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Completion report (Iowa State Water Resources Research Institute)

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45 pages


The Appendix includes: Mumford, R.L. and Schnoor, J.L., "Air Stripping of Volatile Organics in Water," to be submitted to the J. American Water Works Association, 1983.

The complete Appendix also includes items published elsewhere:

  • Schnoor, J.L., Nitzschke, J.L., Lucas, R.D. and Veenstra, J.N., "Trihalomethane Yields as a Function of Precursor Molecular Weight," Environ, Sci. Technol., 13:9, 1979, pp. 1134-1138.
  • Veenstra, J.N. and Schnoor, J.L,, "Seasonal Patterns and Molecular Weight Variation of Trihalomethane Precursors in the Iowa River," Water Chlorination: Environmental Impact and Health Effects, Ann Arbor Science, Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1980, pp, 109-116. ISBN: 9780250403424
  • Veenstra, J.N. and Schnoor, J.L., "Seasonal Variations of Trihalomethanes in an Iowa River Water Supply," J. American Water Works Association, November, 1980, 72:10, 1980, pp. 583-590.


"Agreement no: 14-34-0001-0117 ; project dates: October, 1977-September 1980."

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Molecular size determination of chloroform precursors. Ames, Iowa : Iowa State Water Resources Research Institute, 1983. Completion report (Iowa State Water Resources Research Institute)


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