Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa College of Nursing.


Publications from 2006

President's message. A gift worth giving, Patricia Clinton

President's message. Crystal ball gazing, Patricia Clinton

President's message. Remembering, Patricia Clinton

National agenda for advanced practice nursing: the practice doctorate, Patricia Clinton and A. M. Sperhac

ProSeal laryngeal mask airway size and fiberoptic endotracheal intubation, M. J. Colas and Rene' Martin

Nursing excellence for children and families, Martha J. Craft-Rosenberg

Family-centered care: Practice and preparation, Martha J. Craft-Rosenberg, P. Kelley, and L. Schnoll

Depot medroxyprogesterone acetate and bone mineral density in adolescents - The black box warning: A position paper of the society for adolescent medicine, B. A. Cromer, D. Scholes, A. Berenson, T. Cundy, M. Kathleen Clark, and A. M. Kaunitz

Clinical issues. Vessels for transplantation; corrugated packaging; hand sanitizers; student visitors in the OR; aseptic technique, B. Denholm, Victoria M. Steelman, and R. Conner

Uncontested categories: the use of race and ethnicity variables in nursing research, D. J. Drevdahl, D. A. Philips, and Janette Y. Taylor

A new look at children's fears: using mixed methods, Martha Driessnack

Children's stories about fear: a linguistic approach to narrative analysis, Martha Driessnack

Draw-and-tell conversations with children about fear, Martha Driessnack

The draw and tell dialogue: a child centered approach to self-report, Martha Driessnack

An exploration of nursing home organizational processes, S. Forbes-Thompson, B. Gajewski, Jill Scott-Cawiezell, and N. Dunton

Diagnostic validity of three swab techniques for identifying chronic wound infection, Sue E. Gardner, Rita A. Frantz, Charles L. Saltzman, S. L. Hillis, H. Park, and M. Scherubel

Strategies for salivary cortisol collection and analysis in research with children, KIrsten M. Hanrahan, Ann Marie McCarthy, Charmaine Kleiber, S. Lutgendorf, and E. Tsalikian

Influencing health policy for adults: Initiatives by the John A. Hartford Centers of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, C. Harrington, C. J. Beverly, Meridean Maas, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, J. A. Bennett, H. M. Young, J. Sochalski, and M. Naylor

Future nursing administration graduate curricula, Part I: Call to action, K. Harris, Diane L. Huber, R. Jones, M. Manojlovich, and C. Reineck

Best practice initiatives in geriatric nursing: experiences from the John A. Hartford Foundation Centers of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, T. A. Harvath, C. Beck, M. Flaherty-Robb, C. H. Hartz, Janet K. Specht, E. Sullivan-Marx, and P. Archbold

Tools for assessment of pain in nonverbal older adults with dementia: a state-of-the-science review, Keela Herr, K. Bjoro, and S. Decker

Pain assessment in the nonverbal patient: Position statement with clinical practice reccomendations, Keela Herr, Patrick J. Coyne, Tonya Key, Renee Manworren, Margo McCaffery, Sandra Merkel, Jane Pelosi-Kelly, and Lori Wild

Process for handling tissue recall of implanted tissue: One institution's experience, C. M. Hillberry, Victoria M. Steelman, and A. J. Schlueter

An empirically derived taxonomy of factors affecting physicians' willingness to disclose medical errors, L. C. Kaldjian, E. W. Jones, G. E. Rosenthal, Toni Tripp-Reimer, and S. L. Hillis

Selecting and evidence-based practice topic., Charmaine Kleiber

Open bedside rounds for families with children in pediatric intensive care units, Charmaine Kleiber, T. Davenport, and B. Freyenberger

Evaluating instruments for a study on children's responses to a painful procedure when parents are distraction coaches, Charmaine Kleiber and Ann Marie McCarthy

Client satisfaction with rural substance abuse case management services, T. Kopelman, Diane L. Huber, B. C. Kopelman, M. V. Sarrazin, and J. A. Hall


Agricultural health in The Gambia I: Agricultural practices and developments, R. Kuye, K. Donham, S. Marquez, W. Sanderson, L. Fuortes, R. Rautiainen, M. Jones, and Kennith R. Culp


Agricultural health in The Gambia II: A systematic survey of safety and injuries in production agriculture, R. Kuye, K. Donham, S. Marquez, W. Sanderson, L. Fuortes, R. Rautiainen, M. Jones, and Kennith R. Culp

U.S. genetics nurses in advanced practice, D. H. Lea, Janet K. Williams, J. A. Cooksey, P. A. Flanagan, G. Forte, and M. G. Blitzer

Building a personal health record from nursing perspective, M. Lee, C. Delaney, and Sue Moorhead

Remifentanil versus propofol for radio frequency treatment of atrial flutter, P. Lena, C. J. Mariottini, N. Balarac, J. J. Arnulf, A. Mihoubi, and Rene' Martin

Standardized nursing language in the systematized nomenclature of medicine clinical terms: A cross-mapping validation method, Der-Fa Lu, D. Eichmann, D. Konicek, H. T. Park, P. Ucharattana, and C. Delaney

Knowledge discovery: Detecting elderly patients with impaired mobility, Der-Fa Lu, W. N. Street, and C. Delaney

Providing quality care in assisted living facilities: Recommendations for enhanced staffing and staff training, Meridean Maas and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Mentoring geriatric nurse scientists, educators, clinicians, and leaders in the John A. Hartford Foundation Centers for Geriatric Nursing Excellence, Meridean L. Maas, N. E. Strumpf, C. Beck, D. Jennings, D. Messecar, and Elizabeth A. Swanson

Successful recruiting into geriatric nursing: The experience of the John A. Hartford Foundation Centers of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, L. A. Mackin, J. Kayser-Jones, P. D. Franklin, L. K. Evans, E. M. Sullivan-Marx, Keela A. Herr, Elizabeth A. Swanson, S. A. Lubin, and D. C. Messecar

Perceptions and characteristics of registered nurses' involvement in decision making, K. L. Mangold, K. K. Pearson, J. R. Schmitz, C. A. Scherb, Janet K. Specht, and J. L. Loes

Changes in medications administered in schools, Ann Marie McCarthy, M. W. Kelly, S. Johnson, J. Roman, and M. B. Zimmerman

A conceptual model of factors influencing children's responses to a painful procedure when parents are distraction coaches, Ann Marie McCarthy and Charmaine Kleiber

Use of a urine color chart to monitor hydration status in nursing home residents, J. C. Mentes, B. Wakefield, and Kennith R. Culp

Building gerontological nursing research capacity: research initiatives of the John A. Hartford Foundation Centers of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, L. Miller, C. Beck, G. Dowling, Keela A. Herr, Meridean Maas, M. Naylor, and Toni Tripp-Reimer

Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC), Sue Moorhead

The importance of perspective and primary focus in choosing and measuring outcomes, Sue Moorhead

A concept analysis of effective breastfeeding, Pamela J. Mulder

Evidence-based guidelines for breastfeeding management during the first fourteen days, Pamela J. Mulder

Predictive Performance of Three Multivariate Difficult Tracheal Intubation Models: A Double-Blind, Case-Controlled Study, Mohamed Naguib, Franklin L. Scamman, Cormac T. O'Sullivan, John Aker, Alan F. Ross, Steven Kosmach, and Joe E. Ensor

Are attributes of organizational performance in large health care organizations relevant in primary care practices?, A. J. Orzano, A. F. Tallia, P. A. Nutting, Jill Scott-Cawiezell, and B. F. Crabtree

Assigning surgical cases with regional anesthetic blocks to anesthetists and operating rooms based on operating room efficiency, Cormac T. O'Sullivan and F. Dexter

Faculty developed CD-ROMS: a tool for student review of prior content, Robin E. Pattillo

Factors related to persistence of freshmen, freshman transfers, and nonfreshman transfer students, Elena Perkhounkova, J Noble, and G W. McLaughliin

A Method of Modeling the Effectiveness of Developmental Instruction, Elena Perkhounkova, J Noble, and R Sawyer

Skin preparation, J. M. Pottinger, S. E. Starks, and Victoria M. Steelman

Geropsychiatric nursing: Planning for the future., W. J. Puentes, Kathleen C. Buckwalter, and L. K. Evans

Hyperalgesia increases in older adults after total knee replacement surgery (Abstract), Barbara A. Rakel, T. Brennan, K. Herer, L. Fink, and A. Riesselman

Teaching the abyss: living the art-science of nursing, Sandra L. Ramey and S. S. Bunkers

Using a written communication rubric to improve students' writing, Sandra L. Ramey, L. VandeVusse, and M. Gosline

Entrepreneurial program of research and service to improve nursing home care, M. J. Rantz, D. R. Mehr, L. Hicks, Jill Scott-Cawiezell, G. F. Petroski, R. W. Madsen, R. Porter, and M. Zwygart-Stauffacher

Variations across field settings in the use of the indicators for nursing outcomes classification outcomes, D. Reed, Sue Moorhead, M. Johnson, and Meridean Maas

Research as spiritual covenant, E. M. Salois, P. A. Holkup, Toni Tripp-Reimer, and C. Weinert

Integrating molecular genetics analyses into clinical research, D. L. Schutte, Ann Marie McCarthy, M. Floria-Santos, KIrsten M. Hanrahan, J. C. Murray, and Charmaine Kleiber

Nursing home safety: a review of the literature, Jill Scott-Cawiezell and A. Vogelsmeier

Moving from a culture of blame to a culture of safety in the nursing home setting, Jill Scott-Cawiezell, A. Vogelsmeier, C. McKenney, M. Rantz, L. Hicks, and D. Zellmer

Race/ethnicity and perinatal depressed mood, Lisa S. Segre, M. E. Losch, and M. W. O'Hara

PTSD and physical comorbidity among women receiving Medicaid: Results from service-use data, J. S. Seng, M. Kathleen Clark, Ann Marie McCarthy, and D. L. Ronis

Anesthesia concerns for children with tuberous sclerosis, S. Septer, E. S. Thompson, and Ann Willemsen-Dunlap

Anesthesia concerns for children with tuberous sclerosis, S. Septer, E. S. Thompson, and Ann Willemsen-Dunlap

Disciplinary perspectives in doing fieldwork, Lisa Skemp Kelley

PDAs in the nursing curriculum: providing data for internal funding, C. M. Smith and Robin E. Pattillo

Application of the Progressively Lowered Stress Threshold model across the continuum of care, Marianne Smith, G. R. Hall, L. Gerdner, and Kathleen C. Buckwalter

Innovations in geriatric nursing curricula: experiences from the John A. Hartford Foundation Centers of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, E. Souder, S. H. Kagan, L. Hansen, L. Macera, Paula R. Mobily, and D. White

Ratings and rankings: judging the evaluation of quality, V. D. Sousa, T. J. Cooksey-James, and Martha Driessnack

Untitled, V. D. Sousa, T. J. Cooksey-James, and Martha Driessnack

Letter to the editor... Ratings and rankings: judging the evaluation of quality, V. D. Sousa, TJ Cooksey-James, and Martha Driessnack


How to write an abstract for a manuscript publication, V. D. Sousa, Martha Driessnack, and M. Floria-Santos

Methodologic issues linking patient outcomes to individual nurse characteristics, Janet K. Specht, C. A. Scherb, and J. Loes

Becoming a registered nurse: the nurse extern experience, K. Starr and Virginia M. Conley

Double gloving fro surgical procedures: An evidence-based practice project, L. L. Stebral and Victoria M. Steelman

Using the model of mapping Nursing Outcomes Classification (NOC) to the International Classification of Functioning, disability and health (ICF) to map NANDA, NIC and NOC, Elizabeth A. Swanson, Sue Moorhead, M. Johnson, and Meridean Maas

Culturally competent care for older adults: we are making progress, Elizabeth University of Iowa Swanson

Case managers' roles and functions: Commission for Case Manager Certification's 2004 research, part II, H. A. Tahan, W. T. Downey, and Diane L. Huber

The CCMC's national study of case manager job descriptions: an understanding of the activities, role relationships, knowledges, skills, and abilities, H. A. Tahan and Diane L. Huber

Case managers' roles and functions: Commission for Case Manager Certification's 2004 Research, Part I, H. A. Tahan, Diane L. Huber, and W. T. Downey

Medication error reporting in LTC, A. Vogelsmeier and Jill Scott-Cawiezell

Patient and parent/guardian perspectives on the health care of adults with mental retardation, Sarah C. Voss Horrell, William E. MacLean Jr., and Virginia M. Conley

Accessing asthma care: a case study of urban children, Andrea S. Wallace

Evaluation of the Revised Faces Pain Scale, Verbal Descriptor Scale, Numeric Rating Scale, and Iowa Pain Thermometer in older minority adults, L. J. Ware, C. D. Epps, Keela A. Herr, and A. Packard


Description of the methodology used in an ongoing pediatric care interventional study of children born with cleft lip and palate in South America [NCT00097149, G. L. Wehby, E. E. Castilla, N. Goco, M. Rittler, V. Cosentino, L. Javois, Ann Marie McCarthy, G. Bobashev, S. Litavecz, A. Mariona, G. Dutra, J. S. Lopez-Camelo, I. M. Orioli, and J. C. Murray

Ethics, policy, and educational issues in genetic testing, Janet K. Williams, H. Skirton, and A. Masny

A book review of de Bot and Makoni, Language and aging in multilingual contexts, Kristine N. Williams

Extending influence in gerontological nursing through partnerships: experiences from the John A. Hartford Foundation Centers of Geriatric Nursing Excellence, H. M. Young, Elizabeth A. Swanson, K. Richards, M. I. Wallhagen, P. Archbold, M. Spool, and M. Flaherty-Robb

Publications from 2005

Evidence-based practice and school nursing, S. Adams and Ann Marie McCarthy

Physician To Physician: Satisfaction Study, Richard J. Bogue, D Daniels-Kranz, H Paolini, and R Barfield

Hospice methods to measure and analyze nursing-sensitive patient outcomes, Jane M. Brokel and F. Hoffman

Mapping parish nurse documentation into the nursing interventions classification: a research method, L. Burkhart, R. Konicek, Sue Moorhead, and I. Androwich

Innovations column, Howard K. Butcher

The unitary field pattern portrait research method: facets, processes, and findings, Howard K. Butcher

Depression and dispiritedness in later life: a 'gray drizzle of horror' isn't inevitable, Howard K. Butcher and M. McGonigal-Kenney

Mutations near amino end of alpha1(I) collagen cause combined osteogenesis imperfecta/Ehlers-Danlos syndrome by interference with N-propeptide processing, W. A. Cabral, E. Makareeva, A. Colige, A. D. Letocha, J. M. Ty, H. N. Yeowell, G. Pals, S. Leikin, and J. C. Marini