A quarterly, peer-reviewed journal of history published by the State Historical Society of Iowa.

Current Issue: Volume 79, Number 3 (2020)

Third Series

Front Matter


Editor's Perspective
Andrew Klumpp




Iowa Confederates in the Civil War p. 301-303
Tim Roberts


Poles in Illinois p. 306-308
William J. Galush

Back Matter

Cover Image

Image of the first building completed at Memorial University in Mason City, Iowa, which was meant to be a harbinger of the grand university that the Grand Army of the Republic planned to build in the community. For more on the rise, decline, and influence of Memorial University, see Jonathan D. Neu's article in this issue. Photo courtesy of Jonathan D. Neu.


Andrew Klumpp

Editorial Consultants

Rebecca Conard, Middle Tennessee State University
Kathleen Neils Conzen, University of Chicago
William Cronon, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Robert R. Dykstra, State University of New York at Albany
R. David Edmunds, University of Texas at Dallas
H. Roger Grant, Clemson University
William C. Pratt, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Pamela Riney-Kehrberg, Iowa State University
Malcolm J. Rohrbough, University of Iowa