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Objective: Eccrine hidrocystomas are benign cystic lesions that are very rare; their presence on the vulva is extraordinarily rare. We present a woman with a solitary eccrine hidrocystoma of the vulva.

Case: A 36-year-old woman presented with a six month history of an asymptomatic and enlarging blue-black lesion on the left labia. The histopathological diagnosis after excision was eccrine hidrocystoma. After removal, she had complete healing of the site and did not require any further intervention.

Conclusions: Eccrine hidrocystomas are benign tumors. Their clinical presentation on the vulva can mimic other benign or malignant lesions, therefore biopsy and histological evaluation is necessary.


Eccrine hidrocystoma, vulvar lesions, cutaneous neoplasms, eccrine glands

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