Publications by faculty and researchers in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.


Publications from 2010

Cost-effectiveness of IVF compared to other infertility treatments; a United States perspective, Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Suggestions and comments for optimizing embryo transfer Reply, Bradley J. Van Voorhis and Lindsay Mains

Ethical Obligation for restricting the number of embryos transferred to women: combating the multiple-birth epidemic for IVF, Bradley J. Van Voorhis and G. Ryan

Ethical obligation for restricting the number of embryos transferred to women: combating the multiple-birth epidemic from in vitro fertilization, Bradley J. Van Voorhis and Ginny L. Ryan

What do consistently high-performing in vitro fertilization programs in the US do?, Bradley J. Van Voorhis, Mika Thomas, Eric S. Surrey, and Amy E.T. Sparks

Essential Roles of an Intercalated Disc Protein, mXin beta, in Postnatal Heart Growth and Survival, Qinchuan Wang, Jenny Li-Chun Lin, Benjamin E. Reinking, Han-Zhong Feng, Fu-Chi Chan, Cheng-I Lin, Jian-Ping Jin, Elisabeth A. Gustafson-Wagner, Thomas D. Scholz, Baoli Yang, and Jim Jung-Ching Lin

Diurnal cortisol dysregulation, functional disability, and depression in women with ovarian cancer., Aliza Z. Weinrib, Sandra E. Sephton, Koen De Geest, Frank Penedo, David P. Bender, Bridget Zimmerman, Clemens Kirschbaum, Anil K. Sood, David M. Lubaroff, and Susan K. Lutgendorf

Cftr Defects in Airway Submucosal Glands Alter Properties of the Glandular Stem/progenitor Cell Niche, W. Xie, X. Liu, T. L. Neff, W. Zhou, O. Yi, Michael J. Goodheart, and J. F. Engelhardt

Nedd4 and Nedd4-2: closely related ubiquitin-protein ligases with distinct physiological functions., Baoli Yang and S. Kumar

The Basques in the genetic landscape of Europe, K. Young, A. Apraiz, Eric J. Devor, M. Grose, G. Sun, R. Deka, and M. H. Crawford

Theoretical prediction of induction period from transient pore evolvement in polyester-based microparticles, A. Zhao, Stephen K. Hunter, and V. G. Rodgers

Publications from 2009

Eating disorders in the obstetric and gynecologic patient population, A. E. Andersen and Ginny L. Ryan

Temporal and spatial expression patterns for the tumor suppressor Maspin and its binding partner interferon regulatory factor 6 during breast development, Caleb M. Bailey, Naira V. Margaryan, Daniel E. Abbott, Brian C. Schutte, Baoli Yang, Zhila Khalkhali-Ellis, and Mary J.C. Hendrix

Topical magnesium sulfate for cervical dystocia... Lau S, Rijhsinghani A. Extensive cervical prolapse during labor: a case report. J Reprod Med 2008;53:67-9, L. V. Baxi, C. A. Walsh, and Asha Rijhsinghani

Pilot data: association between gluteus medius weakness and low back pain during pregnancy, K. J. Bewyer, D. C. Bewyer, D. Messenger, and Colleen M. Kennedy

ACOG Clinical Updates in Women’s Health Care: Vulvar Disorders, L. A. Boardman and Colleen Kennedy Stockdale

Sexual Pain, Lori A. Boardman and Colleen Kennedy Stockdale

Evaluation of New Platinum-Based Treatment Regimens in Advanced-Stage Ovarian Cancer: A Phase III Trial of the Gynecologic Cancer InterGroup, Michael A. Bookman, Mark F. Brady, William P. McGuire, Peter G. Harper, David S. Alberts, Michael Friedlander, Nicoletta Colombo, Jeffrey M. Fowler, Peter A. Argenta, Koen De Geest, David G. Mutch, Robert A. Burger, Ann Marie Swart, Edward L. Trimble, Chrisann Accario-Winslow, and Lawrence M. Roth

Biennial Review of Infertility, D. T. Carrell, C. Racowsky, B. V. Schlegel, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Incidence of anti-heparin/platelet factor 4 antibodies and heparin-induced thrombocytopenia in medical patients [Turkish], M. Demir, E. Tekgündüz, M. Edis, Eyup Hakan Duran, and T. Kürüm

Methodologies for in vitro cloning of small RNAs and application for plant genome(s)., Eric J. Devor, Lingyan Huang, Abdusattor Abdukarimov, and Ibrokhim Y. Abdurakhmonov

Marsupial-specific microRNAs evolved from marsupial-specific transposable elements, Eric J. Devor, A. S. Peek, W. Lanier, and P. B. Samollow

The art and science of embryo transfer: what information are we lacking?, E. Hakan Duran and S. Bocca

BCCIP is required for the nuclear localization of the p21 protein, Jinjiang Fan, Justin Wray, Xiangbing Meng, and Zhiyuan Shen

Influence of bedrest or ambulation in the clinical treatment of acute deep vein thrombosis on patient outcomes: a review and synthesis of the literature, V. Gay, R. Hamilton, S. Heiskell, and Amy E.T. Sparks

Classification of female genito-urinary tract fistula: a comprehensive review, J. Goh, E. J. Stanford, and Rene R. Genadry

Clinical Review: Pelvic Pain, J. Golzarian, F. Youness, and Colleen Kennedy Stockdale

The role of lymphoid-enhancing factor 1 (Lef-1) in endometrial gland morphogenesis, Michael J. Goodheart, T. Neff, S. Yeun-Park, X. Liu, W. Xie, Koen De Geest, David P. Bender, T. E. Buekers, and J. F. Engelhardt

BRCA2 alteration is important in clear cell carcinoma of the ovary, Michael J. Goodheart, S. L. Rose, M. Hattermann-Zogg, B. J. Smith, B. R. De Young, and R. E. Buller

Pelvic organ support among primiparous women in the first year after childbirth, Victoria L. Handa, Ingrid Nygaard, Kimberly Kenton, Geoffrey W. Cundiff, Chiara Ghetti, Wen Ye, and Holly E. Richter

Magnetic resonance assessment of pelvic anatomy and pelvic floor disorders after childbirth, V. L. Handa, M. E. Lockhart, K. S. Kenton, Catherine S. Bradley, J. R. Fielding, G. W. Cundiff, C. G. Salomon, C. Hakim, W. Ye, and H. E. Richter

Divalent metal transporter 1 (DMT1) regulation by Ndfip1 prevents metal toxicity in human neurons, Jason Howitt, Ulrich Putz, Jenny Lackovic, Anh Doan, Loretta Dorstyn, Hong Cheng, and Baoli Yang

Thromboembolic events in patients with cervical carcinoma: Incidence and effect on survival, Geraldine Jacobson, John Lammli, Gideon Zarnba, Lei Hua, and Michael J. Goodheart

Counselors Needed STAT, N. Y. Julian and Veronika E.B. Kolder

Histopathology of recurrent mechanical fissure of the fourchette, Colleen M. Kennedy, Elizabeth Manion, Rudolph P. Galask, and Jo Benda

Prevalence of vulvar and vaginal symptoms during pregnancy and the puerperium, Colleen M. Kennedy, A. M. Turcea, and Catherine S. Bradley

Cloning and Characterization of the DHDPS Gene Encoding the Lysine Biosynthetic Enzyme Dihydrodipocolinate Synthase from Zizania latifolia (Griseb), Fanna Kong, Shaomei Jiang, Xiangbing Meng, Chengli Song, Jinfeng Shi, Demin Jin, Shaolin Jiang, and Bin Wang

DWARF27, an Iron-Containing Protein Required for the Biosynthesis of Strigolactones, Regulates Rice Tiller Bud Outgrowth, Hao Lin, Renxiao Wang, Qian Qian, Meixian Yan, Xiangbing Meng, Zhiming Fu, Cunyu Yan, Biao Jiang, Zhen Su, Jiayang Li, and Yonghong Wang

Short panicle1 encodes a putative PTR family transporter and determines rice panicle size, Shengben Li, Qian Qian, Zhiming Fu, Dali Zeng, Xiangbing Meng, Junko Kyozuka, Masahiko Maekawa, Xudong Zhu, Jian Zhang, Jiayang Li, and Yonghong Wang

Progress toward Generating a Transgenic CRE-Reporter Ferret Model To Study Stem/Progenitor Cell Lineage Relationships in the Lung, Xiaoming Liu, Xingshen Sun, Meihui Luo, Yalin Yi, Michael J. Goodheart, Kalpaj R. Parekh, and John F. Engelhardt

Sextuplets: an unusual complication of single embryo transfer, L. Mains, Ginny L. Ryan, Amy E.T. Sparks, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Conception and Prenatal Development, Jennifer R. Niebyl

Indian hedgehog (Ihh) both promotes and restricts thymocyte differentiation, Susan V. Outram, Ariadne L. Hager-Theodorides, Divya K. Shah, Nicola J. Rowbotham, Ekati Drakopoulou, Susan E. Ross, Beate Lanske, Johannes T. Dessens, and Tessa Crompton

Malignant pericardial effusion with cardiac tamponade in ovarian adenocarcinoma, Emily E. Petersen, Alireza A. Shamshirsaz, Theresa M. Brennan, Elaine M. Demetroulis, and Michael J. Goodheart

The natural history of prenatal ultrasound findings in Prader-Willi syndrome-identification of a severe neonatal phenotype, Asha Rijhsinghani and Kristi Borowski

Cancer in Pregnancy, S. Sadanandan, T. Hurley, C. Miller, C. Verschtaegen, and Kimberly K. Leslie

Cell encapsulation as a potential nondietary therapy for maternal phenylketonuria, Donna A. Santillan, Mark K. Santillan, and Stephen K. Hunter

Development and characterization of an indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase (IDO) deficient mouse model of preeclampsia, Mark Santillan, Christopher Pelham, Pimonrat Ketsawatsomkron, Donna Santillan, Baoli Yang, Stephen Hunter, and Curt Sigmund

From molecules to medicine: a future cure for preeclampsia?, Mark Santillan, Donna A. Santillan, Curt D. Sigmund, and Stephen K. Hunter

Severe lead poisoning caused by use of health supplements presenting as acute abdominal pain during pregnancy, A. A. Shamshirsaz, J. Yankowitz, Asha Rijhsinghani, A. Greiner, S. A. Holstein, and Jennifer R. Niebyl

'Old' bones in young bodies: the tale of cystic fibrosis, Amy E.T. Sparks, S. J. McGee, C. E. Boone, I. P. Neuringer, S. K. Jones, and R. M. Aris

Obstetrics and Gynecology review chapter, Colleen Kennedy Stockdale and L. J. Day

Topical and Injectable Treatments, Colleen Kennedy Stockdale, C. M. Leclair, and L. A. Boardman

A 41-year-old woman with menorrhagia, anemia, and fibroids: review of treatment of uterine fibroids, Bradley J. Van Voorhis

AIUM practice guideline for ultrasonography in reproductive medicine., Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Mice defective in Trpm6 show embryonic mortality and neural tube defects, Roxanne Y. Walder, Baoli Yang, John B. Stokes, Patricia A. Kirby, Xiao Cao, Peijun Shi, Charles C. Searby, Russell F. Husted, and Val C. Sheffield

Preservation of Intracellular Renin Expression Is Insufficient to Compensate for Genetic Loss of Secreted Renin, Di Xu, Giulianna R. Borges, Justin L. Grobe, Christopher J. Pelham, Baoli Yang, and Curt D. Sigmund

Kidney Specific Regulation of Blood Pressure through Nedd4-2, Baoli Yang, Peter P. Shi, Renee X. Cao, Eileen M. Sweezer, Thomas S. Kinney, Nathan R. Williams, Russell F. Husted, and John B. Stokes

Vaginal microbiota of women with frequent vulvovaginal candidiasis, X. Zhou, R. Westman, R. Hickey, M. A. Hansmann, Colleen M. Kennedy, T. W. Osborn, and L. J. Forney

Publications from 2008

Small RNA regulation of ovule development in the cotton plant, G. hirsutum L, I. Y. Abdurakhmonov, Eric J. Devor, Z. T. Buriev, L. Huang, A. Makamov, S. E. Shermatov, T. Bozorov, F. N. Kushanov, G. T. Mavlonov, and A. Abdukarimov

Chronic hepatitis C in pregnancy, E. M. Berkley, Kimberly K. Leslie, S. Arora, C. Qualls, and J. C. Dunkelberg

Benign Vulvovaginal Disorders, L. A. Boardman and Colleen Kennedy Stockdale

Diagnosis and Management of Vulvar Skin Disorders, L. A. Boardman and Colleen Kennedy Stockdale

Management of Atypical Squamous Cells, Low-Grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions, and Cervical Intraepithelial Neoplasia 1, Lori A. Boardman and Colleen M. Kennedy

Drugs in Pregnancy, K. Borowski and Jennifer R. Niebyl

Obesity and outcomes after sacrocolpopexy, Catherine S. Bradley, K. S. Kenton, H. E. Richter, X. Gao, H. M. Zyczynski, A. M. Weber, and I. E. Nygaard

Urodynamic evaluation of the bladder and pelvic floor, Catherine S. Bradley, K. E. Smith, and K. J. Kreder

Vaginal descent and pelvic floor symptoms in postmenopausal women: a longitudinal study, Catherine S. Bradley, M. B. Zimmerman, Q. Wang, and I. E. Nygaard

Sexual function 6 months after first delivery, L. Brubaker, V. L. Handa, Catherine S. Bradley, A. Connolly, P. Moalli, M. B. Brown, and A. Weber

Nedd4 Controls Animal Growth by Regulating IGF-1 Signaling, Xiao R. Cao, Nancy L. Lill, Natasha Boase, Peijun P. Shi, David R. Croucher, Hongbo Shan, Jing Qu, Eileen M. Sweezer, Trenton Place, Patricia A. Kirby, Roger J. Daly, Sharad Kumar, and Baoli Yang

Loss of MLL PHD finger 3 is necessary for MLL-ENL-induced hematopoietic stem cell immortalization, J. Chen, Donna A. Santillan, M. Koonce, W. Wei, R. Luo, M. J. Thirman, N. J. Zeleznik-Le, and M. O. Diaz

Vascular endothelial growth factor pathway blockade in endometrial cancer, Suzy Davies, Donghai Dai, and Kimberly K. Leslie

PiRNA-like RNAs in the marsupial Monodelphis domestica identify transcription clusters and likely marsupial transposon targets, Eric J. Devor, L. Huang, and P. B. Samollow

In vitro and in silico annotation of conserved and nonconserved microRNAs in the genome of the marsupial Monodelphis domestica, Eric J. Devor and P. B. Samollow

Characterization of human sperm antigens reacting with anti-sperm antibodies from an infertile female patient's serum, H. L. Feng, Y. B. Han, Amy E.T. Sparks, and J. I. Sandlow

Pelvic support, pelvic symptoms, and patient satisfaction after colpocleisis., M. P. Fitzgerald, H. E. Richter, Catherine S. Bradley, W. Ye, A. C. Visco, G. W. Cundiff, H. M. Zyczynski, P. Fine, and A. M. Weber

Regulation of the divalent metal ion transporter DMT1 and iron homeostasis by a ubiquitin-dependent mechanism involving Ndfips and WWP2, Natalie J. Foot, Hazel E. Dalton, Linda M. Shearwin-Whyatt, Loretta Dorstyn, Seong-Seng Tan, Baoli Yang, and Sharad Kumar

Kernicterus by glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency: a case report and review of the literature, G. D. Gurrola, J. J. Araúz, Eyup Hakan Durán, M. Auilar-Medina, R. Ramos-Payán, N. García-Magallanes, G. V. Pacheco, and E. A. Meraz

Racial differences in pelvic anatomy by magnetic resonance imaging, V. L. Handa, M. E. Lockhart, J. R. Fielding, Catherine S. Bradley, L. Brubaker, G. W. Cundiff, W. Ye, and H. E. Richter

HLA class I antigen processing machinery component expression and intratumoral T-cell infiltrate as independent prognostic markers in ovarian carcinoma, Liz Y. Han, Mavis S. Fletcher, Diana L. Urbauer, Peter Mueller, Charles N. Landen, Aparna A. Kamat, Yvonne G. Lin, William M. Merritt, Whitney A. Spannuth, Michael T. Deavers, Koen De Geest, David M. Gershenson, Susan K. Lutgendorf, Soldano Ferrone, and Anil K. Sood

New approaches to external genital warts and vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia, Colleen M. Kennedy and Lori A. Boardman

Erosive Vulvar Lichen Planus A Cohort at Risk for Cancer?, Colleen M. Kennedy, Loma B. Peterson, and Rudolph P. Galask

Helping new nurses be assertive about patient safety, S. Kinsella, K. M. Bigelow, S. Romano, and Amy E.T. Sparks

A common disease-associated missense mutation in alpha-sarcoglycan fails to cause muscular dystrophy in mice, Kazuhiro Kobuke, Federica Piccolo, Keith W. Garringer, Steven A. Moore, Eileen Sweezer, Baoli Yang, and Kevin P. Campbell

Progression of atypical endometrial hyperplasia to adenocarcinoma despite intrauterine progesterone treatment with the levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system., J. Kresowik, Ginny L. Ryan, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Extensive cervical prolapse during labor: a case report, S. Lau and Asha Rijhsinghani

Female urinary incontinence: pathophysiology, methods of evaluation and role of MR imaging, K. J. Macura and Rene R. Genadry

Effect of interleukin-8 gene silencing with liposome-encapsulated small interfering RNA on ovarian cancer cell growth, William M. Merritt, Yvonne G. Lin, Whitney A. Spannuth, Mavis S. Fletcher, Aparna A. Kamat, Liz Y. Han, Charles N. Landen, Nicholas Jennings, Koen De Geest, Robert R. Langley, Gabriel Villares, Angela Sanguino, Susan K. Lutgendorf, Gabriel Lopez-Berestein, Menashe M. Bar-Eli, and Anil K. Sood

A phase II study of vorinostat in the treatment of persistent or recurrent epithelial ovarian or primary peritoneal carcinoma: a Gynecologic Oncology Group study, S. C. Modesitt, M. Sill, J. S. Hoffman, and David P. Bender

Preclinical development of a neutral, estrogen receptor-targeted, tridentate 99mTc(I)-estradiol-pyridin-2-yl hydrazine derivative for imaging of breast and endometrial cancers, T. K. Nayak, H. J. Hathaway, C. Ramesh, J. B. Arterburn, Donghai Dai, L. A. Sklar, J. P. Norenberg, and E. R. Prossnitz

The pharmaceutical industry: friend or foe?, Jennifer R. Niebyl

Teratology and Drugs in Pregnancy, Jennifer R. Niebyl and J. Simpson

Assessment of ovarian reserve with anti-Mullerian hormone: a comparison of the predictive value of anti-Mullerian hormone, follicle-stimulating hormone, inhibin B, and age, R. M. Riggs, Eyup Hakan Duran, M. W. Baker, T. D. Kimble, E. Hobeika, L. Yin, L. Matos-Bodden, B. Leader, and L. Stadtmauer

Differential Expression of Ikaros Isoforms in Monozygotic Twins With MLL-rearranged Precursor-B Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Thomas Russell, Janet M. Oliver, Bridget S. Wilson, Christy A. Tarleton, Stuart S. Winter, and Xiangbing Meng

Protective immunization in mice against group B streptococci using encapsulated C5a peptidase, Donna A. Santillan, M. E. Andracki, and Stephen K. Hunter

Preeclampsia/Eclampsia: An Immediate and Long Term Problem, Mark Santillan and Stephen K. Hunter

Primary fallopian tube cancer - 30 years experience at the University of Iowa, Alireza A. Shamshirsaz, Michael Goodheart, Gideon Zamba, David P. Bender, Thomas E. Buekers, and Koen De Geest

Salt-sensitive hypertension and cardiac hypertrophy in mice deficient in the ubiquitin ligase Nedd4-2, Peijun P. Shi, Xiao R. Cao, Eileen M. Sweezer, Thomas S. Kinney, Nathan R. Williams, Russell F. Husted, Ramesh Nair, Robert M. Weiss, Roger A. Williamson, Curt D. Sigmund, Peter M. Snyder, Olivier Staub, John B. Stokes, and Baoli Yang

A randomized clinical trial comparing immediate versus delayed clamping of the umbilical cord in preterm infants: short-term clinical and laboratory endpoints, R. G. Strauss, D. M. Mock, K. J. Johnson, G. A. Cress, L. F. Burmeister, M. B. Zimmerman, E. F. Bell, and Asha Rijhsinghani

Ultrasound assessment of the ovary in the infertile woman, Bradley J. Van Voorhis