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Friday, October 17th
3:45 PM

Ethical Aerobics: Preparing Engineers for the Global Workplace

Scott Coffel, University of Iowa

Ohio State Room, 343 IMU

3:45 PM - 4:03 PM

4:03 PM

Teaching Ethics in a "What's in It for Me?" World

Patricia Rummel Jinkins, University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Jill Clough, University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Ohio State Room, 343 IMU

4:03 PM - 4:21 PM

4:21 PM

Peace and Conflict: Engineering Responsibilities and Opportunities

Robert J. Muscat, Global Peace Services USA

Ohio State Room, 343 IMU

4:21 PM - 4:39 PM

4:39 PM

An Ethical Framework for Engineering Faculty: Motivation, Examples & Discussion

Rebecca A. Bates, Minnesota State University - Mankato

Ohio State Room, 343 IMU

4:39 PM - 5:30 PM