Most Recent Additions


A history of the Iowa Memorial Union
Gearhart Alan Musselman


Museum of Natural History: Hageboeck Hall of Birds
Matt Eltze, Colleen Reynolds, Laura Schneider, and Kristofer-Noel Yambao


The Hydraulics Model Annex: Relevant Research on a Global Scale
Alex Rier, Valerie Drake, Maggie Blackledge, and Gabby Kolker


Exploring the Mysteries Behind Slater Hall
Danielle Vrankin, Patrick Markmann, and Michael Reiser


Curiosity — The Man Behind The Mission
Michaela Carter, Alex Waeghe, and Xinyue Zhang


Rusty the Sloth
Lauren Johnson, Joe Herrmann, and Austin Guzzo


Benjamin Coelho – “Iowa City’s Brazilian Bassoonist”
Keegan Hockett, Joe VanBladel, and Ryan Christian


Chloe Waryen - "Experiences of Working at the Tobacco Bowl"
Alex Cooper, Scott Gaul, and Tamar Kavlashvili


Robert Todd – 51 Minutes With a Genius
Bobbi Lawton, Erinn Rogowski, and Liz Smith


Diversity at the University of Iowa
Shyanna Dickens, Cristina Lopez, and Collin Urquhart


Historical Secrets of the Iowa River Power Restaurant
Mitch Kellen, Corey Osborn, and Chelsea Ryan


Advocacy for those Experiencing Homelessness in Iowa City
Anyssa Trejo, Ashley Wood, Jorge Ramos, and Marisa Henze


Brother's Bar
Anna Mohrhauser, Aimee Tarun, Corey Burns, and Rocio Zavala


The Story of Bill Sackter – Inspirational, Moving and Impactful
Samantha Kistler, Stephanie Coupland, Jose Diaz, and Christian Marquez


Todd Thelen – A Man who hasn't "Worked" a Day in his Life
Keenan Portz, Liz Detrick, Megan Wynn, and Parker Reineke


Wild Bills Coffee Shop – Iowa City’s best hidden gem
Tyler Schraeder, Ethan Henke, and Danny Wiley


The Lives Beyond a Deadly Grave
Grace Chabel, Krista Nelson, Dylan Cutler, and Bobby Fischer


Taken Far Too Soon as the Result of Suicide – Bill Mirabella’s Story
Laura Marek, Megan Sanchez, and Molly Callahan


Cooking up something new with David Burt
Abby Brennemann, Kaley Kantor, and Abby Hull


Live Like Line – The Story of Caroline Found
Zimu Zhang, Jessica Wilson, and Jake Weis


Trees Need Hugs Too
Xinrui Deng, Anna Gaertig, and Ryan Knoff


Iowa City Winter Farmers Market
Eric Castro, Megan Dietz, Jenna Kock, and Mason Lundberg


I like my cheese like I like my wine, old
Rachael Carrero, Keith Reed, and Jessica Yaeger


Washington Street and the Concrete Glass Building
Komuri Lejukole, Max Riley, and Nick Runnfeldt


The Plight of the Poor – Iowa City and the Homeless Community
Casee Griffin, Emily Wiitanen, and Bill Donovan

*Updated as of 08/02/15.