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Completion report (Iowa State Water Resources Research Institute)

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39 pages


"Agreement no: 14-34-0001-8017 ; project dates: October, 1977-September, 1980.

This project was supported by funds provided by the U.S. Department of the Interior, Washington, D.C,, as authorized by the Water Research and Development Act of 1978, and made available through the\Iowa State Water Resources Research Institute (Project No.A-070-1A)

The Appendix consists of an item published elsewhere:

Schnoor, J.L., Rao, N.B., Cartwright, D.C. and Noll, R.M., ’’Fate and Transport Modeling for Toxic Substances,” in Modeling the Fate of Chemicals in the Aquatic Environment, K.L. Dickson, A.W. Maki, J. Cairns, Jr.,,Eds., Ann Arbor Science, Inc., 1982, pp. 145-163. ISBN: 9780250405527

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Distributed source model for pesticides in the Iowa River. Ames, Iowa : Iowa State Water Resources Research Institute, 1983. Completion report (Iowa State Water Resources Research Institute) ; 107


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