Number 4 (1974) Jarry and Tzara

This issue is devoted in particular to Alfred Jarry-for his centenary-and to Tristan Tzara-eight articles on diverse topics from his early poetry to his possible relations with Buddhism and including comparisons with Japanese Dada, the Chilean Huidobro, the American film of Brakhage, and the calling cards of Duchamp. Essays on Art and the Text focus on Levi-Strauss and pop art and the expressionist Kokoschka.

Sponsored by the Association for the Study of Dada and Surrealism

Front Matter



The Gyres of Ubu roi p. 5-9
John Erickson


Ubu roi: A Collage p. 17-26
Rosette C. Lamont


A Step on Tzara's Road to Communication p. 35-41
Ruth Caldwell


Montage in the Dada Poetry of Tristan Tzara p. 53-56
Manuel L. Grossman


Tzara's First Poems p. 66-72
Michael H. Impey

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Mary Ann Caws

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  • Michel Beaujour
  • LeRoy Breunig
  • Robert Champigny
  • Renée Riese Hubert
  • Edith Kern
  • J. H. Matthews
  • Michael Riffaterre
  • Eric Sellin

Film Editor

Manuel L. Grossman

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Michael Benedikt

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Jean Schroeder