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Friday, October 17th
9:15 AM

Enhancing Team-Based Senior Capstone Projects: Opportunities and Challenges

Gretchen A. Mosher, Iowa State University

Lucus Dodge Room, 256 IMU

9:15 AM - 9:33 AM

9:33 AM

Incorporating Freehand Sketches and Mockups into Senior Design Capstone Course: Case Study with a Hand Cycle Vehicle Rack

Richard W. Marklin Jr., Marquette University
Vikram Cariapa, Marquette University
Peter Schneider, Marquette University
Beau Backhaus, Marquette University
Sam Dieckhaus, Marquette University
Brandon Bork, Marquette University
Adam Fettig, Marquette University

Lucas Dodge Room, 256 IMU

9:33 AM - 9:51 AM

9:51 AM

Creating Opportunities for Exploration by Modularizing a Three Credit Engineering Course

Rebecca O'Connell, Iowa State University
Gloria Starns, Iowa State University

Lucus Dodge Room, 256 IMU

9:51 AM - 10:09 AM

10:09 AM

The Use of BeagleBone Black Board in Engineering Design and Development

Nannan He, Minnesota State University - Mankato
Han-Way Huang, Minnesota State University - Mankato
Brian David Woltman, Minnesota State University - Mankato

Lucus Dodge Room, 256 IMU

10:09 AM - 10:27 AM