The Office of Sustainability has partnered with Iowa Research Online to provide access to sustainability-related research, scholarship and artistic creation at the University of Iowa. Research and scholarly output included there has been selected and deposited by the faculty, researchers and students at Iowa.


Publications from 1995

Determination of Holocene soil biomass turnover vegetation activity changes in the upper Midwest from speleothem carbon isotopic record, L. A. Gonzalez, P. Thorson-Work, R. G. Baker, and Mark K. Reagan

Delayed product differentiation strategy in agile manufacturing, David W. He and Andrew Kusiak

Variations in lava composition associated with flow of asthenosphere beneath southern Central America, E. A. Herrstrom, Mark K. Reagan, and J. D. Morris

A Transmission Electron-Microscopic Study of the Morphology of Cationically Photopolymerized Divinyl Ethers, J. L. Jacobs and Alec B. Scranton

In-Situ Cure Monitoring of a Vinyl Ester Polymer using Fiber Optic Fluorescence Sensors, J. L. Jessop, Alec B. Scranton, and G. J. Blanchard

Extinction Selectivity and Ecology of Neogene Caribbean Reef Corals, Kenneth G. Johnson, Ann F. Budd, and Thomas A. Stemann

Deterministic tolerance synthesis: a comparative study, Andrew Kusiak and Chang-Xue Feng

Decomposition and Representation Methods in Mechanical Design, Andrew Kusiak and N. Larson

Dependency analysis in constraint negotiation, Andrew Kusiak and Juite Wang

Structured approach for analysis of design processes, Andrew Kusiak, Juite Wang, David W. He, and Chang-Xue Feng

Reliability and risk analysis of process models, Andrew Kusiak and Armen Zakarian

Work-in-process space allocation: a model and an industrial application, Nick Larson and Andrew Kusiak

Risk assessment in concurrent engineering, T. N. Larson and Andrew Kusiak

Synthesis and Ion-Binding Properties of Polymeric Pseudocrown Ethers - a Molecular-Dynamics Study, A. M. Mathur and Alec B. Scranton

Role of the triplet state in the photosensitization of cationic polymerizations by anthracene, E. W. Nelson, T P. Carter, and Alec B. Scranton

The Role of the Triplet-State in the Photosensitization of Cationic Polymerizations by Anthracene, E. W. Nelson, T P. Carter, and Alec B. Scranton

Photo-Differential Scanning Calorimetry Studies of Cationic Polymerizations of Divinyl Ethers, E. W. Nelson, J. L. Jacobs, Alec B. Scranton, and K. S. Anseth

In-Situ Raman-Spectroscopy for Cure Monitoring of Divinyl Ether Cationic Photopolymerizations, E. W. Nelson and Alec B. Scranton

Reinforcement percentage effects on bending strength of soil-ice mixtures, Wilfrid A. Nixon and Larry J. Weber

Evaluation of initiator systems for controlled and sequentially curable free-radical/cationic hybrid photopolymerizations, J. D. Oxman, D. W. Jacobs, M. C. Trom, and V. Sipani

The Des Moines Lobe in Iowa; a surging Wisconsinan glacier; Geological Society of America, 29th annual meeting, North-Central Section, South-Central Section, Deborah J. Quade, E. Arthur Bettis III, and Timothy J. Kemmis


A Comparative Analysis of Water Quality Sampling Decisions in Aquifers, Rangaswamy Rajagopal and Ramana Kuchibhatla


Comparative Risk Assessment and Congressional Regulatory Reform, Rangaswamy Rajagopal and David Osterberg


Environmental Justice, Rangaswamy Rajagopal and David Osterberg


Environment Innovation, Rangaswamy Rajagopal and David Osterberg


Pollution Prevention, Rangaswamy Rajagopal and David Osterberg


Takings/Private Property Rights, Rangaswamy Rajagopal and David Osterberg

Soil sensitivity due to acid and heavy metal deposition in East Central Europe, A. M. Rautengarten, Jerald L. Schnoor, S. Anderberg, and K. Olendrzynski

A speleothem record of recurrent dry periods and catastrophic flooding in central Missouri, H. Reccelli-Snyder, L. A. Gonzalez, Mark K. Reagan, and P. J. Jaumann

A field survey of factors affecting the adoption and perceived success of diversity training, Sara L. Rynes and Benson Rosen

Ergonomics: applying what we know, S. Schneider, L. Punnett, and Thomas M. Cook

Ritual as an instrument of political resistance in rural Japan, Scott R. Schnell

Sanctity and Sanction in Communal Ritual: A Reinterpretation ofShinto Festival Processions, Scott R. Schnell

Phytoremediation of Organic and Nutrient Contaminants, Jerald L. Schnoor, L. A. Licht, S. C. Mccutcheon, and N. L. Wolfe

The role of endotoxin in grain dust-induced lung disease, D. A. Schwartz, Peter S. Thorne, S. J. Yagla, and L. F. Burmeister

Biomedical applications of polyelectrolytes, Alec B. Scranton, B. Rangarajan, and J. Klier

Reason Maintenance in Product Modeling, R. Vujosevic and Andrew Kusiak

Determinants of job pay : a policy-capturing investigation, Caroline L. Weber and Sara L. Rynes

Publications from 1994

Stream cutbanks; untapped sources of paleoecological and paleoclimatic data; American Quaternary Association, 13th biennial meeting; program and abstracts, Richard G. Baker, E. Arthur Bettis III, Paula J. Thorson, and Donald P. Schwert

Iron Oxidation-Kinetics in an Acidic Alpine Lake, R. C. Barry, Jerald L. Schnoor, B. Sulzberger, and L. Sigg

Solifluction deposits in the late Wisconsinan Peoria Loess of the middle Missouri Valley, Iowa and Nebraska; American Quaternary Association; 13th biennial meeting; program and abstracts, E. Arthur Bettis III

Glacial-age floods, E. Arthur Bettis III and Deborah J. Quade

Flood of '93 uncovers Devonian sea floor, E. Arthur Bettis III, Brian J. Witzke, and Bill J. Bunker

Siderastrea glynni, a new species of scleractinian coral (Cnidaria: Anthozoa) from the Eastern Pacific, Ann F. Budd and Hector M. Guzman

Patterns of replacement in late Cenozoic Caribbean reef coral communities; Geological Society of America, 1994 annual meeting, Ann F. Budd, K. G. Johnson, and J. B. Jackson

Stratigraphic Distributions of Genera and Species of Neogene to Recent Caribbean Reef Corals, Ann F. Budd, Thomas A. Stemann, and Kenneth G. Johnson

Canadian landform examples; 27, Beaver landforms, David Butler and George P. Malanson

Commentary on genetic knowledge and self-understanding, Diana Fritz Cates

Risky rivers : the economics and politics of floodplain farming in Amazonia / Michael Chibnik, Michael S. Chibnik

Grouping parts with a neural network, Yunkung Chung and Andrew Kusiak

Grain dust-induced airflow obstruction and inflammation of the lower respiratory tract, W. D. Clapp, S. Becker, J. Quay, and J. L. Watt

Agents in organic dust: Criteria for a causal relationship, Kelley J. Donham and Peter S. Thorne


Strategy for Seeing White: Patricia Williams's Polar Bears, Barbara J. Eckstein

Design of tolerances for quality, Chang-Xue Feng and Andrew Kusiak

Determination of Holocene precipitation variability in the Upper Midwest; a record preserved in stalagmite calcite, L. A. Gonzalez, L. Hanson, Mark K. Reagan, and S. K. Clark

Design of products and assembly systems for agility, Weihua W. He and Andrew Kusiak

Use of Fluorescence to Monitor Temperature and Observe Water Effects in Cationic Photopolymerization of Divinyl Ethers Photosensitized by Anthracene, J. L. Jacobs, E. W. Nelson, and Alec B. Scranton

Formation and Structure of Cross-Linked Polyacrylates - Methods for Modeling Network Formation, A. B. Kinney and Alec B. Scranton

Branching algorithms for solving the group technology problem, Andrew Kusiak

Design of products for an agile manufacturing environment, Andrew Kusiak and Chang-Xue Feng

Design of components for schedulability, Andrew Kusiak and Weihua He

Reengineering of design and manufacturing processes, Andrew Kusiak, T. N. Larson, and Juite Wang

Simple Global Carbon Model - the Atmosphere-Terrestrial Biosphere-Ocean Interaction, O. Y. Kwon and Jerald L. Schnoor

Image analysis and function morphologic analysis of corals, Bernard Lathuiliere and Ann F. Budd

Mapping for the next century; satellite images and computer technology add new dimensions to detailed geologic mapping of Iowa, Greg A. Ludvigson, E. Arthur Bettis III, and Bernard E. Hoyer


Farm Chemicals as Indicators of Sediment Sources in Iowa Rivers, George P. Malanson and E. N. Nealson


Reinterpretation of Relations Between Vegetation Removal and Water Yield, George P. Malanson and D. P. Post

Effect of Soil-Conditions on Model Parameters and Atrazine Mineralization Rates, D. R. Nair and Jerald L. Schnoor

Economics of screening for pesticides in ground water, Usha Natarajan and Rangaswamy Rajagopal

Fluorescence Monitoring of Cationic Photopolymerizations - Divinyl Ether Polymerizations Photosensitized by Anthracene-Derivatives, E. W. Nelson, T. P. Carter, and Alec B. Scranton

Vegetative remediation at superfund sites, G. M. Pierzynski, Jerald L. Schnoor, M. K. Banks, J. C. Tracy, L. A. Licht, and L. E. Erickson

Utility of Screening in Environmental Monitoring, Part 1: Occurrence and Distribution of VOCs in Groundwater, Rangaswamy Rajagopal and P. Li

Uranium series and beryllium isotope evidence for an extended history of subduction modification of the mantle below Nicaragua, Mark K. Reagan, Julie D. Morris, Eileen A. Herrstrom, and Michael T. Murrell

Long-term simulation of decreased acid loading on forested watershed, T. H. Rees and Jerald L. Schnoor

Active Surveillance for the Control of Cumulative Trauma Disorders: a Working Model in the Newspaper Industry, John C. Rosecrance, Thomas M. Cook, and Chris L. Zimmermann

What makes diversity programs work?, Sara L. Rynes and Benson Rosen

Communal Ritual and Political Resistance in Central Japan–AnEthnohistorical Study., Scott R. Schnell

Soil as a Vulnerable Environmental System, Jerald L. Schnoor

Endotoxin responsiveness and grain dust-induced inflammation in the lower respiratory tract, D. A. Schwartz, P. S. Thorne, P. J. Jagielo, and G. E. White

Experimental grain dust atmospheres generated by wet and dry aerosolization techniques, Peter S. Thorne

Bioaerosol Sampling in Field Studies: Can Samples be Express Mailed?, Peter S. Thorne, Jeffrey L. Lange, Peggy Bloebaum, and Gergory J. Kullman


What (N)ever Happened to Aunt Jemima: Eating Disorders, Fetal Rights, and Black Female Appetite in Contemporary American Culture, Doris Witt

Acid deposition and lake chemistry in southwest China, H. B. Xue and Jerald L. Schnoor

Effects of Stair-Stepping Exercise Direction and Cadence on Emg Activity of Selected Lower-Extremity Muscle Groups, Chris L. Zimmermann, Thomas M. Cook, Matthew S. Bravard, Michael M. Hansen, Robin T. Honomichi, Shani T. Karns, Margaret A. Lammers, Star A. Steele, Lisa K. Yunker, and Raymond M. Zebrowski

Publications from 1993

Volatilization of Polychlorinated-Biphenyls from Green Bay, Lake-Michigan, D. R. Achman, Keri C. Hornbuckle, and S. J. Eisenreich

Performance Analysis of Design Process Using Timed Petri Nets, Upendra Belhe and Andrew Kusiak

Petrography and preliminary interpretations of the crystalline breccias from the Manson M-1 Core, M. S. Bell, Mark K. Reagan, R. R. Anderson, and C. T. Foster

Petrography of the crystalline breccias from the Manson M-1 core; implications for impact breccia emplacement, M. S. Bell, Mark K. Reagan, R. R. Anderson, and C. T. Foster

A Modelbase Management System for Geographical Analysis, David A. Bennett and Marc P. Armstrong

Uses of geologic materials by prehistoric cultures, E. Arthur Bettis III and William Green

Stop 18;, Borrow Pit north of Loveland and west of Hwy 75-29; loess-soil sequence; Second international paleopedology symposium; field excursion, E. Arthur Bettis III and William C. Johnson

Stop 20; Conklin Quarry, north of I-80, Iowa City, Iowa; pre-Illinoian glacial sequence; Second international paleopedology symposium; field excursion, E. Arthur Bettis III, Timothy J. Kemmis, George R. Hallberg, and William C. Johnson

The Quaternary deposits of the Saylorville emergency spillway; here today...gone tomorrow!; Water, water, everywhere...; 57th annual tri-state geological field conference, E. Arthur Bettis III, Timothy J. Kemmis, Deborah J. Quade, and John P. Littke

Environmental interpretation using insoluble residues within reef coral skeletons: Problems, pitfalls, and preliminary results, Ann F. Budd, Keith O. Mann, and Hector M. Guzman

Nearest neighbor analysis of miniature polygonal patterned ground, eastern Glacier National Park, Montana, David Butler, George P. Malanson, and Thomas Wilbanks

Characteristics of Two Landslide-Dammed Lakes in a Glaciated Alpine Environment, David R. Butler and George P. Malanson

Over-Water and Over-Land Polychlorinated-Biphenyls in Green Bay, Lake-Michigan, Keri C. Hornbuckle, D. R. Achman, and S. J. Eisenreich

Fate and transport of organic compounds in municipal solid waste compost, S. M. Hsu, Jerald L. Schnoor, L. A. Licht, and M. A. St. Clair

Formation and Structure of Cross-Linked Polyacrylates, A. B. Kinney and Alec B. Scranton

Observed and modeled directional change in riparian forest composition at a cutbank edge, John A. Kupfer and George P. Malanson