The Office of Sustainability has partnered with Iowa Research Online to provide access to sustainability-related research, scholarship and artistic creation at the University of Iowa. Research and scholarly output included there has been selected and deposited by the faculty, researchers and students at Iowa.


Publications from 1985

Routing And Scheduling Of Automated Guided Vehicles., Andrew Kusiak and J. P. Cyrus

Hierarchical Approach To The Process Planning Problem, Andrew Kusiak and Gerd Finke

Grouping Problem In Scheduling Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Andrew Kusiak, Anthony Vannelli, and K. R. Kumar

The rise and fall of the Uintah Valley Indian Reservation; perception and policy, George P. Malanson


Post-Fire Succession in Californian Coastal Sage Scrub: the Role of Continual Basal Sprouting., George P. Malanson and W. E. Westman

Effect of Load and Carrying Position on the Electromyographic Activity of the Gluteus Medius Muscle During Walking, Donald A. Neumann and Thomas M. Cook

Evaluating Comparable Worth: Three Perspectives, Sara L. Rynes, Benson Rosen, and Thomas L. Mahoney

Test Medium for the Growth of Nitrosomonas-Europaea, C. Sato, Jerald L. Schnoor, D. B. Mcdonald, and J. Huey

Physicochemical characterization of cryogenically ground, size separated, fibrogenic particles, Peter S. Thorne, Edwin N. Lightfoot, and Ralph M. Albrecht

Publications from 1984

Karst development in northeastern Iowa; Iowa's Driftless Area; 95th session of the Iowa Academy of Science, Michael L.J. Bounk and E. Arthur Bettis III


A Cross-Cultural Examination of Chayanov's Theory, Michael S. Chibnik

Geologic overview of the Paleozoic Plateau region of northeastern Iowa; Iowa's Driftless Area; 95th session of the Iowa Academy of Science, George R. Hallberg, E. Arthur Bettis III, and Jean C. Prior

Quaternary geology of the Loess Hills region; The proceedings of the 95th session of the Iowa Academy of Science, George R. Hallberg, Jean C. Prior, E. Arthur Bettis III, and Alan J. Lutenegger

Reactions of Heracleum Lanatum to Floral Herbivory by Depressaria Pastinacella, Stephen D. Hendrix


Variation in Seed Weight and its Effects on Germination in Pastinaca Sativa L. (Umbelliferae), Stephen D. Hendrix

Analysis of Integer Programming Formulations of Clustering Problems, Andrew Kusiak

Automated Process Planning In Flexible Manufacturing Systems., Andrew Kusiak

Production Control Of Flexible Manufacturing Systems., Andrew Kusiak

Robot Applications In Flexible Manufacturing Systems., Andrew Kusiak

Unified Pattern Recognition Approach To The Representation Of Part Geometry, Andrew Kusiak

Where Do Compensation Specialists Stand on Comparable Worth?, Thomas A. Mahoney, Sara L. Rynes, and Benson Rosen

Fire history and patterns of Venturan subassociations of Californian coastal sage scrub, George P. Malanson


Transverse pattern of vegetation on avalanche paths in the northern Rocky Mountains, Montana., George P. Malanson and D. R. Butler

Organizational Staffing: Integrating Practice with Strategy, Judy D. Olian and Sara L. Rynes

Late Wisconsinan valley train terraces in north-central Iowa; Program and abstracts of the Eighth biennial meeting of the American Quaternary Association, Deborah J. Quade, Timothy J. Kemmis, E. Arthur Bettis III, and William Ruddiman

Monitoring ground water quality for public policy, Rangaswamy Rajagopal

Geology and geochemistry of early arc-volcanic rocks from Guam, Mark K. Reagan and Arend Meijer

Modeling of total acid precipitation impacts, Jerald L. Schnoor

The economics of toxics monitoring for ground-water protection, Michael Sheehan, Rangaswamy Rajagopal, Joe Moreland, and Wayne Van Voast

Archeology in the Loess Hills; The proceedings of the 95th session of the Iowa Academy of Science, D. M. Thompson, D. W. Benn, and E. Arthur Bettis III

Publications from 1983

Morphologic trends in soils developed in Holocene alluvium in Iowa; North-central Section, the Geological Society of America, 17th annual meeting, E. Arthur Bettis III and J. Campbell Craddock


The Changing Research Interests of North American Sociocultural Anthropologists, Michael Chibnik and Mark Moberg

Ground-water contamination and land management in a karst area of northeastern Iowa; Engineering geology today and tomorrow, George R. Hallberg, Bernard E. Hoyer, E. Arthur Bettis III, and Robert Libra

Contamination of carbonate aquifers, George R. Hallberg, Bernard E. Hoyer, E. Arthur Bettis III, and Robert D. Libra

Hydrogeology and water quality in a karst groundwater basin in Iowa; The Geological Society of America, 96th annual meeting, George R. Hallberg, Bernard E. Hoyer, E. Arthur Bettis III, and Robert D. Libra

Herbivore Damage to Three Tropical Ferns, Stephen D. Hendrix and Robert J. Marquis

Part Families Selection Model For Flexible Manufacturing Systems., Andrew Kusiak

Scheduling Of Vehicles And Algorithms., Andrew Kusiak

System Approach To Information Systems: Design Of A Computerized Manufacturing System., Andrew Kusiak

Factors controlling water chemistry and sensitivity to acidification of lakes in upper Michigan, Nikolaos P. Nikolaidis

Groundwater policies in the agricultural midwestern United States, Rangaswamy Rajagopal and C. Carmack

RSMM: A network language for modeling pollutants in river systems, Narasinga B. Rao, Charles R. Standridge, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Compensation, Jobs, and Gender, Benson Rosen, Sara L. Rynes, and Thomas A. Mahoney

A Policy-Capturing Investigation of the Role of Expectancies in Decisions to Pursue Job Alternatives, Sara L. Rynes and John Lawler

Recruiter and Job Influences on Candidates for Employment, Sara L. Rynes and Howard E. Miller

The Role of Pay and Market Pay Variability in Job Application Decisions, Sara L. Rynes, Doanls P. Schwab, and Herbert G. Heneman

Distributed source model for pesticides in the Iowa River, Jerald L. Schnoor

Molecular size determination of chloroform precursors, Jerald L. Schnoor

Verification of a toxic organic substance transport and bioaccumulation model, Jerald L. Schnoor, Narasinga Rao, Kathryn J. Cartwright, Richard M. Noll, and Carlos E. Ruiz-Caizada

Saurer Regen, eine Folge der Storung hydrogeochemischer Kreislaufe, Werner Stumm, James J. Morgan, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Publications from 1979

Compensatory Reproduction in a Biennial Herb following Insect Defloration, Stephen D. Hendrix

Dissolved-Oxygen Model of a Short Detention Time Reservoir with Anaerobic Hypolimnion, Jerald L. Schnoor and E. G. Fruh

Trihalomethane Yields as a Function of Precursor Molecular-Weight, Jerald L. Schnoor, J. L. Nitzschke, R. D. Lucas, and J. N. Veenstra

Publications from 1975

Water Quality and Economic Criteria for Rural Wastewater and Water Supply Systems, Rangaswamy Rajagopal, R. L. Patterson, R. P. Canale, and J. M. Armstrong

Publications from 1972

The Activity of β-Ecdysone in Four Gibberellin Bioassays, Stephen D. Hendrix and Russell L. Jones