Publications by faculty and researchers in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.


Publications from 2011

Inactivation of Bardet-Biedl syndrome genes causes kidney defects, Deng-Fu Guo, Andreas M. Beyer, Baoli Yang, Darryl Y. Nishimura, Val C. Sheffield, and Kamal Rahmouni

Sexual function before and after non-surgical treatment for stress urinary incontinence, V. L. Handa, E. Whitcomb, A. C. Weidner, I. Nygaard, L. Brubaker, Catherine S. Bradley, M. F. Paraiso, J. Schaffer, H. M. Zyczynski, M. Zhang, and H. E. Richter

Five-years of a mandatory single-embryo transfer (mSET) policy dramatically reduces twinning rate without lowering pregnancy rates, J. D. Kresowik, B. J. Stegmann, Amy E.T. Sparks, Ginny L. Ryan, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Ovarian Cancer Detection, Kimberly K. Leslie and D. Bender

Social isolation is associated with elevated tumor norepinephrine in ovarian carcinoma patients., Susan K. Lutgendorf, Koen De Geest, Laila Dahmoush, Donna Farley, Frank Penedo, David P. Bender, Michael J. Goodheart, Thomas E. Buekers, Luis Mendez, Gina Krueger, Lauren Clevenger, David M. Lubaroff, Anil K. Sood, and Steve W. Cole

Identification of apolipoprotein A1 in the human embryonic secretome, Lindsay M. Mains, Lane Christenson, Baoli Yang, Amy E.T. Sparks, Satya Mathur, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

In vitro fertilization patients support a single blastocyst transfer policy, S. Martini, Bradley J. Van Voorhis, B. J. Stegmann, Amy E.T. Sparks, T. Shochet, M. B. Zimmerman, and Ginny L. Ryan

Knockdown of MTDH sensitizes endometrial cancer cells to cell death induction by death receptor ligand TRAIL and HDAC inhibitor LBH589 co-treatment, Xiangbing Meng, Pavla Brachova, Shujie Yang, Zhi Xiong, Yuping Zhang, Khristina W. Thiel, and Kimberly K. Leslie

Docetaxel plus trabectedin appears active in recurrent or persistent ovarian and primary peritoneal cancer after up to three prior regimens: A phase II study of the Gynecologic Oncology Group, Bradley J. Monk, Michael W. Sill, Parviz Hanjani, Robert Edwards, Jacob Rotmensch, Koen De Geest, Albert J. Bonebrake, and Joan L. Walker

Zmiz1 is overexpressed in epithelial ovarian cancer and associated with p53 gene mutations, N. Nadkarni, L. Rogers, M. Samuelson, T. Neff, D. Bender, A. Ahmed, Koen De Geest, A. Button, A. Dupuy, and Michael Goodheart

Small Cell Carcinoma of the Uterine Cervix: A Single-Center Experience, Boris G. Naraev, Michael J. Goodheart, Thomas M. O'Dorisio, and Thorvardur R. Halfdanarson

Conception and Prenatal Development, Jennifer R. Niebyl

Nedd4-2 Modulates Renal Na+-Cl- Cotransporter via the Aldosterone-SGK1-Nedd4-2 Pathway, Juan Pablo Arroyo, Dagmara Lagnaz, Caroline Ronzaud, Norma Vazquez, Benjamin S. Ko, Lauren Moddes, Dorothee Ruffieux-Daidie, Pierrette Hausel, Robert Koesters, Baoli Yang, John B. Stokes, Robert S. Hoover, Gerardo Gamba, and Olivier Staub

The ubiquitin ligase adaptor Ndfip1 regulates T cell-mediated gastrointestinal inflammation and inflammatory bowel disease susceptibility., H. E. Ramon, C. R. Riling, J. Bradfield, Baoli Yang, H. Hakonarson, and P. M. Oliver

At midgestation fetal cardiac exam is possible in most of the morbidly obese and super obese pregnant women, Asha Rijhsinghani and Diedre Fleener

Lymphoid Enhancing Factor 1 (Lef-1) is Over Expressed in Benign Endometria as Body Mass Index Increases, E. M. Rosenbluth, D. N. Shelton, T. L. Neff, Bradley J. Van Voorhis, and M. J. Goodheart

Establishing of a Pay for Performance Program for in Vitro Fertilization (Ivf), E. M. Rosenbluth, Amy E.T. Sparks, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Evolving Role of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, Evan M. Rosenbluth and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

The Evolving Role of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, E. Rosenbluth and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Social networking sites: how something you do for fun can be so bad, Ginny L. Ryan

Lifetime sexual assault and cervical cytologic abnormalities among military women, A. G. Sadler, M. A. Mengeling, Craig H. Syrop, J. C. Torner, and B. M. Booth

Efficacy of polymeric encapsulated C5a peptidase-based group B streptococcus vaccines in a murine model, Donna A. Santillan, K. K. Rai, Mark K. Santillan, Y. Krishnamachari, A. K. Salem, and S. K. Hunter

An inhibitor of K+ channels modulates human endometrial tumor-initiating cells, B. M. Schickling, N. Aykin-Burns, Kimberly K. Leslie, D. R. Spitz, and V. P. Korovkina

Medical, ethical, and legal considerations in fertility preservation, Divya K. Shah, Edward Goldman, and Senait Fisseha

Obstructed hemivagina and ipsilateral renal anomaly (OHVIRA) syndrome with a single uterus, Divya K. Shah and Marc R. Laufer

Scientific Investigation of Endometriosis among Adolescents, Divya K. Shah and Stacey A. Missmer

Effect of Obesity on Oocyte and Embryo Quality in Women Undergoing In Vitro Fertilization, Divya K. Shah, Stacey A. Missmer, Katharine F. Berry, Catherine Racowsky, and Elizabeth S. Ginsburg

A single-institution evaluation of factors important in fallopian tube carcinoma recurrence and survival., Alireza A. Shamshirsaz, Thomas Buekers, Koen De Geest, David P. Bender, Gideon Zamba, and Michael J. Goodheart

Laparoscopic Management of Chemical Peritonitis Caused by Dermoid Cyst Spillage, Alireza A. Shamshirsaz, Amirhoushang A. Shamshirsaz, Jill L. Vibhakar, Christina Broadwell, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Cadherins, catenins and cell cycle regulators: impact on survival in a Gynecologic Oncology Group phase II endometrial cancer trial, M. Singh, K. M. Darcy, W. E. Brady, R. Clubwala, Z. Weber, J. V. Rittenbach, A. Akalin, C. W. Whitney, R. Zaino, N. C. Ramirez, and Kimberly K. Leslie

The impact of a gonadotropin-releasing hormone antagonist on gonadotropin ovulation induction cycles in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: a prospective randomized study, L. A. Stadtmauer, A. Sarhan, Eyup Hakan Duran, H. Beydoun, S. Bocca, B. Pultz, and S. Oehninger

Benign Disorders of the Vulva, Colleen Kennedy Stockdale and L. A. Boardman

Evaluation and treatment of postmenopausal dyspareunia, Colleen Kennedy Stockdale and L. A. Boardman

Gynecologic Ultrasound, M. R. Thomas and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

A Gynecologic Oncology Group phase II trial of the protein kinase C-beta inhibitor, enzastaurin and evaluation of markers with potential predictive and prognostic value in persistent or recurrent epithelial ovarian and primary peritoneal malignancies, Lydia Usha, Michael W. Sill, Kathleen M. Darcy, Doris M. Benbrook, Jean A. Hurteau, David P. Michelin, Robert S. Mannel, Parviz Hanjani, Koen De Geest, and Andrew K. Godwin

Increased expression of the epithelial sodium channel (ENaC) in the brain and enhanced BP response to central sodium mediated by brain ENaC in mice with a knockout of the neural precursor cell and developmentally downregulated 4-2 gene (Nedd4-2-/-), James W. Van Huysse, Baoli Yang, and Frans Leenen

Salt-Induced Hypertension in a Mouse Model of Liddle's Syndrome Is Mediated by Epithelial Sodium Channels in the Brain, James Van Huysse, Baoli Yang, and Frans H. Leenen

What should the urologist know about female infertility?, Bradley J. Van Voorhis

CGRP induction in cystic fibrosis airways alters the submucosal gland progenitor cell niche in mice, Weiliang Xie, John T. Fisher, Thomas J. Lynch, Meihui Luo, Turan I.A. Evans, Traci L. Neff, Weihong Zhou, Long Zhang, Yi Ou, Nigel W. Bunnett, Andrew F. Russo, Michael Goodheart, Kalpaj R. Parekh, Xiaoming Liu, and John F. Engelhardt

Compensatory Induction of Cgrp in Cystic Fibrosis Airways Alters the Biologic Properties of the Submucosal Gland Progenitor Cell Niche, W. Xie, J. T. Fisher, T. J. Lynch, M. Luo, T. I. Evans, T. Neff, W. Zhou, Y. Zhang, Y. Ou, N. W. Bunnett, A. F. Russo, Michael Goodheart, K. R. Parekh, X. Liu, and J. F. Engelhardt

Endometrial cancer: reviving progesterone therapy in the molecular age, S. Yang, K. W. Thiel, Koen De Geest, and Kimberly K. Leslie

Progesterone: the ultimate endometrial tumor suppressor, S. Yang, K. W. Thiel, and Kimberly Leslie

A mechanism for synergy with combined mTOR and PI3 kinase inhibitors, S. Yang, X. Xiao, Xiangbing Meng, and Kimberly K. Leslie

Development of a phylogenetic tree model to investigate the role of genetic mutations in endometrial tumors, G. Zhang, B. B. Beck, W. Luo, F. Wu, S. F. Kingsmore, and Donghai Dai

Selective suppression of cervical cancer Hela cells by 2-O-beta-d-glucopyranosyl-l-ascorbic acid isolated from the fruit of Lycium barbarum L., Zhiping Zhang, Xiaoming Liu, Tao Wu, Junhong Liu, Xu Zhang, Xueyun Yang, Michael J. Goodheart, John F. Engelhardt, and Yujiong Wang

Publications from 2010

EGFR isoforms and gene regulation in human endometrial cancer cells, L. Albitar, G. Pickett, M. Morgan, J. A. Wilken, N. J. Maihle, and Kimberly K. Leslie

Sling procedures after repair of obstetric vesicovaginal fistula in Niamey, Niger, C. J. Ascher-Walsh, T. L. Capes, Y. Lo, A. Idrissa, J. Wilkinson, K. Echols, B. Crawford, and Rene R. Genadry

DNA fragmentation of normal spermatozoa negatively impacts embryo quality and intracytoplasmic sperm injection outcome., Conrado Avendaño, Anahí Franchi, E. Hakan Duran, and Sergio Oehninger


Risk of Early and Late Obstetric Complications in Women with IVF-Conceived Pregnancies and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), N. Bagegni, J. Blaine, Bradley J. Van Voorhis, and A. Dokras

Detection of enlarged yolk sac on early ultrasound is associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes, D. M. Berdahl, J. Blaine, Bradley J. Van Voorhis, and A. Dokras

Successful use of maternal blood in the management of severe hemolytic disease of the fetus and newborn due to anti-Kp(b), M. J. Bleile, Asha Rijhsinghani, D. M. Dwyre, and T. J. Raife

Pessaries and devices: Non-surgical treatment of pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence, Catherine S. Bradley

Urinary Incontinence Self-Report Questions: Reproducibility and Agreement with Bladder Diary, Catherine S. Bradley, Jeanette S. Brown, Stephen K. Van den Eeden, Michael Schembri, Arona Ragins, and David H. Thom

The questionnaire for urinary incontinence diagnosis (QUID): validity and responsiveness to change in women undergoing non-surgical therapies for treatment of stress predominant urinary incontinence, Catherine S. Bradley, D. D. Rahn, I. E. Nygaard, M. D. Barber, C. W. Nager, K. S. Kenton, N. Y. Siddiqui, R. B. Abel, C. Spino, and H. E. Richter

Patient-reported peripheral neuropathy of doxorubicin and cisplatin with and without paclitaxel in the treatment of advanced endometrial cancer: Results from GOG 184, David Cella, Helen Huang, Howard D. Homesley, Anthony Montag, Ritu Salani, Koen De Geest, Roger Lee, and Nick M. Spirtos

The effect of age on the expression of apoptosis biomarkers in human spermatozoa, A. Colin, G. Barroso, N. Gomez-Lopez, Eyup Hakan Duran, and S. Oehninger

Nedd4-2-Mediated Ubiquitination Facilitates Processing of Surfactant Protein-C, Juliana J. Conkright, Karen S. Apsley, Emily P. Martin, Ross Ridsdale, Ward R. Rice, Cheng-Lun Na, Baoli Yang, and Timothy E. Weaver

Phase II clinical trial of ixabepilone in patients with recurrent or persistent platinum- and taxane-resistant ovarian or primary peritoneal cancer: a gynecologic oncology group study, Koen De Geest, J. A. Blessing, R. T. Morris, S. D. Yamada, B. J. Monk, S. L. Zweizig, D. Matei, C. Y. Muller, and W. E. Richards

Impact of male age on the outcome of assisted reproductive technology cycles using donor oocytes, Eyup Hakan Duran, D. Dowling-Lacey, S. Bocca, L. Stadtmauer, and S. Oehninger

Variations in Gestational Age at Delivery and Birth Weight in Infants Born After Assisted Reproductive Technologies Based on Maternal Infertility Diagnoses., E. E. Eppsteiner, B. Stegmann, Bradley J. Van Voorhis, J. Blaine, and Amy E.T. Sparks

Semen quality in fertile men in relation to psychosocial stress, A. L. Gollenberg, F. Liu, C. Brazil, E. Z. Drobnis, D. Guzick, J. W. Overstreet, J. B. Redmon, Amy E.T. Sparks, C. Wang, and S. H. Swan

Effects of colpocleisis on bowel symptoms among women with severe pelvic organ prolapse, R. E. Gutman, Catherine S. Bradley, W. Ye, A. D. Markland, W. E. Whitehead, and M. P. Fitzgerald

Vitamin d deficiency in cystic fibrosis, W. B. Hall, Amy E.T. Sparks, and R. M. Aris

Asthma in pregnancy: pathophysiology, diagnosis and management., Abbey J. Hardy-Fairbanks and Emily R. Baker

A mouse model of osteochondromagenesis from clonal inactivation of Ext1 in chondrocytes, Kevin B. Jones, Virginia Piombo, Charles Searby, Gail Kurriger, Baoli Yang, Florian Grabellus, Peter J. Roughley, Jose A. Morcuende, Joseph A. Buckwalter, Mario R. Capecchi, Andrea Vortkamp, and Val C. Sheffield

Serum inhibin-b in fertile men is strongly correlated with low but not high sperm counts: a coordinated study of 1,797 European and US men, N. Jorgensen, F. Liu, A. M. Andersson, M. Vierula, D. S. Irvine, J. Auger, C. K. Brazil, E. Z. Drobnis, T. K. Jensen, P. Jouannet, J. W. Overstreet, J. B. Redmon, Amy E.T. Sparks, J. Toppari, C. Wang, N. E. Skakkebaek, and S. H. Swan

Embryo transfer practices in the United States: a survey of clinics registered with the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology, E. S. Jungheim, Ginny L. Ryan, E. D. Levens, A. F. Cunningham, G. A. Macones, K. R. Carson, A. N. Beltsos, and R. R. Odem

Skewed X inactivation and IVF-conceived infants, Jennifer L. King, Baoli Yang, Amy E.T. Sparks, Lindsay M. Mains, Jeffrey C. Murray, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Five-Year Experience with a Single Embryo Transfer (Set) Policy, J. D.K. Kresowik, B. J. Stegmann, Amy E.T. Sparks, G. L. Ryan, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Sox17 modulates Wnt3A/beta-catenin-mediated transcriptional activation of the Lef-1 promoter, Xiaoming Liu, Meihui Luo, Weiliang Xie, James M. Wells, Michael J. Goodheart, and John F. Engelhardt

Amifostine enhancement of the anti-cancer effects of paclitaxel in endometrial cancer is TP53-dependent, W. Luo, F. Wu, R. Elmaoued, B. B. Beck, E. Fischer, Xiangbing Meng, Kimberly K. Leslie, and Donghai Dai

Preservation of immune function in cervical cancer patients during chemoradiation using a novel integrative approach., Susan K. Lutgendorf, Elizabeth Mullen-Houser, Daniel Russell, Koen De Geest, Geraldine Jacobson, Laura Hart, David P. Bender, Barrie Anderson, Thomas E. Buekers, Michael J. Goodheart, Michael H. Antoni, Anil K. Sood, and David M. Lubaroff

Embryo Transfer in IVF: Evidence-Based Clinical Practice, Lindsay Mains and Bradley J. van Voorhis

Optimizing the technique of embryo transfer, Lindsay Mains and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Achievement test performance in children conceived by IVF, L. Mains, M. Zimmerman, J. Blaine, B. Stegmann, Amy E.T. Sparks, T. Ansley, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

GOG 175: A Randomized phase III trial of IV carboplatin (AUC 6) and paclitaxel 175 mg/m(2) Q 21 days x 3 courses plus low-dose paclitaxel 40 mg/m(2)/wk versus IV carboplatin (AUC 6) and paclitaxel 175 mg/m(2) Q 21 days x 3 courses plus observation in patients with early-stage ovarian carcinoma, R. Mannel, M. Brady, E. Kohn, P. Hanjani, M. Hiura, R. Lee, Koen De Geest, D. Cohn, B. Monk, and H. Michael

Are environmental levels of bisphenol a associated with reproductive function in fertile men?, J. Mendiola, N. Jorgensen, A. M. Andersson, A. M. Calafat, X. Ye, J. B. Redmon, E. Z. Drobnis, C. Wang, Amy E.T. Sparks, S. W. Thurston, F. Liu, and S. H. Swan

IKK inhibitor bay 11-7082 induces necroptotic cell death in precursor-B acute lymphoblastic leukaemic blasts, Xiangbing Meng, Marina A. Martinez, Mary A. Raymond-Stintz, Stuart S. Winter, and Bridget S. Wilson

Direct Comparison of Dll1-and Dll4-Mediated Notch Activation Levels Shows Differential Lymphomyeloid Lineage Commitment Outcomes, Mahmood Mohtashami, Divya K. Shah, Hiroshi Nakase, Korosh Kianizad, Howard T. Petrie, and Juan Carlos Zuniga-Pflucker

A phase I study with an expanded cohort to assess the feasibility of intraperitoneal carboplatin and intravenous paclitaxel in untreated ovarian, fallopian tube, and primary peritoneal carcinoma: A Gynecologic Oncology Group study, M. Morgan, M. Sill, K. Fujiwara, B. Geer, S. Rubin, Koen De Geest, S. Yamada, S. Waggoner, R. Coleman, J. Walker, and R. Mannel

The role of angiogenic markers in stage III and IV ovarian cancer and their association with mutations of the p53 gene, N. Nadkarni, D. Bender, T. Buekers, Koen De Geest, M. Zimmerman, and Michael Goodheart

Clinical practice. Nausea and vomiting in pregnancy, Jennifer R. Niebyl

Nausea and Vomiting in Pregnancy, Jennifer R. Niebyl

Serum biomarker panels for the discrimination of benign from malignant cases in patients with an adnexal mass, Brian Nolen, Liudmila Velikokhatnaya, Adele Marrangoni, Koen De Geest, Aleksey Lomakin, Robert C. Bast Jr., and Anna Lokshin

Identification and Functional Analysis of the Vision-Specific BBS3 (ARL6) Long Isoform, Pamela R. Pretorius, Lisa M. Baye, Darryl Y. Nishimura, Charles C. Searby, Kevin Bugge, Baoli Yang, Robert F. Mullins, Edwin M. Stone, Val C. Sheffield, and Diane C. Slusarski

Ndfip1 Regulates T Cell-mediated Gastrointestinal Inflammation and Susceptibility to Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Hilda Ramon, Christopher Riling, Baoli Yang, Hakon Hakonarson, Jonathan Bradfield, and Paula Oliver

Continence pessary compared with behavioral therapy or combined therapy for stress incontinence: a randomized controlled trial, H. E. Richter, K. L. Burgio, L. Brubaker, I. E. Nygaard, W. Ye, A. Weidner, Catherine S. Bradley, V. L. Handa, D. Borello-France, P. S. Goode, H. Zyczynski, E. S. Lukacz, J. Schaffer, M. Barber, S. Meikle, and C. Spino

Indoleamine 2,3 Dioxygenase (IDO) Deficiency Results: in Vascular Dysfunction and Proteinuria in Pregnancy, Mark K. Santillan, Christopher J. Pelham, Pimonrat Ketsawatsomkron, Donna A. Santillan, Baoli Yang, Stephen K. Hunter, and Curt D. Sigmund

Fetal effects of drugs commonly used in critical care, Mark Santillan and J. Yankowitx

Bariatric surgery and fertility, Divya K. Shah and Elizabeth S. Ginsburg

Thiazolidinediones decrease vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) production by human luteinized granulosa cells in vitro, Divya K. Shah, K. M.J. Menon, Lourdes M. Cabrera, Anjel Vahratian, Shahryar K. Kavoussi, and Dan I. Lebovic

Epidemiology of endometriosis, Divya K. Shah and S. A. Missmer

Public perceptions of endometriosis: perspectives from both genders, Divya K. Shah, Molly B. Moravek, Anjel Vahratian, Vanessa K. Dalton, and Dan I. Lebovic

Effects of exogenous testosterone supplementation in gonadotrophin stimulated cycles, Christopher S. Sipe, Mika R. Thomas, Barbara J. Stegmann, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Social cognition, empathy and functional outcome in schizophrenia, Amy E.T. Sparks, S. McDonald, B. Lino, M. O'Donnell, and M. J. Green

Intestinal lymphangiectasia mimicking primary peritoneal carcinoma., Jennifer C. Steines, Joshua H. Larson, Neal Wilkinson, Patricia Kirby, and Michael J. Goodheart

Clinical spectrum of desquamative inflammatory vaginitis., Colleen Kennedy Stockdale

Clinical predictors of human blastocyst formation and pregnancy after extended embryo culture and transfer, M. R. Thomas, Amy E.T. Sparks, Ginny L. Ryan, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

A Gynecologic Oncology Group phase II trial of the protein kinase C-beta inhibitor enzastaurin and evaluation of markers with potential predictive and prognostic value in persistent or recurrent epithelial ovarian and primary peritoneal malignancies, L. Usha, M. Sill, K. Darcy, D. Benbrook, J. Hurteau, D. Michelin, R. Mannel, P. Hanjani, Koen De Geest, and A. Godwin

AIUM practice guideline for the performance of pelvic ultrasound examinations., Bradley J. Van Voorhis