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S. R. Winchell


Prof. William F. Phelps, President State Normal School, Whitewater, Wisconsin, Editor-in-Chief

Prof. Edward Olney, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Hon. J. M. Gregory, President Illinois Industrial University, Champaign

Hon. Newton Bateman, President Knox College, Galesburg, Ill.

Managing Editor:

S. R. Winchell, 170 Clark Street, Chicago

State Departments:

Colorado: Hon. J. C. Shattuck, State Supt. Public Instruction, Denver

Iowa: J. M. DeArmond, Principal Grammar School No. 5, Davenport

Kentucky: Dr. J. B. Reynolds, Principal Second Ward School, Louisville

Illinois: Prof. John W. Cook, Illinois State Normal University, Normal

Michigan: Prof. Lewis McLouth, State Normal School, Ypsilanti

Indiana: J.B. Roberts, Principal High School, Indianapolis

Wisconsin: J. Q. Emery, Supt. Public Schools, Fort Atkinson

Minnesota: O. V. Tousley, Supt. Public Schools, Minneapolis

Dakota: W. M. Bristoll, Supt. Publish Schools, Yankton

Ohio: R. W. Stevenson, Supt. Public Schools, Columbus

Nebraska: Prof. C. B. Palmer, State University, Lincoln

General Educational News--House and Foreign: Henry A. Ford, Kalamazoo, Michigan


182 Editorial

184 Drawing from Dictation. II. by Prof. L. S. Thompson
184 The Duty of Hour. by A. D. Mavo
186 The Function of the Normal School by Prof. C. F. R. Bellows

Musical Department. Editor, W. L. Smith
187 Selection of Songs

Practical Hints and Exercises. Editor, Mrs. Kate B. Ford
187 The Pythagorean Proposition [with illustration]by J. M. Maxwell
187 Expectation as a Means of Government
188 Blunders In and Out of School by William Smith

189 Notes

190 Erasable or Erasible? by W. D. Henkle
190 Answer by Senex
190 A Question of Pronunciation by Inquirer
190 Answer by Albert Salisbury
190 "To the Editor.." by L. Burstall
190 "To the Editor...questions" by Wm. Huber, Jr.

The Educational Weekly. State Departments.
191 Minnesota.
191 Kentucky.
191 Nebraska.
191 Illinois.
192 Wisconsin.
192 Indiana.
192 Iowa.
193 Ohio.
193 Chicago Notes. by Prof. James Hannan

193 Publishers' Notes



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