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Fall 11-9-2012

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Technology has changed the resources and the ways libraries do business. It has also changed the ways in which library patrons seek information. In order to build discussion around this topic the term Library 2.0 was coined. Library 2.0 is a term and theory in which many librarians have an opinion. Whether it is an opinion that embraces the idea or not, understanding the range of definitions and theories behind Library 2.0 is key to understanding where this concept diverges from traditional library services and/or simply having new technology available or used in the library space. This resource guide points to a wide range of voices that have shaped the discussion of the term Library 2.0. It encompasses the variety and depth of the subject and suggests new areas that have been left untapped by much of the current work available on the topic.


Library 2.0, Technology, Social Media, Web 2.0

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