Publications by faculty in the University of Iowa Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.


Publications from 2000

Regional spatial and temporal interpolation of atmospheric PCBs: Interpretation of Lake Michigan Mass Balance data, Mark L. Green, Joseph V. Depinto, Clyde Sweet, and Keri C. Hornbuckle

Evaluation of different approaches for modeling effects of acid rain on soils in China, Thorjorn Larssen, Jerald L. Schnoor, Hans Martin Seip, and Zhao Dawei

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What course for carbon trading?, R. A. Ney and Jerald L. Schnoor

Publications from 1998

Predictive relationships for uptake of organic contaminants by hybrid poplar trees, J. G. Burken and Jerald L. Schnoor

Modeling the fate and transport of household chemicals in septic systems, S. Lee, D. C. McAvoy, J. Szydlik, and Jerald L. Schnoor

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Publications from 1997

Uptake and metabolism of atrazine by poplar trees, J. G. Burken and Jerald L. Schnoor

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Publications from 1995

Nitrogen fixation: Anthropogenic enhancement-environmental response, James N. Galloway, William H. Schlesinger, Hiram Levy II, Anthony Michaels, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Soil sensitivity due to acid and heavy metal deposition in East Central Europe, A. M. Rautengarten, Jerald L. Schnoor, S. Anderberg, and K. Olendrzynski

Phytoremediation of Organic and Nutrient Contaminants, Jerald L. Schnoor, L. A. Licht, S. C. Mccutcheon, and N. L. Wolfe

Publications from 1994

Iron Oxidation-Kinetics in an Acidic Alpine Lake, R. C. Barry, Jerald L. Schnoor, B. Sulzberger, and L. Sigg

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Effect of Soil-Conditions on Model Parameters and Atrazine Mineralization Rates, D. R. Nair and Jerald L. Schnoor

Long-term simulation of decreased acid loading on forested watershed, T. H. Rees and Jerald L. Schnoor

Soil as a Vulnerable Environmental System, Jerald L. Schnoor

Acid deposition and lake chemistry in southwest China, H. B. Xue and Jerald L. Schnoor

Publications from 1993

Volatilization of Polychlorinated-Biphenyls from Green Bay, Lake-Michigan, D. R. Achman, Keri C. Hornbuckle, and S. J. Eisenreich

Over-Water and Over-Land Polychlorinated-Biphenyls in Green Bay, Lake-Michigan, Keri C. Hornbuckle, D. R. Achman, and S. J. Eisenreich

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Vegetative alteration of nitrate fate in unsaturated zone, K. G. Paterson and Jerald L. Schnoor

Publications from 1992

Czechoslovakia - Examining a Critically Ill Environment, B. Moldan and Jerald L. Schnoor

Effect of 2 Electron-Acceptors on Atrazine Mineralization Rates in Soil, D. R. Nair and Jerald L. Schnoor

Fate of Alachlor and Atrazine in a Riparian Zone Field Site, K. G. Paterson and Jerald L. Schnoor

Fate of pesticides and chemicals in the environment, J. L. Schnoor

Publications from 1991

Kinetics of Chemical-Weathering in B-Horizon Spodosol Fraction, S. R. Asolekar, R. L. Valentine, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Field Observations of Longitudinal Dispersion in a Run-Of-The-River Impoundment, D. J. Mossman, F. M. Holly, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Modeling the Hydrogeochemical Response of a Stream to Acid Deposition using the Enhanced Trickle-Down Model, N. P. Nikolaidis, P. K. Muller, Jerald L. Schnoor, and H. L. Hu

Assessment of Episodic Acidification in Sierra-Nevada, California, N. P. Nikolaidis, V. S. Nikolaidis, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Applications of three completely mixed compartment models to the long-term fate of dieldrin in a reservoir, Chikashi Sato and Jerald L. Schnoor

Publications from 1990

Effects of Parameter Uncertainty on Long-Term Simulations of Lake Alkalinity, S. J. Lee, K. P. Georgakakos, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Biogeochemistry of Iron in an Acidic Lake, B. Sulzberger, Jerald L. Schnoor, R. Giovanoli, and J. G. Hering

Publications from 1989

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Publications from 1988

Waste Allocation Simulation-Models, Robert B. Ambrose Jr., John P. Connolly, Elizabeth Southerland, Thomas O. Barnwell, and Jerald L. Schnoor

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A Generalized Soft-Water Acidification Model, N. P. Nikolaidis, H. Rajaram, Jerald L. Schnoor, and K. P. Georgakakos

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Publications from 1987

Ion Budgets in a Seepage Lake, J. C. Lin, Jerald L. Schnoor, and G. E. Glass


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Publications from 1986

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The Role of Chemical-Weathering in the Neutralization of Acidic Deposition, Jerald L. Schnoor and W. Stumm

Publications from 1985

Wastewater effluent nitrogen forms and assimilative response in small midwestern streams, Richard R. Dague, Donald B. McDonald, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Microbial Transformations of Substituted Benzenes during Infiltration of River Water to Groundwater - Laboratory Column Studies, E. P. Kuhn, P. J. Colberg, Jerald L. Schnoor, and O. Wanner

Test Medium for the Growth of Nitrosomonas-Europaea, C. Sato, Jerald L. Schnoor, D. B. Mcdonald, and J. Huey

Publications from 1984

Modeling of total acid precipitation impacts, Jerald L. Schnoor

Publications from 1983

RSMM: A network language for modeling pollutants in river systems, Narasinga B. Rao, Charles R. Standridge, and Jerald L. Schnoor


Distributed source model for pesticides in the Iowa River, Jerald L. Schnoor


Molecular size determination of chloroform precursors, Jerald L. Schnoor


Verification of a toxic organic substance transport and bioaccumulation model, Jerald L. Schnoor, Narasinga Rao, Kathryn J. Cartwright, Richard M. Noll, and Carlos E. Ruiz-Caizada

Saurer Regen, eine Folge der Storung hydrogeochemischer Kreislaufe, Werner Stumm, James J. Morgan, and Jerald L. Schnoor

Publications from 1982

Fate and Transport Modeling For Toxic Substances, Jerald L. Schnoor, Narasinga B. Rao, Kathyrn J. Cartwright, and Richard M. Noll

Publications from 1980

Integrated Approach To Acid Rainfall Assessments., Jerald L. Schnoor, G. R. Carmichael, and F. A. van Shepen

Differential Phytoplankton Sinking-Rates and Growth-Rates - an Eigenvalue Analysis, Jerald L. Schnoor and D. M. Ditoro

A Steady-State Eutrophication Model for Lakes, Jerald L. Schnoor and Donald J. O'Connor

Seasonal-Variations in Trihalomethane Levels in an Iowa River Water-Supply, J. N. Veenstra and Jerald L. Schnoor

Publications from 1979

Dissolved-Oxygen Model of a Short Detention Time Reservoir with Anaerobic Hypolimnion, Jerald L. Schnoor and E. G. Fruh

Trihalomethane Yields as a Function of Precursor Molecular-Weight, Jerald L. Schnoor, J. L. Nitzschke, R. D. Lucas, and J. N. Veenstra

Publications from 1974

Improving Mercury (Ii) Removal by Activated Carbon, M. J. Humenick and Jerald L. Schnoor