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S. R. Winchell


Prof. William F. Phelps, President Whitewater State Normal School, Whitewater, Wisconsin, Editor-in-Chief

Prof. Edward Olney, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Hon. J. M. Gregory, President Illinois Industrial University, Champaign

Hon. Newton Bateman, President Knox College, Galesburg, Ill.

State Editors:

Michigan: Prof. Lewis McLouth, Ypsilanti State Normal School, Ypsilanti

Illinois: Prof. John W. Cook, Illinois Normal University, Normal

Minnesota: Supt. O. V. Tousley, Minneapolis

Nebraska: Prof. C. B. Palmer, Beatrice

Iowa: Prof. J. M. DeArmond, Davenport

Indiana: Prof. J. B. Roberts, Indianapolis

Wisconsin: Prof. J. Q. Emery, Fort Atkinson

Kentucky: Prof. J. B. Reynolds, Louisville

Managing Editor:

S. R. Winchell, 170 Clark Street, Chicago


122 Editorial
124 The County Superintendency in Illinois by C.

124 The Study of the French Language. II. The Grammar. by Prof. Alfred Hennequin
125 Letters from a Young Teacher.--No. 2 by Sarah C. Sterling

126 Raising New Forests.
127 The Detroit High School

Practical Hints and Exercises. Editor, Mrs. Kate B. Ford
128 A Suggestion by Emma May
129 Another Solution to the Pythagorean Proposition by J. A. Holmes
129 University of the State of New York. 32d Preliminary Academic Examination. March 1, 2, 1877

129 Notes
129 Books and Pamphlets Received.

130 Virgil or Vergil. J. H. Allen
130 A Call for the Sixty-Three. Aaron Gove
Graded Readers in Ungraded Schools. J. N. Maxwell
130 Mood or Mode; Which is it? Senex

Educational Intelligence
131 Home
131 Foreign

State Departments
131 Iowa. Editor, J. M. DeArmond
132 Michigan. Contributed by H. A. Ford
132 Indiana. Editor, J. B. Roberts
133 Kentucky. Editor, J. B. Reynolds.
133 Minnesota. Editor, O. V. Tousley



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