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Friday, October 17th
9:15 AM

Experience of Teaching Advanced Touch Sensing Technologies

Nannan He, Minnesota State University
Han-Way Huang, Minnesota State University

Ohio State Room, 343 IMU

9:15 AM - 9:33 AM

9:33 AM

Using Design Hierarchy in a Linear Circuits Class to Illustrate the Scientific Method as a Human Invention

Douglas De Boer, Dordt College

Ohio State Room, 343 IMU

9:33 AM - 9:51 AM

9:51 AM

First Experiences with the AVR ATmega32 Microcontroller

Christopher Carroll, University of Minnesota Duluth

Ohio State Room, 343 IMU

9:51 AM - 10:09 AM

10:09 AM

Incorporation of Agile Development Methodology into a Capstone Software Engineering Project

Jon G. Kuhl, University of Iowa

Ohio State Room, 343 IMU

10:09 AM - 10:27 AM