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Working Group Reports on Best Practices

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University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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13-8-2018 10:15 AM

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13-8-2018 12:15 PM


From a Digital Preservation perspective, 3D is a new content category in need of standardization. Similar best practices are well established for other content types such as image and video, but have yet to be delineated for the wide-ranging sub-types of 3D content. The Community Standards for 3D Data Preservation (CS3DP) project was initiated to bring together the various entities who create, use, publish and preserve 3D data. It aims to create standards and best practice guidelines for assessment concerns by collection method/data types, retention schedules guidelines, evaluation criteria, etc., using OAIS/TDR and discipline specific standards. The CS3DP Preservation Best Practices working group has focused on creating a framework that can be applied across multiple 3D data-generating modalities and tiers of implementation, from national to local governmental, educational, and private entities. The primary focus is on Preservation Intervention Points (PIPs), which are moments to stop and ask: “What files should I save?” “What information should be recorded at this point?” The answers to these questions are project dependent and related to the purpose of generating the data, target audience(s), preservation needs, and modality. However, there are some general guidelines that can be provided for new and established practitioners to consider. We have broken down the PIPs into five main areas: planning, creation/ingest, processing, deliverables, and long-term management. At each stage, we recommend levels of implementation to accommodate different levels of infrastructure, funding, and audience requirements. At CS3DP forum 2, the group will present the macro-level organization of the proposed chapter and apply it to three different modality case studies: laser scanning, photogrammetry, and CT scanning.


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Working Group Reports on Best Practices

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan