H. E. Francis


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The frog lady -- The woman from Jujuy -- The fence -- The man who made people -- One of the boys -- All the people I never had -- The moment of fish -- The deepest chamber -- 3 -- All the carnivals in the world -- Don't stay away too long -- The rate of decomposition in a cold climate -- The game -- Going west -- The transfusion man -- The itinerary of beggars -- Where was my life before I died? -- Contemplations of ecstasy on the day of my suicide -- Running


H. E. Francis is a truly gifted writer who manages, in each of his stories, to concentrate with splendor and pathos on a single theme: the oneness of all things, the terrifying completion of the individual who contains within himself the entirety of life. In each instance some multiple interior existence affirms the power and beauty of Iife and the terrible distances between us. But the important thing is that Francis has found new ways to generate from ordinary language a writing voice at once familiar and yet surprising as well and, in its richness, worthy of his amazing human vision and limitless compassion. His work is shockingly profound.

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Iowa School of Letters Award for Short Fiction

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Hawkes, John

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