The Office of Sustainability has partnered with Iowa Research Online to provide access to sustainability-related research, scholarship and artistic creation at the University of Iowa. Research and scholarly output included there has been selected and deposited by the faculty, researchers and students at Iowa.


Publications from 1999

Considering complexity, George P. Malanson

Synthesis and ion-binding properties of polymeric pseudocrown ethers. III. Ion-binding studies, A. M. Mathur and Alec B. Scranton

Geologic mapping using GIS technology assists in the siting of animal confinement operations and manure application areas; Geological Society of America, North-Central Section, 33rd annual meeting, Deborah J. Quade, E. Arthur Bettis III, and James D. Giglierano

Review: Public Culture in the Early Republic: Peale's Museum and Its Audience, Laura Rigal

Academic research inside organizations: Inputs, processes, and outcomes, Sara L. Rynes, D. B. McNatt, and Robert D. Bretz

Behavioral science in the buisness school curriculum: Teaching in a changing institutional enviorment, Sara L. Rynes and Christine Quinn Trank

Mountain, Myth, and Meltwater: Traditional Ecological Knowledge inthe Japan Alps., Scott R. Schnell

Ritual and Resistance in Rural Japan, Scott R. Schnell

Ritual and Tradition as Mediators of Change: Symbolic Resources andModernization in Japan’s Mountainous Interior.”, Scott R. Schnell

The rousing drum : ritual practice in a Japanese community / Scott Schnell, Scott R. Schnell

Teaching material and energy balances on the internet, Alec B. Scranton, R. M. Russell, N. Basker, and J. L.P. Jessop

Protactinium-231/uranium-235-thorium-230/uranium-238 systematics of young volcanic rocks from Central America; contrasting behavior related to subduction fluxes?, R. B. Thomas, Marc M. Hirschmann, H. Cheng, and R. L. Edwards

Hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine translocation in poplar trees, P. L. Thompson, L. A. Ramer, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Early-onset inflammatory responses in vivo to adenoviral vectors in the presence or absence of lipopolysaccharide-induced inflammation, Peter S. Thorne, Paul B. McCray, Tricia S. Howe, and Marsha A. O'Neill

Black hunger : food and the politics of U.S. identity / Doris Witt, Doris Witt

Forming teams: an analytical approach, Armen Zakarian and Andrew Kusiak

Publications from 1998

Report from working group on alluvial pedogenesis, W. Autin, A. Aslan, E. Arthur Bettis III, and P. M. Walthall

Photopolymerizable Encapsulants for Microelectronic Devices, K. Baikerikar

Subsolum weathering profile characteristics as indicators of the relative rank of stratigraphic breaks in till sequences; Revisitation of concepts in paleopedology; transactions of the Second international symposium on Paleopedology, E. Arthur Bettis III

Soil and carbon isotopic evidence of North American Midcontinent vegetation during the last interglacial period; Geological Society of America, 1998 annual meeting, E. Arthur Bettis III, D. R. Muhs, E. M. Rutledge, and William C. Johnson

Surficial geologic mapping and wetland hydrology of a portion of the Des Moines Lobe in Iowa; Geological Society of America, North-Central Section and associated societies, 32nd annual meeting [modified], E. Arthur Bettis III, Deborah J. Quade, Carol A. Thompson, and William I. Ausich

Dynamic searches of the Neogene marine biota of tropical America (NMITA) World-Wide Web database; Geological Society of America, 1998 annual meeting, Ann F. Budd, Charles T. Foster, John P. Dawson, and K. G. Johnson

Stepwise Faunal Change during Evolutionary Turnover: A Case Study from the Neogene of Curaçao, Netherlands Antilles, Ann F. Budd, Rebecca Petersen, and Donald F. McNeill

Predictive relationships for uptake of organic contaminants by hybrid poplar trees, J. G. Burken and Jerald L. Schnoor

Ethics, literature, and the emotional dimension of moral understanding, Diana Fritz Cates

Lead isotopic evidence for synextensional lithospheric ductile flow in the Colorado River extensional corridor, Western United States, Daniel L. Feuerbach, Mark K. Reagan, James E. Faulds, and J. D. Walker

Interglacial and interstadial valley environments and adjustments of floodplain levels; Geological Society of America, 1998 annual meeting, Edwin R. Hajic and E. Arthur Bettis III

Designing an assembly line for modular products, David W. He and Andrew Kusiak

Delayed product differentiation: A design and manufacturing perspective, David W. He, Andrew Kusiak, and Tzu-Liang Tseng

Manufacturing control with a push-pull approach, C. C. Huang and Andrew Kusiak

Modularity in design of products and systems, Chun-Che Huang and Andrew Kusiak

Cutting Edge: Modulation of Airway Inflammation by CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides in a Murine Model of Asthma, Joel N. Kline, Thomas J. Waldschmidt, Thomas R. Businga, Jennifer E. Lemish, Joel V. Weinstock, Peter S. Thorne, and Arthur M. Krieg

Co-polymerization of maleimides and vinyl ethers: A structural study, P. Kohli, Alec B. Scranton, and G. J. Blanchard

Design for agility: A scheduling perspective, Andrew Kusiak and David W. He

Modeling the fate and transport of household chemicals in septic systems, S. Lee, D. C. McAvoy, J. Szydlik, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Polymeric emulsifiers based on reversible formation of hydrophobic units, A. M. Mathur, B. Drescher, Alec B. Scranton, and J. Klier

Equilibrium swelling of poly(methacrylic acid-g-ethylene glycol) hydrogels - Effect of swelling medium and synthesis conditions, A. M. Mathur, K. F. Hammonds, J. Klier, and A. B. Scranton

UV Curable Epoxidized Oils with Vinylethers as Reactive Diluents, Arvind M. Mathur

A Study of Initiating Systems for Photopolymer-ization of Composites, V. Narayanam

Plunging jet measurement improvements using ADV, Kevin D. Nielsen, Marian Muste, and Larry J. Weber


The Future of Rural Water Supplies: Health and Infrastructure Policy Issues Workshop, David Osterberg

Sampling Strategies for sub-100 nm Overlay, B. Rangarajan

Optimal sampling strategies for sub-100-nm overlay, Bharath Rangarajan, Michael K. Templeton, Luigi Capodieci, and Ramkumar Subramanian

The American manufactory : art, labor, and the world of things in the early republic / Laura Rigal, Laura Rigal

Conflict in the Creation and Maintenance of Communal Identity, Scott R. Schnell

Kyōdōtai no aidentitii no keisei, iji ni fukaketsu na yōsō toshite notairitsu” (Conflict as an Essential Element in the Formation andMaintenance of Communal Identity, Scott R. Schnell

Effects of Exposure to Grain Dust in Polish Farmers: Work-Related Symptoms and Immunologic Response to Microbial Antigens Associated with Dust, Czeslawa Skorska, Barbara Mackiewicz, Jacek Dutkiewicz, Ewa Krysinska-Traczyk, Janusz Milanowski, Helen Feltovich, Jeffrey Lange, and Peter S. Thorne

Decreased transpiration in polar trees exposed to 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene, P. L. Thompson, L. A. Ramer, A. P. Guffey, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Uptake and transformation of TNT by hybrid poplar trees, P. L. Thompson, L. A. Ramer, and Jerald L. Schnoor

An overview of scale, pattern, process relationships in geomorphology; a remote sensing and GIS perspective, Stephen Walsh, David Butler, and George Malanson

Soul Food: Where the Chitterling Hits the (Primal) Pan, Doris Witt

A topographically-based model for seed dispersal and swamp dynamics, N. Xiao, David A. Bennett, B. Middleton, and K. Fessel

Publications from 1997

Dynamic scheduling of design activities with resource constraints, Upendra Belhe and Andrew Kusiak

A framework for the integration of geographical information systems and modelbase management, David A. Bennett

Managing Geographical Models as Repositories of Scientific Knowledge, David A. Bennett

Exploring the solution space of semi- structured spatial problems using genetic algorithms, David A. Bennett, G. A. Wade, and Marc Armstrong

Developing distributed geoprocessing capabilities, David A. Bennett, Greg A. Wade, and Raja Sengupta

Late-middle and early-late Wisconsin glaciation in north central Iowa; Geological Society of America, North-Central Section, 31st annual meeting, E. Arthur Bettis III

Linked depressions on the Des Moines Lobe, E. Arthur Bettis III and Deborah J. Quade

Coral reef community dynamics over 8 million years of evolutionary time; stasis and turnover, Ann F. Budd and K. G. Johnson

Uptake and metabolism of atrazine by poplar trees, J. G. Burken and Jerald L. Schnoor

Choosing to feel: virtue, friendship, and compassion for friends, Diana Fritz Cates

Changing Fortunes: Biodiversity and Peasant Livelihood in the Peruvian Andes, Michael S. Chibnik

The influence of recruiter characteristics and organizational recruitment support on perceived recruiter effectiveness: Views from applicants and recruiters, Mary L. Connerley and Sara L. Rynes


Effects of Restricted Knee Flexion and Walking Speed on the Vertical Ground Force Reaction During Gait, Thomas M. Cook, Kevin P. Farrell, Iva A. Carey, Joan M. Gibbs, and Gregory E. Wiger

Photopolymerizations of vinyl ester: Glass fiber composites, l. S. Coons, B. Rangarajan, D. Godshall, and A. B. Scranton

The Kinetics of Grain Dust-induced Inflammation of the Lower Respiratory Tract, Daniel C. Deetz, Paul J. Jagielo, Timothy J. Quinn, Peter S. Thorne, Shari A. Bleuer, and David A. Schwartz

Development of a flow spreader for fish bypass outfalls, Jeffrey S. Den Bleyker, Larry J. Weber, and A. Jacob Odgaard

Recalcitrant Students and Arts of Resistance, Barbara J. Eckstein

Robust Tolerance Design With the Integer Programming Approach, Chang-Xue (Jack) Feng and Andrew Kusiak

Scheduling models for setup reduction, Chang-Xue Feng, Andrew Kusiak, and Chun-Che Huang

Prospective epidemiologic evaluation of laboratory animal allergy among university employees, Laurence J. Fuortes, LeAnn Weih, Paul Pomrehn, and Peter S. Thorne

Design of assembly systems for modular products, David W. He and Andrew Kusiak

Remediation of lead-,zinc- and cadmium-contminated soils, R. E. Hester, Harrison R., Michael Lambert, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Modularity in design of products and systems, Chun-Che Huang and Andrew Kusiak

XML-based modeling of corporate memory, Chun-Che Huang, Tzu-Liang Tseng, and Andrew Kusiak

Late Quaternary temporal and event classifications, Great Lakes region, North America, W H. Johnson, Ardith Hansel, E. Arthur Bettis III, and Paul F. Karrow

Effect of hybrid poplar trees on microbial populations important to hazardous waste bioremediation, J. L. Jordahl, L. Foster, Jerald L. Schnoor, and P. J.J. Alvarez

Geoarchaeological variability among two central Iowa drainage basins; Geological Society of America, 1997 annual meeting, Joseph R. Krieg, E. Arthur Bettis III, and Richard G. Baker

Design for agile assembly: an operational perspective, Andrew Kusiak and D. W. He

Design of modular digital circuits for testability, Andrew Kusiak and Chun-Che Huang

Design of parts and manufacturing systems for reliability and maintainability, Andrew Kusiak and Gun Ho Lee

Data modelling with IDEF1x, Andrew Kusiak, Terry Letsche, and Armen Zakarian

Application of flow cytometry and fluorescent in situ hybridization for assessment of exposures to airborne bacteria, Jeffrey L. Lange, Peter S. Thorne, and Nancy Lynch


Contribution of selected scapulothoracic muscle forces to the control of accessory scapular motions, P M. Ludewig and Thomas M. Cook

Activation of the Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Kit Is Required for the Proliferation of Melanoblasts in the Mouse Embryo, Marina A. Mackenzie, Siobhan A. Jordan, Peter S. Budd, and Ian J. Jackson

Effects of feedbacks and seed rain on ecotone patterns, George P. Malanson

Effects of dispersal, population delays, and forest fragmentation on tree migration rates, George P. Malanson and David M. Cairns

Coatings Formed by the Photopolymerization of Epoxidized Soybean Oil Containing Cyclohexanedimethanol Divinylether as a Reactive Diluent, A. M. Mathur

Synthesis and ion-binding properties of polymeric pseudocrown ethers II: template ion induced cyclization of oligomeric ethylene glycol diacrylates, A. M. Mathur and Alec B. Scranton

Validation of a three-dimensional numerical model using field measurements in a large scale river reach, Ehab A. Meselhe and Larry J. Weber

Effect of viscosity on the rate of photosensitization of diaryliodonium salts by anthracene, S. K. Moorjani, B. Rangarajan, and Alec B. Scranton

UV Curing of Composites: Optimization of Initiators, V. Narayanan

Photopolymerization of composites, V. Narayanan and Alec B. Scranton

Hydrogeologic implications for siting large-scale waste-containment systems on the Des Moines Lobe in Iowa; 1997 abstracts with programs, The Geological Society of America, 31st annual North-Central Section, Deborah J. Quade, E. Arthur Bettis III, Bernard E. Hoyer, and Robert D. Libra

Air Quality Assessments in the Vicinity of Swine Production Facilities, Stephen J. Reynolds, Kelley J. Donham, Jason Stookesberry, Peter S. Thorne, Periasamy Subramanian, Kendall Thu, and Paul Whitten

Sensory nerve recovery following median nerve provocation in carpal tunnel syndrome, John C. Rosecrance, Thomas M. Cook, and Raymond C. Bingham

Experienced hiring versus college recruiting: Practices and emerging trends, Sara L. Rynes, Marc O. Orlitzky, and Robert D. Bretz

Uptake and transformation of trichloroethylene by edible garden plants, W. E. Schnabel, A. C. Dietz, J. G. Burken, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Sanctity and sanction in communal ritual: a reconsideration of Shintô festival processions, Scott R. Schnell