Publications by faculty and researchers in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine.


Publications from 2006

A phase II evaluation of tirapazamine plus cisplatin in the treatment of recurrent platinum-sensitive ovarian or primary peritoneal cancer: a Gynecologic Oncology Group study., Allan Covens, John Blessing, David P. Bender, Robert Mannel, and Mark Morgan

Gene regulation profiles by progesterone and dexamethasone in human endometrial cancer Ishikawa H cells, S. Davies, Donghai Dai, G. Pickett, and Kimberly K. Leslie

Primate microRNAs miR-220 and miR-492 lie within processed pseudogenes, Eric J. Devor

Obstetric outcomes after in vitro fertilization in obese and morbidly obese women., Anuja Dokras, Lindsey Baredziak, Jill Blaine, Craig H. Syrop, Bradley J. Van Voorhis, and Amy E.T. Sparks

Obesity and insulin resistance but not hyperandrogenism mediates vascular dysfunction in women with polycystic ovary syndrome., Anuja Dokras, Dinesh H. Jagasia, Michelle Maifeld, Christine A. Sinkey, Bradley J. Van Voorhis, and William G. Haynes

Abnormal uterine bleeding: a management algorithm., John W. Ely, Colleen Kennedy Stockdale, Elizabeth C. Clark, and Noelle C. Bowdler

A urogynecologist's view ofthe pelvic floor effects of vaginal delivery/cesarean section for the urologist, Rene R. Genadry

Severe vulvar scarring in patients with erosive lichen planus: a report of 4 cases, Rene R. Genadry and T. T. Provost

Understanding a sticky situation - A retrospective case review of labial adhesions, Stephanie Girton, Colleen M. Kennedy, and Rudolph P. Galask

Targeted deletion of mXin alpha gene, encoding an intercalated disc protein, leads to cardiac hypertrophy, Elisabeth Gustafson-Wagner, Jenny Li-Chun Lin, Haley Sinn, Da-Zhi Wang, Rebecca Reiter, Baoli Yang, Roger Williamson, Ju Chen, Shannon Jaacks, and Jim Jung Ching Lin

Preoperative serum tissue factor levels are an independent prognostic factor in patients with ovarian carcinoma, L. Y. Han, C. N. Landen, A. A. Kamat, A. Lopez, David P. Bender, P. Mueller, R. Schmandt, D. M. Gershenson, and A. K. Sood

Abnormal skin, limb and craniofacial morphogenesis in mice deficient for interferon regulatory factor 6 (Irf6), Christopher R. Ingraham, Akira Kinoshita, Shinji Kondo, Baoli Yang, Samin Sajan, Kurt J. Trout, Margaret I. Malik, Martine Dunnwald, Stephen L. Goudy, Michael Lovett, Jeffrey C. Murray, and Brian C. Schutte

Risk factors for painful bladder syndrome in women seeking gynecologic care, Colleen M. Kennedy, Catherine S. Bradley, R. P. Galask, and I. E. Nygaard

Does rubella immunity predict measles immunity? A serosurvey of pregnant women, Colleen M. Kennedy, B. A. Burns, and K. A. Ault

MR imaging of the female urethra and supporting ligaments in assessment of urinary incontinence: spectrum of abnormalities, K. J. Macura, Rene R. Genadry, and D. A. Bluemke

Conception and Prenatal Development, Jennifer R. Niebyl

Sexual function in women after rectocele repair, Joseph M. Novi, Catherine S. Bradley, Gina Northington, Najjia N. Mahmoud, Mark A. Morgan, and Lily A. Arya

Ndfip1 protein promotes the function of itch ubiquitin ligase to prevent T cell activation and T helper 2 cell-mediated inflammation, Paula M. Oliver, Xiao Cao, George Scott Worthen, Peijun Shi, Natalie Briones, Megan MacLeod, Janice White, Patricia Kirby, John Kappler, Philippa Marrack, and Baoli Yang

MtDNA variation in the Altai-Kizhi population of southern Siberia: a synthesis of genetic variation, C. Phillips-Krawczak, Eric J. Devor, M. Zlojutro, K. Moffat-Wilson, and M. H. Crawford

Endoanal ultrasound findings and fecal incontinence symptoms in women with and without recognized anal sphincter tears, H. E. Richter, J. R. Fielding, Catherine S. Bradley, V. L. Handa, P. Fine, M. P. FitzGerald, A. Visco, A. Wald, C. Hakim, J. T. Wei, and A. M. Weber

Circulating anti-angiogenic proteins and uterine artery doppler at 23 weeks and 27 weeks predicts pre-term delivery, Asha Rijhsinghani, Diedre Fleener, Sarosh Rana, and Ananth Karumanchi

Repair of obstetric vesicovaginal fistulas in Africa, M. L. Roenneburg, Rene R. Genadry, and C. R. Wheeless Jr.

Epigenetic regulation of maspin expression in human ovarian carcinoma cells, Stephen L. Rose, Matthew P. Fitzgerald, Natalie O. White, Michael J. Hitchler, Bernard W. Futscher, Koen De Geest, and Frederick E. Domann

An unusual cause of adolescent dysmenorrhea, Ginny L. Ryan, A. Stolpen, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Pediatric ovarian hyperstimulation with hypothyroidism is not due to FSH receptor mutation or polymorphism., G. L. Ryan, D. L. Segaloff, A. C. Latronico, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Unique linkage of constitutive activity and promiscuity in the human FSH receptor, G. L. Ryan, D. L. Segaloff, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Educational campaign improves knowledge of twin risks in IVF patients but may not impact number of embryos transferred, G. L. Ryan, Amy E.T. Sparks, C. S. Sipe, A. Dokras, Craig Syrop, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Bromodomain and histone acetyltransferase domain specificities control mixed lineage leukemia phenotype, Donna A. Santillan, C. M. Theisler, A. S. Ryan, R. Popovic, T. Stuart, M. M. Zhou, S. Alkan, and N. J. Zeleznik-Le

Incontinence surgery in the older woman, V. J. Sharp, Catherine S. Bradley, and K. J. Kreder

Endometrial polyps in reproductive-age fertile and infertile women, T. Silberstein, O. Saphier, Bradley J. Van Voorhis, and S. M. Plosker

A prospective randomized trial comparing anastrozole and clomiphene citrate in an ovulation induction protocol using gonadotropins, Christopher S. Sipe, William A. Davis, Michelle Maifeld, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Fibroids: something old, something new, E. L. Stewart, J. H. Segars, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

The "costs" of urinary incontinence for women, L. L. Subak, J. S. Brown, S. R. Kraus, L. Brubaker, F. Lin, H. E. Richter, Catherine S. Bradley, and D. Grady

Outcomes from assisted reproductive technology, Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Novel US mandatory single blastocyst policy decreases multiple gestation rates without sacrificing pregnancy rates, Bradley J. Van Voorhis, Amy E.T. Sparks, G. L. Ryan, C. S. Sipe, A. Dokras, W. A. Davis, and Craig H. Syrop

Anovulation may be a risk factor for major birth defects in children born after infertility treatment., Bradley J. Van Voorhis, Amy E.T. Sparks, Craig H. Syrop, C. S. Sipe, G. L. Ryan, and A. Dokras

Development of the Measure of Adaptations for Pelvic Symptoms (MAPS): the importance of incorporating the female patient’s voice, P. A. Wren, N. K. Janz, L. Brubaker, D. Borello-France, Catherine S. Bradley, K. Burgio, G. Cundiff, A. Weber, and J. Wei

B cell-specific TRAF3-deficient mice exhibit expanded B cell compartments in secondary lymphoid organs, Ping Xie, Laura L. Stunz, Karen D. Larison, Baoli Yang, and Gail A. Bishop

GMF-Knockout mice are unable to induce brain-derived neurotrophic factor after exercise, Asgar Zaheer, Joel T. Haas, Carlos Reyes, Satya N. Mathur, Baoli Yang, and Ramon Lim

Genetic structure of the Aleuts and Circumpolar populations based on mitochondrial DNA sequences: a synthesis, M. Zlojutro, R. Rubicz, Eric J. Devor, V. A. Spitsyn, S. V. Makarov, K. Wilson, and M. H. Crawford

Publications from 2005

Regulation of signaling phosphoproteins by epidermal growth factor and Iressa (ZD1839) in human endometrial cancer cells that model type I and II tumors, L. Albitar, L. L. Laidler, R. Abdallah, and K. K. Leslie

Pelvic organ prolapse, constipation, and dietary fiber intake in women: a case-control study, L. A. Arya, J. M. Novi, A. Shaunik, M. A. Morgan, and Catherine S. Bradley

Recurrent vulvar itching, L. A. Boardman, J. Botte, and Colleen M. Kennedy

Pelvic floor symptoms and lifestyle factors in older women, Catherine S. Bradley, Colleen M. Kennedy, and I. E. Nygaard

Vaginal wall descensus and pelvic floor symptoms in older women, Catherine S. Bradley and I. E. Nygaard

A new questionnaire for urinary incontinence diagnosis in women: development and testing, Catherine S. Bradley, E. S. Rovner, M. A. Morgan, M. Berlin, J. M. Novi, J. A. Shea, and L. A. Arya

A therapeutic model for advanced endometrial cancer: systemic progestin in combination with local adenoviral-mediated progesterone receptor expression, Donghai Dai, L. Albitar, T. Nguyen, L. L. Laidler, M. Singh, and Kimberly K. Leslie

A potential synergistic anticancer effect of paclitaxel and amifostine on endometrial cancer, Donghai Dai, A. M. Holmes, T. Nguyen, S. Davies, D. P. Theele, C. Verschraegen, and Kimberly K. Leslie

Leiomyosarcoma of the vulva - A case report, S. Dewdney, Colleen M. Kennedy, and R. P. Galask

Screening women with polycystic ovarian syndrome for metabolic syndrome, A. Dokras, M. Bochner, E. Hollinrake, S. Markham, Bradley J. Van Voorhis, and D. Jagaisa

Rotary culture enhances pre-osteoblast aggregation and mineralization, S. R. Facer, R. S. Zaharias, M. E. Andracki, J. Lafoon, Stephen K. Hunter, and G. B. Schneider

Mkks-null mice have a phenotype resembling Bardet-Biedl syndrome, M. A. Fath, R. F. Mullins, C. Searby, D. Y. Nishimura, J. Wei, K. Rahmouni, R. E. Davis, M. K. Tayeh, M. Andrews, Baoli Yang, C. D. Sigmund, E. M. Stone, and V. C. Sheffield

The relationship of molecular markers of p53 function and angiogenesis to prognosis of stage I epithelial ovarian cancer, Michael J. Goodheart, J. M. Ritchie, S. L. Rose, J. P. Fruehauf, B. R. De Young, and R. E. Buller

Mastitis, W. F. Hansen, D. Hubbard, and Jennifer R. Niebyl

Thromboembolic events in patients treated with definitive chemotherapy and radiation therapy for invasive cervical cancer, G. M. Jacobson, R. S. Kamath, B. J. Smith, and Michael J. Goodheart

Antenatal course of a fetal intracranial arteriovenous fistula: a case report, A. Kelly and Asha Rijhsinghani

Vulvar granuloma fissuratum: A description of fissuring of the posterior fourchette and the repair, Colleen M. Kennedy, S. Dewdney, and R. P. Galask

Are bladder and bowel symptoms universal among women with vulvar disease?, Colleen M. Kennedy, I. E. Nygaard, C. S. Bradley, and R. P. Galask

Vulvar disease: A pelvic floor pain disorder?, Colleen M. Kennedy, I. E. Nygaard, A. Saftlas, T. L. Burns, J. C. Torner, and R. P. Galask

Vulvar cellular angiofibroma: A case report, R. Kerkuta, Colleen M. Kennedy, J. A. Benda, and R. P. Galask

Cancer Complicating Pregnancy, Kimberly K. Leslie

Steroid hormone receptors in normal and malignant endometrium, Kimberly K. Leslie, S. Davies, M. Singh, and H. O. Smith

Obstetric forceps training using visual feedback and the isometric strength testing unit, Kimberly K. Leslie, P. Dipasquale-Lehnerz, and M. Smith

Oral contraceptives and skin cancer: is there a link?, Kimberly K. Leslie and E. Espey

Chemotherapeutic drugs in pregnancy, Kimberly K. Leslie, C. Koil, and W. F. Rayburn

TYROSINE KINASE INHIBITORS IN ENDOMETRIAL CANCER: 0020, Kimberly K. Leslie, L. Laidler, L. Albitar, S. Davies, A. Holmes, T. Nguyen, J. Bolnick, and D. Dai

Breast cancer and pregnancy, Kimberly K. Leslie and C. A. Lange

Progesterone receptor isoform identification and subcellular localization in endometrial cancer, Kimberly K. Leslie, M. P. Stein, N. S. Kumar, Donghai Dai, J. Stephens, A. Wandinger-Ness, and D. H. Glueck

The BRCA2-interacting protein BCCIP functions in RAD51 and BRCA2 focus formation and homologous recombinational repair, H. M. Lu, X. Guo, Xiangbing Meng, J. M. Liu, C. Allen, J. Wray, J. A. Nickoloff, and Z. Y. Shen

Social support, psychological distress, and natural killer cell activity in ovarian cancer, S. K. Lutgendorf, A. K. Sood, B. Anderson, S. McGinn, H. Maiseri, M. Dao, J. I. Sorosky, Koen De Geest, J. Ritchie, and D. M. Lubaroff

Evaluation of female urethra and supporting ligaments with MR imaging, K. J. Macura, Rene R. Genadry, A. Tekes, and D. A. Bluemke

Antidepressant drug use in pregnancy, Jennifer R. Niebyl

Vulvar disease: A pelvic floor pain disorder? Discussion, K. Noller and Colleen M. Kennedy

In vitro fertilization is associated with an increase in major birth defects, C. K. Olson, K. M. Keppler-Noreuil, P. A. Romitti, W. T. Budelier, Ginny L. Ryan, Amy E.T. Sparks, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Repair & outcome of the patient with multiple obstetrical lower urinary tract fistulas, M. L. Roenneburg, Rene R. Genadry, and C. R. Wheeless

A majority of women delay childbearing in both fertile and infertile groups despite understanding the risks of aging on fertility, Ginny L. Ryan, Rachel A. Maassen, A. Dokras, Craig H. Syrop, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Oral ovulation induction agents combined with low-dose gonadotropin injections and intrauterine insemination: cost- and clinical effectiveness, Ginny L. Ryan, V. Moss, W. A. Davis, Amy E.T. Sparks, A. Dokras, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Role, epidemiology, and natural history of benign uterine mass lesions, Ginny L. Ryan, Craig H. Syrop, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Infertile Women are Twice as Likely to Desire Multiples as Fertile Controls, Ginny Ryan, Rachel A. Maassen, A. Dokras, Craig H. Syrop, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Dangers of preconception sex selection, Divya K. Shah

Malignant Mixed Mullerian Tumor (MMMT) of the Cervix, N. K. Sharma, J. I. Sorosky, David P. Bender, M. S. Fletcher, and A. K. Sood

A prospective randomized trial of anastrozole with gonadotropins versus clomid with gonadotropins for ovarian stimulation prior to intrauterine insemination for infertility treatment., C. S. Sipe, W. A. Davis, Craig H. Syrop, A. Dokras, G. L. Ryan, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Reducing the risk of multi-fetal gestation by implementation of a single blastocyst transfer policy., Amy E.T. Sparks, G. L. Ryan, C. S. Sipe, A. J. Dokras, Craig Syrop, and Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Obstetrics and Gynecology review chapter, Colleen Kennedy Stockdale

Genitourinary symptoms in the menopausal transition, Bradley J. Van Voorhis

Hyperbaric oxygen and ovarian follicular stimulation for in vitro fertilization: a pilot study, Bradley J. Van Voorhis, J. E. Greensmith, A. Dokras, Amy E.T. Sparks, S. T. Simmons, and Craig H. Syrop

Computational models for prediction of IVF/ICSI outcomes with surgically retrieved spermatozoa, M. Wald, Amy E.T. Sparks, J. Sandlow, Bradley J. Van Voorhis, Craig Syrop, and C. S. Niederberger

The MLL fusion gene, MLL-AF4, regulates cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor CDKN1B (p27(kip1)) expression, Z. B. Xia, R. Popovic, J. Chen, C. Theisler, T. Stuart, Donna A. Santillan, F. Erfurth, M. O. Diaz, and N. J. Zeleznik-Le

Publications from 2004

Pelvic mass presenting as an irreducible vaginal vault prolapse, Lily A. Arya, Joseph M. Novi, Alka Shaunik, and Catherine S. Bradley

The NO-cGMP-PKG pathway plays an essential role in the acquisition of ethanol resistance by cerebellar granule neurons, D. J. Bonthius, B. Karacay, Donghai Dai, A. Hutton, and N. J. Pantazis

Chapter 34: Disorders of the Pelvic Floor, Catherine S. Bradley

Urodynamically defined stress urinary incontinence and bladder outlet obstruction coexist in women, Catherine S. Bradley and E. S. Rovner

Identification of a novel mechanism of NF-kappaB inactivation by progesterone through progesterone receptors in Hec50co poorly differentiated endometrial cancer cells: induction of A20 and ABIN-2, S. Davies, Donghai Dai, I. Feldman, G. Pickett, and Kimberly K. Leslie

Immunomodulatory and transcriptional effects of progesterone through progesterone A and B receptors in Hec50co poorly differentiated endometrial cancer cells, S. Davies, Donghai Dai, D. M. Wolf, and Kimberly K. Leslie

Genetics and the search for modern human origins., Eric J. Devor

An ancient RNase H1 splice junction mutant preserved in a 19-million-year-old genetic fossil in ape genomes, Eric J. Devor and K. Moffat-Wilson

LOC 390443 (RNase 9) on chromosome 14q11.2 is related to the RNase A superfamily and contains a unique amino-terminal preproteinlike sequence, Eric J. Devor, K. A. Moffat-Wilson, and J. J. Galbraith

RNase 9, a unique new member of the primate RNase A superfamily: Evidence of diversifying selection and its role in host-defense innate immunity, Eric J. Devor, K. A. Moffat-Wilson, and M. P. Millis

Operative note dictation: Should it be taught routinely in residency programs?, A. C. Eichholz, Bradley J. Van Voorhis, J. I. Sorosky, B. J. Smith, and A. K. Sood

BRCA1 and BRCA2 alterations in ovarian MMMT, J. P. Geisler, Michael J. Goodheart, and R. E. Buller