Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa Department of Biology.


Publications from 2016


Goggatomy: A Method for Opening Small Cuticular Compartments in Arthropods for Physiological Experiments, Alan R Kay, Davide Raccuglia, Jon Scholte, Elena Sivan-Loukianova, Christopher A. Barwacz, Steven R. Armstrong, C Allan Guymon, Michael N. Nitabach, and Daniel F. Eberl

Publications from 2013


The Drosophila auditory system, Grace Boekhoff-Falk and Daniel F. Eberl


Physiological, anatomical, and behavioral changes after acoustic trauma in Drosophila melanogaster, K. W. Christie, E. Sivan-Loukianova, W. C. Smith, B. T. Aldrich, M. A. Schon, M. Roy, B.C. Lear, and D.F. Eberl


Introgression in the Drosophila subobscura - D. Madeirensis sister species: evidence of gene flow in nuclear genes despite mitochondrial differentiation, Danielle K. Herrig, Alec J. Modrick, Evgeny Brud, and Ana Llopart

Publications from 2009

Reproduction of Amorpha canescens (Fabaceae) and Diversity of Its Bee Community in a Fragmented Landscape, Malinda W. Slagle and Stephen D. Hendrix

Publications from 2004


Patch Use by a Monophagous Herbivore in Fragmented Prairie Landscapes, Stephen D. Hendrix and M St. Pierre

Publications from 2000

Population Size and Reproduction in Phlox pilosa, Stephen D. Hendrix and John F. Kyhl

Publications from 1987

Plants and insects in early old-field succession: comparison of an English site and an American site, Valerie K. Brown, Stephen D. Hendrix, and Hugh Dingle

Publications from 1983

Herbivore Damage to Three Tropical Ferns, Stephen D. Hendrix and Robert J. Marquis

Publications from 1981


Species as Islands: Comments on a Paper by Kuris et al., Stephen D. Hendrix, John H Lawton, Howard Cornell, and William Dritschilo

Plant-Herbivore Interactions: Insect Induced Changes in Host Plant Sex Expression and Fecundity, Stephen D. Hendrix and E. Joseph Trapp

Publications from 1979

Compensatory Reproduction in a Biennial Herb following Insect Defloration, Stephen D. Hendrix

Publications from 1972

The Activity of β-Ecdysone in Four Gibberellin Bioassays, Stephen D. Hendrix and Russell L. Jones