About This Journal

Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography (EJAB) (ISSN 1092-9576) is a refereed online journal of bibliographies. Coverage includes any aspect of Africa, its peoples, their homes, cities, towns, districts, states, countries, regions, including social, economic sustainable development, creative literature, the arts, and the Diaspora.

The series was created by the late John Howell, University of Iowa Libraries. Afeworki Paulos became the primary editor until 2004. Edward Miner has been the primary editor since 2005.

The full text is freely available immediately; there is no embargo period. Authors will receive monthly emails providing the count of downloads of their articles. There are no article submission charges nor article processing charges (APC) to publish. Download counts are displayed for each article. COUNTER usage statistics are not available.

Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography is preserved in the Global LOCKSS Network.

Complete metadata for all articles in Electronic Journal of Africana Bibliography is available via OAI http://ir.uiowa.edu/do/oai/?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=dcq&set=publication:ejab. See our policy regarding use and reuse of our metadata.

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