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Moon Over Buffalo is a comedic play that centers on two fading 1950s theatre stars, George and Charlotte Hay. The couple stars in a repertory theatre producing productions of Private Lives and Cyrano De Bergerac. They all but give up on their careers when they get one last shot to reboot their careers when famed Frank Capra comes to see their shows. As luck would have it, anything and everything that could go wrong does go wrong.

I designed this show as a project for my Costume Design II class during my first year as a graduate student. The guideline was to create a concept for which the characters are based on. For me, I chose to base my characters costumes on different types of birds in accordance with their personalities. For example, for the character of Ethel, I designed her costume with inspiration from the Rock Eagle Owl. Ethel is Charlotte’s old, kooky but wise mother. These characteristics reminded me of an owl. Another example is how I used the American Goldfinch as a basis for the character Rosalind. The clean and sleek lines of the bird, along with its sophisticated color palette of black, white, and yellow reminded me of the refined nature of Rosalind.


Moon over Buffalo


Spring 2016

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