Number 9 (1979)

Sponsored by the Association for the Study of Dada and Surrealism

Front Matter



(Un)Learning (not)to (Dis)Like Ernst p. 29-41
Joseph Masheck


Max Ernst and Romanticism p. 48-61
Renée Riese Hubert


Slidings p. 98-101
Charles Lassiter

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Responsible for no.9


Mary Ann Caws

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Rudolph Kuenzli

Editorial Board

  • Anna Balakian
  • Luigi Ballerini
  • Michel Beaujour
  • Robert Champigny
  • Renée Riese Hubert
  • Edith Kern
  • J. H. Matthews
  • Jeanine Plottel
  • Gregory Rabassa
  • Michael Riffaterre
  • Eric Sellin

Film Editor

Manuel Grossman

Editorial Consultants

  • Henri Béhar
  • Robert Motherwell
  • William Rubin
  • Michel Sanouillet


Rochelle Wyner