Volume 9-13 called State University of Iowa studies in Spanish language and literature. Volumes 14-15 called Studies in Spanish language and literature


Submissions from 1975


Aspects of oral style in the romances juglarescos of the Carolingian cycle, Orest R. Ochrymowycz

Submissions from 1969

Borges y su retorno a la poesia, Zunilda Gertel

Submissions from 1966

El palacio de la Alhambra en el siglo XI, Frederick P. Bargebuhr

Submissions from 1963


Una constante didáctico-moral del Libro de buen amor, Jorge Guzmán

Submissions from 1961

Pedro Henríquez Ureña en los Estados Unidos, Alfredo A. Roggiano

Submissions from 1936


The epithet in Spanish poetry of the romantic period, Graves Baxter Roberts

Submissions from 1935


The staging of plays in the Spanish peninsula prior to 1555, Ronald Boal Williams

Submissions from 1933


The Aucto del castillo de Emaus and the Aucto de la Iglesia of Juan Timoneda, Juan de Timoneda and Mildred E. Johnson

Submissions from 1931


Comedia yntitulada del Tirano rrey Corbanto, Ilse G. Probst Laas and Ralph Emerson House

Submissions from 1930


Diálogos o coloquios of Pedro Mejía, Pedro Mexía and Margaret Lois Mulroney