. Reyes, M. Lehan-Mackin, Keela A. Herr, and M. Titler

Pain in dementia, E. Scherder, Keela A. Herr, G. Pickering, S. Gibson, F. Benedetti, and S. Lautenbacher

Excerpts from Education: Tips & tools for preparing tomorrow’s gero work force, Deborah P. Schoenfelder

Creative practicum leadership experiences in rural settings, Deborah P. Schoenfelder and J. G. Valde

Medication safety teams' guided implementation of electronic medication administration records in five nursing homes, Jill Scott-Cawiezell, R. W. Madsen, G. A. Pepper, A. Vogelsmeier, G. Petroski, and D. Zellmer

Acute confusion/delirium, S. Sendelbach, P. F. Guthrie, and Deborah P. Schoenfelder

Few and Far Between: Geropsychiatric Nursing Education Course Offerings in the Us, S. Sifford, C. Beck, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, and L. K. Evans

Detection and assessment of late-life anxiety, Marianne Smith, T. Ingram, and V. Brighton

Evidence-based guideline. Detection and assessment of late-life anxiety, Marianne Smith, T. Ingram, and V. Brighton

Beyond bingo: meaningful activities for persons with dementia in nursing homes, Marianne Smith, A. Kolanowski, L. L. Buettner, and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

The relationship between RN job satisfaction and accountability, E. E. Sorensen, E. D. Seebeck, C. A. Scherb, Janet K. Specht, and J. L. Loes

Pregnancy as foreground in cystic fibrosis carrier testing decisions in primary care, K. J. Sparbel and Janet K. Williams

The effects of a dementia nurse care manager on improving caregiver outcomes outcomes, Janet K. Specht, A. Bossen, G. R. Hall, B. Zimmerman, and J. Russell

Nurse Care Manager, Community Dementia Specialist: Role description and Caregiver Outcomes Evaluation, Janet K. Specht, A. Bossen, B. Zimmerman, and J. Russell

Partnering for care: the evidence and the expert, Janet K. Specht, R. Taylor, and A. L. Bossen

From the board. Promoting a culture of safety, Victoria M. Steelman

The advanced practice nurse: an essential part of the perioperative leadership team, Victoria M. Steelman

Guest editorial. Where there's smoke, there's.., Victoria M. Steelman and R. A. Hottel

Where There's Smoke, There's..., Victoria M. Steelman and R. A. Hottel

The Air We Breathe: A Critical Look at Practices and Alternatives in the Peer-Review Process, J. Suls and Rene' Martin

Mutations in BMP4 are associated with subepithelial, microform, and overt cleft lip, S. Suzuki, M. L. Marazita, M. E. Cooper, N. Miwa, A. Hing, A. Jugessur, N. Natsume, K. Shimozato, N. Ohbayashi, Y. Suzuki, T. Niimi, K. Minami, M. Yamamoto, T. J. Altannamar, T. Erkhembaatar, H. Furukawa, Sandra Daack-Hirsch, J. L'heureux, C. A. Brandon, S. M. Weinberg, K. Neiswanger, F. W. Deleyiannis, J. E. de Salamanca, A. R. Vieira, A. C. Lidral, J. F. Martin, and J. C. Murray

Improving the process of pain care in nursing homes: A literature synthesis, K. L. Swafford, L. L. Miller, P. F. Tsai, Keela A. Herr, and M. Ersek

Setting the Future Research Agenda for Translation Science., M. Titler, L. Cullen, and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Translating research into practice intervention improves management of acute pain in older hip fracture patients, M. G. Titler, Keela A. Herr, J. M. Brooks, X. Xie, G. Ardery, M. L. Schilling, J. L. Marsh, L. Q. Everett, and W. R. Clarke

Summative index: acute pain management in older adults, M. G. Titler, Keela A. Herr, X. Xie, J. M. Brooks, M. L. Schilling, and J. L. Marsh

Physical activity in relation to depressive symptoms in black U.S. adults: results from the National Survey of American Life, Elisa R. Torres

Transformation of Emergency Department processes of care with EHR, CPOE, and ER event tracking systems, S. Vartak, D. K. Crandall, Jane M. Brokel, D. S. Wakefield, and M. M. Ward

The role of nursing leadership in successful technology implementation, A. Vogelsmeier and Jill Scott-Cawiezell

Postadmission dehydration: risk factors, indicators, and outcomes, B. J. Wakefield, J. Mentes, J. E. Holman, and Kennith R. Culp

An exploratory study measuring verbal order content and context, D. S. Wakefield, Jane M. Brokel, M. M. Ward, T. Schwichtenberg, D. Groath, M. Kolb, J. W. Davis, and D. Crandall

Comfortably numb? Exploring satisfaction with chronic back pain visits, Andrea S. Wallace, J. K. Freburger, J. D. Darter, A. M. Jackman, and T. S. Carey

Literacy-appropriate educational materials and brief counseling improve diabetes self-management, Andrea S. Wallace, H. K. Seligman, T. C. Davis, D. Schillinger, C. L. Arnold, B. Bryant-Shilliday, J. K. Freburger, and D. A. DeWalt

Terminology use in electronic health records: basic principles, T. J. Watkins, R. E. Haskell, C. B. Lundberg, Jane M. Brokel, M. L. Wilson, and N. Hardiker

Using nursing intensity for Medicare billing and value-based purchasing, Carol A. Watson

CNO succession planning: a case study, Carol A. Watson and B. Houlahan

From Nightingale and Mendel to genomics in health care for children, Janet K. Williams

Caregiving by teens for family members with Huntington disease, Janet K. Williams, Lioness Ayres, Janet K. Specht, K. Sparbel, and M. L. Klimek

Stress and traumatic stress: how do past events influence current traumatic stress among mother's experiencing homelessness?, Janet K. Williams and J. A. Hall

The emotional experiences of family carers in Huntington disease, Janet K. Williams, H. Skirton, J. S. Paulsen, Toni Tripp-Reimer, L. Jarmon, M. McGonigal Kenney, E. Birrer, B. L. Hennig, and J. Honeyford

The ACTIVE cognitive training interventions and the onset of and recovery from suspected clinical depression, F. D. Wolinsky, H. W. Mahncke, M. W. Weg, Rene' Martin, F. W. Unverzagt, K. K. Ball, R. N. Jones, and S. L. Tennstedt

The effect of speed-of-processing training on depressive symptoms in ACTIVE, F. D. Wolinsky, M. W. Vander Weg, Rene' Martin, F. W. Unverzagt, K. K. Ball, R. N. Jones, and S. L. Tennstedt

Cognitive Training for Early-Stage Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia, F. Yu, K. M. Rose, S. C. Burgener, C. Cunningham, L. L. Buettner, E. Beattie, A. L. Bossen, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, D. M. Fick, S. Fitzsimmons, A. Kolanowski, Janet K. Specht, N. E. Richeson, I. Testad, and S. E. McKenzie

Publications from 2008

Antipsychotic-induced hyperprolactinemia and delusion of pregnancy, N. Ahuja, Sue Moorhead, A. J. Lloyd, and A. J. Cole

The early bird does not get the worm: time-of-day effects on college students' basic cognitive processing, P. A. Allen, J. Grabbe, Ann Marie McCarthy, A. H. Bush, and B. Wallace

The best of both worlds: the interdependence of software and "peopleware", Lioness Ayres, K. A. Knafl, and Toni Tripp-Reimer

Young Nurse Clinician Programs: geriatric, pediatric, and community health, Mary Berg, S. Lehmann, and Paula Mobily

Assessment of pain in the nonverbal or cognitively impaired older adult, K. Bjoro and Keela A. Herr

The Relationship between Pain and Physical Function in Older Adults with Knee Osteoarthritis, N. Blodgett, Barbara A. Rakel, C. Vance, A. Amendola, D. Walsh, and K. Sluka

Spreading the word, Kathleen Buckwalter

Evidence supporting exercise interventions for persons in early-stage Alzheimer's disease, L. Buettner, N. E. Richeson, F. Yu, S. C. Burgener, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, E. Beattie, A. L. Bossen, D. M. Fick, S. Fitzsimmons, A. Kolanowski, K. Rose, Janet K. Specht, I. Testad, and S. McKenzie

Review of exemplar programs for adults with early-stage Alzheimer's disease, S. C. Burgener, L. Buettner, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, E. Beattie, A. L. Bossen, D. Fick, S. Fitzsimmons, A. Kolanowski, N. E. Richeson, K. M. Rose, A. Schreiner, Janet K. Specht, Marianne Smith, I. Testad, F. Yu, M. Gabrielson, and S. McKenzie

Evidence supporting nurtritional interventions for persons in early stage Alzheimer's Disease (AD)., S. C. Burgener, L. Buettner, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, E. Beattie, A. L. Bossen, D. M. Fick, S. Fitzsimmons, A. Kolanowski, N. E. Richeson, K. Rose, A. Schreiner, Janet K. Specht, I. Testad, and F. Yu

Commentary on "A pilot study of the experience of participating in a therapeutic touch practice group", Howard K. Butcher

Commentary on "mystical experience in the context of health care", Howard K. Butcher

Corrections to Unitary Pattern-Based Praxis: A Nexus of Rogerian Cosmology Philosophy, and Science., Howard K. Butcher

Innovations Column., Howard K. Butcher

Nursing Knowledge Development and Clinical Practice., Howard K. Butcher

Progress in the Explanatory Power of the Science of Unitary Human Beings: Frubes in a Lull or Surfing in the Barrel of the Wave., Howard K. Butcher

The effect of written emotional expression on caregiver stress, Howard K. Butcher

Using a wiki to enhance knowing participation in change in the teaching-learning process, Howard K. Butcher and Janette Y. Taylor

Factors related to falls among the community-dwelling elderly, M. Y. Chin, D. F. Lu, and M. H. Wu

Family perceptions of medication administration at school: errors, risk factors, and consequences, D. Clay, K. Farris, Ann Marie McCarthy, M. W. Kelly, and R. Howarth

Ask the expert: latest developments in advanced nursing practice, Patricia Clinton

Guest editorial. One voice, Patricia Clinton

Latest developments in advanced nursing practice, Patricia Clinton

One voice, Patricia Clinton

Postpartum bipolar depression: a case study, M. Cullen-Drill, Marianne Smith, and M. Morris

Iowa certified nursing assistants study: self-reported ratings of the nursing home work environment, Kennith Culp, Sandra L. Ramey, and S. Karlman

Traumatic injury rates in meatpacking plant workers, Kennith R. Culp, M. Brooks, Kerri A. Rupe, and C. Zwerling

Nutritional status and delirium in long-term care elderly individuals, Kennith R. Culp and P. Z. Cacchione

Effectiveness of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for treatment of hyperalgesia and pain, J. M. DeSantana, D. M. Walsh, C. Vance, Barbara A. Rakel, and K. A. Sluka

Premorbid Intellect and Current RBANS Performance: Discrepancy Scores in Three Geriatric Samples, K. Duff, M. R. Schoenberg, L. J. Beglinger, D. J. Moser, J. D. Bayless, Kennith R. Culp, R. Carnahan, J. W. Mold, J. G. Scott, and R. L. Adams

Multigenerational nursing workforce value differences and work environment: impact on RNs' turnover intentions, Amany A. Farag

Do both job and personal life satisfaction play a role?, B Fisak, Richard J. Bogue, H Paolini, and R BArfield

Heightened awareness of the thrombosis potential of drug-eluting stents may save lives, Robert P. From, Jennifer Tretsven, and Cormac T. O'Sullivan

Genetics in health practice and education special issue, C. L. Gaff, Janet K. Williams, and J. D. McInerney

Wound bioburden and infection-related complications in diabetic foot ulcers, Sue E. Gardner and Rita A. Frantz

Perception and care of elder Hmong Americans with chronic confusion or tem toob, L. Gerdner, Toni Tripp-Reimer, and D. Yang

How fast is too fast? a practice change in umbilical arterial catheter blood sampling using the Iowa Model for Evidence-Based Practice., Myrna Gordon, Lisa Bartruff, Sara Gordon, Maria A. Lofgren, and John A. Widness

Substance abuse treatment with rural adolescents: issues and outcomes, J. A. Hall, D. C. Smith, S. D. Easton, H. An, Janet K. Williams, S. H. Godley, and M. Jang

Comprehensive case management for substance abuse clients who have mood or anxiety disorders, J. A. Hall, M. Vaughan-Sarrazin, A. R. Reedy, and Diane L. Huber

Carving out a specialty practice in Rural Iowa, Brenda Hoskins

The top 10 things they didn't tell you in nursing school, Brenda Hoskins

Testing nurse activity dose, Diane L. Huber

Civic engagement as a retirement role for aging Americans, B. Kaskie, S. Imhof, J. Cavanaugh, and Kennith R. Culp

Unearthing the construct of transgenerational grief: the "ghost" of the sibling never known, D. Kempson, Virginia M. Conley, and V. Murdock

Comorbid psychiatric disorders among older adult recovering pathological gamblers, C. S. Kerber, D. W. Black, and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Antidepressant treatment of depression in rural nursing home residents, C. S. Kerber, M. J. Dyck, Kennith R. Culp, and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Acetaminophen dosing for neonates, infants, and children, Charmaine Kleiber

Sisters in hereditary breast and ovarian cancer families: communal coping, social integration, and psychological well-being, L. M. Koehly, J. A. Peters, N. Kuhn, L. Hoskins, A. Letocha, R. Kenen, J. Loud, and M. H. Greene

Selecting a standardized terminology for the electronic health record that reveals the impact of nursing on patient care, C. Lundberg, Jane M. Brokel, G. M. Bulechek, Howard K. Butcher, K. S. Martin, Sue Moorhead, C. Peterson, C. Spisla, J. J. Warren, S. Giarrizzo-Wilson, Elizabeth A. Swanson, and Meridean L. Maas