Volume 68, Number 1 (2009)

Third Series

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J. H. Paarmann, curator of the Davenport Academy of Natural Sciences, led the institution’s transformation from a society devoted to scientific research into a museum dedicated to popular education. Here, Paarmann is seen leading a group of girls on a field trip along the Mississippi River. For more on Paarmann’s role in transforming the Davenport academy, see Victorian E. M. Cain’s article in this issue. Photo courtesy Putnam Museum of History and Natural Science, Davenport, Iowa.Sample Paragraph.


Marvin Bergman

Editorial Consultants

Rebecca Conard, Middle Tennessee State University
Kathleen Neils Conzen, University of Chicago
William Cronon, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Robert R. Dykstra, State University of New York at Albany
R. David Edmunds, University of Texas at Dallas
H. Roger Grant, Clemson University
William C. Pratt, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Glenda Riley, Ball State University
Malcolm J. Rohrbough, University of Iowa
Dorothy Schwieder, Iowa State University