Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa Department of Anthropology.


Publications from 2010

REVIEW ESSAY: Flexible Labor in Academia and Testing Companies, Michael S. Chibnik

Contingent Faculty in Anthropology: AAA to Begin a New Study, Michael S. Chibnik and Steve Ferzaca

Labor Relations at AAA Meeting Sites, Michael S. Chibnik, Steve Ferzaca, Carol MacLennan, Romana Pérez, and Pauline Turner Strong

Publications from 2004

Artists and Aesthetics: Case Studies of Creativity in the Ethnic Arts Market, Michael S. Chibnik and Rudi Colloredo-Mansfeld

Alebrijes: Mexico’s Flight of Fancy Carved in Copal Wood, Michael S. Chibnik and Sylvia Purata

Publications from 1989

In the Rainforest, Michael S. Chibnik

Peasants, Entrepreneurs, and Social Change, Michael S. Chibnik

Agricultural Labor Organization in Ribereño Communities of the Peruvian Amazon, Michael S. Chibnik and Wil de Jong

Publications from 1985


The Use of Statistics in Sociocultural Anthropology, Michael Chibnik

Publications from 1983


The Changing Research Interests of North American Sociocultural Anthropologists, Michael Chibnik and Mark Moberg

Publications from 1981

Small Farmer Risk Aversion: Peasant Reality or Policymakers' Rationalization?, Michael S. Chibnik

The Evolution of Cultural Rules, Michael S. Chibnik

Publications from 1979

Anthropological Research for a Computer Manufacturing Company, Carole Browner and Michael S. Chibnik

Publications from 1978

The Value of Subsistence Production, Michael S. Chibnik

Publications from 1973

Facial Foliage Among Male American Anthropologists: A Quantitative Analysis, Christine Padoch and Michael S. Chibnik

Publications from 1972

Marketing in North Kohala., Michael S. Chibnik