About This Journal

Poroi (ISSN 2151-2957) is sponsored by the Project on Rhetoric of Inquiry. Scholarly articles in Poroi emphasize rhetorical analysis and invention in all fields of learning, and they address interdisciplinary audiences. Poroi is published semiannually.

As an electronic journal, Poroi is more flexible than paper journals about its lengths, forms, and publication schedules. It appears several times a year, as submissions warrant, and it publishes single articles as well as special symposia or issues catalyzed by guest editors. Authors retain copyrights, releasing their works for publication in the journal. There are no fees for submission or subscription.

Poroi is indexed by Communication & Mass Media Complete, 03/01/2011–

Contact the editors:
The Project on Rhetoric of Inquiry (POROI)
230 North Clinton
100 Bowman House
Iowa City, Iowa 52242
319-335-2752 fax 319-335-1745

Poroi is preserved in the Global LOCKSS Network and by Portico.

Complete metadata for all articles in Poroi, including DOIs, is available via OAI http://ir.uiowa.edu/do/oai/?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=dcq&set=publication:poroi.

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