The Office of Sustainability has partnered with Iowa Research Online to provide access to sustainability-related research, scholarship and artistic creation at the University of Iowa. Research and scholarly output included there has been selected and deposited by the faculty, researchers and students at Iowa.


Publications from 2006

Innovation science, Andrew Kusiak

Hypoplastic left heart syndrome: Knowledge discovery with a data mining approach, Andrew Kusiak, Christopher A. Caldarone, Michael D. Kelleher, and Fred S. Lamb

Data-mining-based system for prediction of water chemistry faults, Andrew Kusiak and S. Shah

Combustion efficiency optimization and virtual testing: A data-mining approach, Andrew Kusiak and Zhe Song

Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Assessment of Four Wastewater Treatment Plants, Joung Ae Lee, John C. Johnson, Stephen J. Reynolds, Peter S. Thorne, and Patrick T. O'Shaughnessy

Landscape Frontiers, Geography Frontiers: Lessons to Be Learned, George P. Malanson, Yu Zeng, and Stephen Walsh

Complexity at advancing ecotones and frontiers, George P. Malanson, Yu Zeng, and Stephen J. Walsh


Dog Ownership Enhances Symptomatic Responses to Air Pollution in Children with Asthma., Rob McConnell, Kiros Berhane, Jassy Molitor, Frank Gilliland, Nino Künzli, Peter S. Thorne, Duncan Thomas, W. James Gauderman, Edward Avol, Fred Lurmann, Edward Rappaport, Michael Jerrett, and John M. Peters

Using mobile computers to support route selection strategies for the mobility impaired, J. Mount and David A. Bennett

Mobile Geographic Education: The MoGeo System, Jerry Mount, David A. Bennett, and Marc Armstrong

Biomonitoring for assessment of organic dust-induced lung, L. J. Mueller-Anneling, M. E. O'Neill, and Peter S. Thorne

Clear Creek Environmental Hydrologic Observatory: From Vision Toward Reality, M. Muste, D. Kim, and David Bennett

Missing Links in Bioinformatics Education: Expanding Students' Conceptions of Bioinformatics Using a Biodiversity Database of Living & Fossil Reef Corals, R. H. Nehm and Ann F. Budd

Characterization of endotoxin and mouse allergen exposures in mouse facilities and research laboratories, Karin A. Pacheco, Charles McCammon, Peter S. Thorne, Marsha E. O'Neill, Andrew H. Liu, John W. Martyny, Michael VanDyke, Lee S. Newman, and Cecile S. Rose


Environmental Sources, Occurrence, and Effects of Synthetic Musk Fragrances, Aaron M. Peck and Keri Hornbuckle

Synthetic musk fragrances in urban and rural air of Iowa and the Great Lakes, Aaron M. Peck and Keri C. Hornbuckle

Synthetic musk fragrances in Lake Erie and Lake Ontario sediment cores, Aaron M. Peck, Emily K. Linebaugh, and Keri C. Hornbuckle

Endotoxin in inner-city homes: associations with wheeze and eczema in early childhood, Matthew S. Perzanowski, Rachel L. Miller, Peter S. Thorne, R. Graham Barr, Adnan Divjan, Beverley J. Sheares, Robin S. Garfinkel, Frederica P. Perera, Inge F. Goldstein, and Ginger L. Chew

The eruptive history of Turrialba volcano, Costa Rica, and potential hazards from future eruptions, Mark K. Reagan

Timescales of degassing and crystallization implied by (super 210) Po- (super 210) Pb- (super 226) Ra disequilibria for andesitic lavas erupted from Arenal Volcano; Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica; magma genesis and volcanological processes, Mark K. Reagan, F. J. Tepley, J. B. Gill, and M. Wortel

Closed- to open-system differentiation at Arenal Volcano (1968-2003); Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica; magma genesis and volcanological processes, Carrie H. Ryder, J. B. Gill, F. J. Tepley, and F. Ramos

Observations on "Anatomy of an R&R" and Other Reflections, Sara L. Rynes


Ema Shu’s "The Mountain Folk": Fictionalized Ethnography and Veiled Dissent., Scott Schnell

ES&T's best papers of 2005, Jerald L. Schnoor, A. Newman, K. S. Betts, and A. Schaefer

Patient-recognition data-mining model for BCG-plus interferon immunotherapy bladder cancer treatment, Shital C. Shah, Andrew Kusiak, and Michael A. O'Donnell

Stimulation and molecular characterization of bacterial perchlorate degradation by plant-produced electron donors, J. D. Shrout, G. C. Struckhoff, G. F. Parkin, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Metalworking Fluid with Mycobacteria and Endotoxin Induces Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis in Mice, Peter S. Thorne, Andrea Adamcakova-Dodd, Kevin M. Kelly, Marsha A. O'Neill, and Caroline Duchaine

Concentrated animal feeding operations, row crops, and their relationship to nitrate in Eastern Iowa rivers, M. B. Weldon and Keri C. Hornbuckle

Leaching of contaminated leaves following uptake and phytoremediation of RDX, HMX, and TNT by poplar, J. M. Yoon, B. Van Aken, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Endogenous Fractal Dynamics at Alpine Treeline Ecotones, Yu Zeng and George P. Malanson

Publications from 2005

A Manifesto on Mobile Computing in Geographic Education*, Marc P. Armstrong and David A. Bennett

An Agent-Based Simulation Of Yellowstone’s NorthernRange Elk Herd: A Cognitive Approach, David A. Bennett and W. Tang

Impact of the home indoor environment on adult asthma and rhinitis, Paul D. Blanc, Mark D. Eisner, Patricia P. Katz, Irene H. Yen, Connie Archea, Gillian Earnest, Susan Janson, Umesh Masharani, Patricia J. Quinlan, Katharine S. Hammond, Peter S. Thorne, John R. Balmes, and Laura Trupin

Mass budget of perfluorooctane surfactants in Lake Ontario, Bryan Boulanger, Aaron M. Peck, Jerald L. Schnoor, and Keri C. Hornbuckle

Evaluation of perfluorooctane surfactants in a wastewater treatment system and in a commercial surface protection product, Bryan Boulanger, John D. Vargo, Jerald L. Schnoor, and Keri C. Hornbuckle

The geomorphic influences of beaver dams and failures of beaver dams, David R. Butler and George P. Malanson

Carbon isotope ratios of tropical freshwater mollusk shells as indicators of ancient vegetation; reconstructing paleoenvironments at a Homo erectus locality in the Solo Basin, central Java, Indonesia; Geological Society of America, 2005 annual meeting, Scott J. Carpenter, E. Arthur Bettis III, Adrianne K. Milius, and Russell L. Ciochon


The Religious Dimension of Ordinary Human Emotions, Diana Cates

Spending the Day with a Good Friend: Autobiography, Moral Character, and the Religious Imagination, Diana Fritz Cates

Who Believes Us? Understanding Managers' Agreement With Human Resource Research Findings, Amy E. Colbert, Sara L. Rynes, and Kenneth G. Brown


Oxygen Isotope Constraints on the Sources of Central American Arc Lavas, John M. Eiler, Micheal J. Carr, Mark K. Reagan, and Edward Stolper

Carbon isotope record of Holocene bioclimatic change in alluvial fans of the upper Midwest, USA; Geological Society of America, 2005 annual meeting, Adel Haj, E. Arthur Bettis III, Scott Carpenter, and Jeffrey A. Dorale

Bumble Bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) Diversity and Abundance in Tallgrass Prairie Patches: Effects of Local and Landscape Floral Resources, Heather M. Hines and Stephen D. Hendrix

Photopolymerization of butyl acrylate-in-water microemulsions: Polymer molecular weight and end-groups, K. Jain, J. Klier, and Alec B. Scranton

A model for the effect of rhizodeposition on the fate of phenanthrene in aged contaminated soil, R. Kamath, Jerald L. Schnoor, and P. J.J. Alvarez

Congener-specific tissue distribution of Aroclor 1254 and a highly chlorinated environmental PCB mixture in rats, Izabela Kania-Korwel, Keri C. Hornbuckle, Aaron Peck, and Gabriele Ludewig

Selection of invariant objects with a data-mining approach, Andrew Kusiak

Mining temporal data: A coal-fired boiler case study, Andrew Kusiak and Alex Burns

Optimizing combustion efficiency of a circulating fluidized boiler: A data mining approach, Andrew Kusiak, Alex Burns, and Ferman Milster

Detection of events causing pluggage of a coal-fired boller: A data mining approach, Andrew Kusiak, Alex Burns, Shital Shah, and Nick Novotny

Predicting survival time for kidney dialysis patients: A data mining approach, Andrew Kusiak, Bradley Dixon, and Shital Shah

Using GIS-based ecological-economic modeling to evaluate policies affecting agricultural watersheds, Christopher L. Lant, Steven E. Kraft, Jeffrey Beaulieu, and David Bennett

A level set characteristic Galerkin finite element method for free surface flows, Ching-Long Lin, Haegyun Lee, Taehun Lee, and Larry J. Weber


Asthma and Farm Exposures in a Cohort of Rural Iowa Children., James A. Merchant, Allison L. Naleway, Erik R. Svendsen, Kevin M. Kelly, Leon F. Burmeister, Ann M. Stromquist, Craig D. Taylor, Peter S. Thorne, Stephen J. Reynolds, Wayne T. Sanderson, and Elizabeth A. Chrischilles

Erratum: Gene expression and microscopic analysis of arabidopsis exposed to chloroacetanilide herbicides and explosive compounds. A phytoremediation approach (Plant Physiology (2005) 138 (858-869)), M. P. Mezzari, K. Walters, M. Jelinkova, and M. C. Shih

Gene expression and microscopic analysis of arabidopsis exposed to chloroacetanilide herbicides and explosive compounds. A phytoremediation approach, M. P. Mezzari, K. Walters, M. Jelinkova, and M. C. Shih

Paleoenvironmental reconstruction during early to middle Pleistocene using stable carbon isotope studies, grain size analyses, and morphologic features of paleosols at a Homo erectus locality in the Solo Basin, central Java, Indonesia; Geological Society of America, North-Central Section, 39th annual meeting, Adrianne K. Milius, E. Arthur Bettis III, and Scott J. Carpenter

Field-Based Geographic Education Using Mobile Computers, J. Mount, Marc P. Armstrong, and David Bennett

How many samples are required? Evaluating a model for verification of carbon sequestration in a hybrid poplar buffer strip, Richard A. Ney, Troy A. Meyers, Africa Espina, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) operations support system for maintaining process integration, K. Park and Andrew Kusiak

Gas-phase concentrations of current-use pesticides in Iowa, Aaron M. Peck and Keri C. Hornbuckle

Rapid time scales of basalt to andesite differentiation at Anatahan volcano, Mariana Islands, Mark K. Reagan, Frank J. Tepley III, James B. Gill, and Matthew Wortel

Benzo[a]pyrene co-metabolism in the presence of plant root extracts and exudates: Implications for phytoremediation, J. A. Rentz, P. J.J. Alvarez, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Topographic shelter and conifer establishment and mortality in an alpine environment, Glacier National Park, Montana, Lynn Resler, David Butler, and George Malanson

Interlaboratory evaluation of endotoxin analyses in agricultural dusts--comparison of LAL assay and mass spectrometry, Stephen J. Reynolds, Donald K. Milton, Dick Heederik, Peter S. Thorne, Kelley J. Donham, Elizabeth A. Croteau, Kevin M. Kelly, Jeroen Douwes, Daniel Lewis, Mike Whitmer, Ian Connaughton, Sharon Koch, and Per Malmberg

Effect of pneumatic power tool use on nerve conduction velocity across the wrist, John C. Rosecrance, Dan Anton, Thomas M. Cook, and Linda Merlino

Public Policy and the Public Interest: What If We Mattered More?, Sara L. Rynes and Debra L. Shapiro

Global warming: A consequence of human activities rivaling earth's biogeochemical processes, Jerald L. Schnoor

The Role of Management Scholarship in the Public Sector: Using the Commentaries to Move Forward, Debra l. Shapiro and Sara L. Rynes

Dispersal ability and host-plant characteristics influence spatial population structure of monophagous beetles, Matthew J. St Pierre, Stephen D. Hendrix, and Cassandra K. Lewis

Endotoxin exposure is a risk factor for asthma: the national survey of endotoxin in United States housing, Peter S. Thorne, Katrina Kulhankova, Ming Yin, Richard Cohn, Samuel J. Arbes Jr., and Darryl C. Zeldin

Surface sampling for endotoxin assessment using electrostatic wiping cloths, Peter S. Thorne, Nervana Metwali, Ed Avol, and Robert S. McConnell


Race from Berlin to Louisville: An Introduction, James A. Throgmorton

Milwaukee, WI, as a source of atmospheric PCBs to Lake Michigan, David M. Wethington III and Keri C. Hornbuckle

Publications from 2004

Data-mining-based methodology for the design of product families, B. Agard and Andrew Kusiak

Data mining for subassembly selection, Bruno Agard and Andrew Kusiak

Directional positive feedback and pattern at an alpine tree line, Kathryn J. Alftine and George P. Malanson

Geostatistics and spatial analysis; characterizing form and pattern at the alpine treeline; Geographic information science and mountain geomorphology, Thomas Allen, Stephen P. Walsh, David Cairns, and Joseph Messina

Reduction in the bactericidal activity of selected cathelicidin peptides by bovine calf serum or exogenous endotoxin, Karen H. Bartlett, Paul B. McCray, and Peter S. Thorne

Toenail arsenic content and cutaneous melanoma in Iowa, L. E. Beane Freeman, L. K. Dennis, C. F. Lynch, and Peter S. Thorne

Exploring the Geographic Consequences of Public Policies Using Evolutionary Algorithms, David A. Bennett, Ningchuan Xiao, and Marc Armstrong

Landscape development preceding Homo erectus immigration into Central Java, Indonesia: the Sangiran Formation Lower Lahar, E. Arthur Bettis III, Yahdi Zaim, Roy R. Larick, and Russell L. Ciochon

Detection of perfluorooctane surfactants in Great Lakes water, Bryan Boulanger, John D. Vargo, Jerald L. Schnoor, and Keri C. Hornbuckle

Overlapping species boundaries and hybridization within the Montastraea 'Annularis' reef coral complex in the Pleistocene of the Bahama Islands, Ann F. Budd and J. M. Pandolfi

Turf-banked terrace treads and risers, turf exfoliation and possible relationships with advancing treeline, David Butler, George P. Malanson, and Lynn Resler

Antibiotics delay but do not prevent bacteremia and lung injury in murine sepsis, Kevin C. Doerschug, Linda S. Powers, Martha M. Monick, Peter S. Thorne, and Gary W. Hunninghake

Safety assessment of inhaled xylitol in mice and healthy volunteers, Lakshmi Durairaj, Janice Launspach, Janet L. Watt, Thomas R. Businga, Joel N. Kline, Peter S. Thorne, and Joseph Zabner

Measuring toxic emissions from landfills using sequential screening, Charles W. Emerson and Rangaswamy Rajagopal

30 Year historical trends in coralville reservoir water quality, Claudia O. Espinosa-Villegas, Craig L. Just, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Simulating the Development and Migration of the Monarch Butterfly, J. J. Fedderma, J. Shields, O. Taylor, and David A. Bennett

Conventional taxonomy obscures deep divergence between Pacific and Atlantic corals, H. Fukami, Ann F. Budd, G. Paulay, and A. Sole-Cava

Geographic Differences in Species Boundaries among Members of the Montastraea annularis Complex Based on Molecular and Morphological Markers, Hironobu Fukami and Ann F. Budd

Qualitative Research and the Academy of Management Journal, Robert P. Gephart and Sara L. Rynes

Forecast simulations of 3-D fish response to hydraulic structures, R. A. Goodwin, John M. Nestler, James J. Anderson, and Larry J. Weber

Measurement of the dissolved oxygen concentration in acrylate monomers with a novel photochemical method, L. J. Gou, C. N. Coretsopoulos, and Alec B. Scranton

Reduction of oxygen inhibition in free-radical photopolymerization., L. J. Gou, C. N. Coretsopoulos, and Alec B. Scranton

A Photochemical Method to Eliminate Oxygen Inhibition in Photocured Systems, L. Gou and Alec B. Scranton


Patch Use by a Monophagous Herbivore in Fragmented Prairie Landscapes, Stephen D. Hendrix and M St. Pierre

Use of X-radiographs to distinguish members of the Montastraea annularis reef-coral species complex, M. Holcomb, J. M. Pandolfi, I. G. Macintyre, and Ann F. Budd

Radiometric sensitivity to soil moisture at 1.4 GHz through a corn crop at maximum biomass, Keri C. Hornbuckle and A. W. England