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Friday, October 17th
9:15 AM

The IIHR Fluids Workshop, A Community of Scholars

James H.J. Buchholz, University of Iowa

Michigan Room, 351 IMU

9:15 AM - 9:33 AM

9:33 AM

Shape and Fluid Drag: an Experience with Just-in-time Learning

Debashish Burman, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Michigan Room, 351 IMU

9:33 AM - 9:51 AM

9:51 AM

Interactive Web-based Hydrological Simulation Systems as an Education Platform using Augmented and Immersive Reality

Ibrahim Demir, University of Iowa

Michigan Room, 351 IMU

9:51 AM - 10:09 AM

10:09 AM

Development, Assessment and Evaluation of Remote Thermo-Fluids Laboratory Experiments: Results from a Pilot Study

Sriram Sundararajan, Iowa State University
James Dautremont, Iowa State University

Michigan Room, 351 IMU

10:09 AM - 10:27 AM