Number 17 (1988) André Breton

Sponsored by the Association for the Study of Dada and Surrealism

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Breton and Poetic Originality p. 28-35
Stamos Metzidakis



Reading Breton Today: "La Mort rose" p. 67-73
Ronnie Scharfman


Toward a New Definition of Automatism: L'Immaculée Conception p. 74-90
Jacqueline Chénieux-Gendron


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André Breton, Automatic Writing (L'Écriture automatique), 1938. Collage. Vera and Arturo Schwarz Collection, Milan.

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  • Rudolph E. Kuenzli
  • Mary Ann Caws

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Anna Balakian

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  • Anna Balakian
  • Luigi Ballerini
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  • Manuel Grossman
  • Renée Riese Hubert
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  • Rosalind Krauss
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  • Eric Sellin
  • Richard Sheppard

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  • Henri Béhar
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Gail P. Zlatnik